Monday, March 24, 2014

The Obama Syndrome

Barack Obama, the community organizer, came to be president using Chicago style tactics. He promised the world and then delivered little. His Administration has produced more food stamp recipients than ever before in our country's history. His Administration spies into people’s private daily lives. He uses his government agencies against political opponents. He is taking our country into a new direction...a downward spiral!

Read this opinion from the American Thinker... American decline.

Brits Have a Sad New History

Gone are the days of Winston Churchill. Also gone are the days of the great lady Margaret Thatcher. In those days life was sacred. Times were different and the Brits had a health system like the one we enjoy...without ObamaCare!

The British health system is taking that country down a dark road. Abortions are a dime a dozen...very much like in the U.S.. So many tiny bodies murdered in the name of inconvenience! So what do you do with all those little bodies?

Read and be disgusted... Baby Killers burn Baby Evidence.

The Clinton "Believe It or Not" Curse

You can bet your booties that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. After all, she would like to extend a dynasty and finish what Bill started....sans Monica!

I have only one warning to potential campaign donors. Take out a life insurance policy ASAP! This warning also goes to those who might want to work in Hillary's campaign. The Clintons have a problem keeping friends...ALIVE! Don't believe me or think I' nuts?!

Read this story my friend... The Clinton Curse 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Gap Has a Gap

Recently the Gap pledged to raise its minimum wage to meet Barack Obama's socialist style agenda. You know spreading the wealth and creating social justice in America!

Meanwhile outside of the U.S.A. the Gap runs sweatshops in Bangladesh. So will the Gap raise wages in the countries making their merchandise? Don't wait for that to happen.

Read about the Gap... Show us the Bangladesh.

Pelosi to Get Award for Breeding

Planned Parenthood is known for its support of and use of abortions. Nancy Pelosi is know for her infamous "...we have to pass the bill before we know what's in it" gaffe about ObamaCare. Put the two entities together and you award for breeding!

Planned Parenthood will present Pelosi with an award given women who believe in breeding better humans through eugenics. This is the Margaret Sanger Award, the group’s “highest honor." By the way, eugenics was hailed by the Nazis during WWII as the only way to create a superior human race.

Pelosi really deserves this award. Maybe Planned Parenthood can create something better than Pelosi!

Read the story... The Nazis would love Pelosi!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ObamaCare Running on Empty?

So what's happening to ObamaCare lately? More than you want to know!

Obama keeps giving the average Joe more time to get his or her insurance together. He's not doing this to help folks...he's dong it for political reasons.

Read the latest...

Another Obama delay.

ObamaCare delay may open door fr repeal.

ObamaCare March Madness.


Michelle on the Road Again

Get ready to pay the bill! Michelle Obama took anther trip. This time she went to China and she took her mother! So how much will it cost us taxpayers?

The White House refused to say what the trip will cost taxpayers. But, you can be sure Moochie stayed at the best hotels, toured the lavish Chinese countryside, and ate like pig! She just keep acting more and more like Marie Antoinette, you know the headless wonder of the French Revolution. Hey, Moochie, did you eat cake?

Read about the Chinese adventure at... Moochie take a trip.

Obama White House Needs a Brain

The Obama Gang just keeps on lying. It is apparent that Obama and his Boys just can't get the truth to come out of their "forked tongue!"

White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer, acting as a WH stooge, said that the Obama broken promise to citizens that they could keep their doctors under ObamaCare is NOT Obama's fault. It's the insurance companies the guy says. I guess Obama can't blame Bush, so he and his cronies hunt around for others to blame!

Read more about Pfeiffer at... Lost your doctor? Obama found him!

Folks Don't Like OcamaCare

The message is clear...people are offended by ObamaCare! Voters do no like it and won't take it. Recent elections in Florida give notice to the Democrats not to use ObamaCare as an issue.

Some Democrats like to fix the health care scam. Republicans and most of our country's voters want to repeal it. Only those with something to gain want to keep it. Maybe it's time to re-think and repeal!

Read more about ObamaCare at... The solution to the ObamaCare disaster.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chuck Schumer Says Obama Will Grant Amnesty

Good old Senator Chuck Schumer threatened the GOP to either grant amnesty or Barack Obama will do it himself. Schumer says these illegals being granted amnesty will ad to our economy. I guess he means by taking jobs and raising the unemployment rate!

Those illegals normally vote Democrat, so it is easy to understand why Schumer a long time Democratic senator form New York would love to have these voters in his pocket.

Read more about Chuckie at... The dictator Obama will grant amnesty!

Big Government Wants to Take Over Education

Barack Obama wants to teach your children. He wants to control what they learn in schools. He wants to make Common Core the education standard throughout the nation.

Can we really rely on the Feds to educate our nation? The money the federal government has invested in education has so far NOT really paid off. Test scores prove this.

The only winners in the Big Government involvement in education has been the teacher's unions. They have prosper while our kids get little return on the Fed money!

Read more about the Obama takeover at... Big Gov't Obama Bully!

Friday, March 14, 2014

HHS Engine Running on Fumes

The recent resignation of an official at the Department of Health and Human Services may shed some light on how poorly this outfit is run. David Wright, who headed the Office of Research Integrity for HHS, resigned February 25th. He left behind a scathing letter criticizing HHS.

Wright said that the time he was employed with the agency left him “offended as an American taxpayer.” The disgruntled Wright also mentioned that his office was operating in an “intensely political environment.”

I wonder what Kathleen Sebelius has to say about this latest problem? She has a lot on her political plate with ObamaCare...and now this!

Read more at... Dysfunctional HHS.

The Trouble With Harry...REID

Democratic Senator and Obama crony Harry Reid is in deep kimchi and his actions may smell as bad! Investigations are ongoing that show Reid may have received illegal donations and could be involved in corrupt activities.

There is little the Justice Department has been doing, which isn't hard to believe since the DOJ is headed by none other than Obama cohort Eric Holder. DOJ is dragging their feet on this investigation.

Read more at... Harry Reid has been a bad boy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CBS Liberal Bias Continues

In 2002, Bernard Goldberg released his book "Bias...A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News." Now, another CBS reporter has resigned due to what she calls CBS "liberal bias."

CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson recently resigned very much like Goldberg did years ago. The Mainstream Media continues to lean to the Left. That media helped re-elect Barack Obama.

Read the story on Attkisson at... CBS Liberal leaning bias...

IRS Crony Lerner Can't Hide

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform may hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress. Lerner has repeatedly pleaded the Fifth Amendment to protect herself from testimony. Lerner, as we all know, is the White House crony who is involved in the targeting of Conservative groups.

Lerner left herself wide open for contempt on at least one point. On May 22, 2013, Lerner gave a voluntary statement at the House Committee hearing. There are other reasons that may make Lerner a witness for contempt proceedings.

Read more at... The Lerner 5th may not work! 

Star Wars Hero Takes On NY Mayor

Liam Neeson, star of Star Wars, blasted N.Y. Mayor Bill de Blasio for not showing up at a horse carriage tour. Neeson sponsored the tour in support of keeping New York's horse drawn attractions. It is clear that de Blasio is only interested in the property now being used for the carriages...barns and all!

Read more at... Light saber challenge...keep them horses!

Even Jay Leno wannabe Jimmy Fallon supported Neeson's pitch to save New York City's world famous carriages in the park. 

Here's what Fallon said... Fallon OK with carriage rides.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Ludicrous ObamaCare Contractors

The companies that are trying to get the ObamaCare website up and running just can't get it right. CGI blew it and didn't provide a user-friendly nor secure website. Accenture, the outfit that took over the website, hasn't done much better.

The jewel of the Obama Administration is still a piece of computer garbage! ObamaCare is not saving folks any money. It is costing consumers more. It is leading up to a totally government (taxpayer) funded scam. It is bad for our economy. And ditto the website!

Read about the Irish run website at... The trouble with website.

Lerner Pleads 5th...Rep. Cummings Rants

Here we go again! IRS ex Lois Lerner just doesn't want to testify. Yes, she has a right to plead the 5th Amendment to protect her rights against self incrimination. Yes, she is hiding something. Yes, she is protecting someone BIG...can you say "Barack Obama?"

Chairman Darrell Issa may not have gotten anything form Lerner, but he got a mouthful from fellow Congressman Elijah Cummings. Rep. Cummings tried to deride the committee investigating the IRS and Lerner. His 15 minutes of fame were nothing but a slander punch at Republicans!

And how did the media respond to the proceedings? Read more...

Lerner mum!

Cummings outburst!

Media response.

Texas Does Not Need Legal Marijuana

There is a move on the Left to legalize marijuana or to make it less punishable. Marijuana is a path to harder drugs. It is proven that it is addictive and can lead to the hard stuff.

As a teenager, I saw the beginning of the drug culture. I heard about the "nuts" like many of Barack Obama's friends who experimented with marijuana.

I also heard my sons talk about kids at their school in the 80s who did the same. They were tempted by these "potheads" but always said no. Thank God our family was and is rooted in right versus wrong. Our kids, now in their 30s and 40s, were smart enough to avoid the stupidity of drugs!

Read about the Colorado's marijuana trip...Marijuana and money in Colorado.

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...