Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Big Lie Just Won't Go Away

In the final months of the 2012 campaign Barack Obama said the

"If you're one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your health insurance. This law will only make it more secure and more affordable."

The Big Lie just doesn't disappear. The media or should I say most of the media picks it up and keep running with it.

Read the latest... Liar, Liar...

Obama Wants More Money for Redistribution

The ObamaCare Fiscal Year 2014 budget wants more money to
redistribute taxpayer money. Obama wants money to operate and manage the ObamaCare exchanges during the fiscal year. The money will  enable the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to “ensure the integrity of programs that redistribute tens of billions of dollars.”

Obama is a fiscal radical. He knows he can collapse our economy by spending more and more. ObamaCare is just one conduit to lead us into that collapse!

Read more... Obama wants Mo Money!

Ted Cruz on Stand Your Ground Laws

In recent days, the media has repeatedly reported the story regarding Trayvon Martin's mother speaking out against Stand Your Ground laws. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took issue with her remarks. Many in the media think that self-defense laws are biased against minorities. This is what irks Cruz.

Cruz mentioned the fact that African-Americans suffer a great deal from violent crimes. This minority group often declares that it has a right to self-defense and they rightfully should be able to defend themselves and their families.

Read what Cruz said... Trayvon Martin case tainted by politics.
self-defense laws are somehow biased against minorities
self-defense laws are somehow biased against minorities
self-defense laws are somehow biased against minorities
self-defense laws are somehow biased against minorities
self-defense laws are somehow biased against minorities

Obama Can't Excape South Park

Comedy Central's South Park took ObamaCare to the proverbial clinic. An episode titled Taming Strange concerns the character Kyle who is worried about the strange behavior of his little brother, Ike. The kid seems to go through "Canadian Puberty." This is a reference to the Canadian health care system which brings OcamaCare into the plot.

Barack Obama has a lot of problems with ObamaCare. South Park just added a little more fuel to the fire!

Read more at...South Park cans ObamaCare.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hollyweird: Liberal, Rich, Gay, and Out of Touch - OPINION

Most people don't think much about the TV shows they are watching. They expect Hollyweird to offer them a myriad of entertainment choices without any social or political overtones. Unfortunately this is not what Hollyweird does.

The movie and television industries are saturated by like minded Liberals. They love to show us their versions of life. What they experience is the liberalism of both East and West coast, thrown in with a touch of Europe. Remember, according to them and their current messiah, Barack Obama, the "fly-over states" are filled with the unwashed, gun owning simpletons who vote conservative and cling to their bibles!

I watch a lot of cable TV each night. I choose to view reality programs. My diet includes the likes of Duck Dynasty  and Mysteries at the Museum. These and other like programs teach me things about history and real life. I also like to watch NCIS, a very conservative program that isn't afraid to portray the bad guys as really bad. This series is not tainted by making excuses for the evil done by these bad guys.

On the other hand, typical Liberals excuse all bad things by blaming childhood experiences, environment, or education as the underlying culprit. They never blame the individual who has the ability to decide what's best in their lives. Yes, we all have hard time and hard decisions, but God gave us a will to choose.

Liberal TV also loves to push programming to edge of civility. No subject is taboo. Liberal writers, producers, and executives tell us they are just showing people the way they are. No problem showing deviate sex or savage killings. We all do these thing...according to Liberal Hollyweird!

They say the audience has a choice to change channels. But what if they all toss out the same type of liberal programming? Yes...I have a choice on cable or on the Internet. That's how Liberal Hollyweird will loose their grip on the TV viewing public...CHANGE...away from network TV and classless movies! Turn off the tube. Boycott dumb movies. Read a book...what a novel idea!

Sebelius Thinks We Are All Blind!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Toni Townes-Whitley...The ObamaCare Computer Geek

Toni Townes-Whitley and Co.
Toni Townes-Whitley, the Obama friend who just happened to be a VP of the ObamaCare website creator, visited the White House several times for both personal and professional reasons. There was at least one unscheduled meeting most possibly regarding the ACA (Un-Affordable Care Act) website. So Townes-Whitley was no stranger to the Obama White House.

She was also a donor to the Obama campaign. The company VP  donated a paltry $2,000 to the campaign. That's how much was publicly recorded by the  Federal Election Commission.

Read some more at... No stranger to Obama WH.

ObamaCare: Signs of Moronic Logic

Did the guy really say that? Was he just released from some kind of time warp? Is Jay Carney serious or was he doing a skit for Saturday Night Live?

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney blamed the loss of health care coverage for millions of Americans on insurance companies because they were complying with the Affordable Care Act. What! Health insurance companies were doing what ObamaCare mandates, so they are guilty of dropping coverage? Seriously, folks, what is wrong with Mr. Double Talk Carney?

Carney's boss, Barack Obama told folks: "If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what." So just maybe Carney is making excuses for Obama? I just don't know what a Mouth Piece like Carney thinks he can get away with. Is he trying to make logic out of a lie? Never mind, I forgot this is the most transparent administration in history...anything an Obama spokesperson says is nothing but camel dung!

Read what Carney said... The Carney Corruption.

ObamaCare: Don't You Love the IRS!

Ever hear of the Earned Income Tax Credit?  It started out as an anti-poverty program in which the government gives low-income workers a tax
refund larger than their tax liability. Look out...did I say free money?! Yes...the bottom-line is that some folks get the taxes you pay in return for not paying enough or no taxes to Uncle Sam.

There is a problem with the tax credit when you combine it with the credit for ObamaCare.  So what's the big deal? Why should we care? Can we trust the IRS to work out this financial boondoggle given its current track record?

Read the story here and find out... Tax credit scam-dal.

Some Major Networks Finally Smell Obama-Lying Dung

OK, what is going on with CBS and NBC. First, CBS told us that the Obama Administration knew of the terrorist in Benghazi. Next NBC mentioned that Obama knew he was lying about ObamaCare.

NBC recalled that Obama told people over and over again that they could keep their old health insurance and that rates would go down once the government ran health care. This is the NBC that is owned by the Obama crony and fellow traveler former General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt!

What took NBC so long to air these facts we all knew and hated? Is there more to the network's story? Or...can we expect a hit and run news burp from the peacock network? You know one story and no more.

Read the story at... Obama lied and sh-t flied!

ObamaCare a Big Bad Joke That's NOT Funny

People are finding out first hand just how bad ObamaCare really is. Barack Obama sold this country a bogus plan. Demoncrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid got the Un-Affordable Care Act through Congress. Obama pledge that we could keep our current health plans and that premiums would go down. Obama lied on both counts!

Maybe it's time to thank Pelosi, Reid, and Obama for this monstrous law. Congressional elections are coming up. It's time to get those lying Demoncrats out of office...and while we are at it...knock off a few RINOs who back the plan!

Read more at... People tell us how ObamaCare failed them.

Monday, October 28, 2013

ObamaCare: People Losing Health Coverage

Barack Obama said "if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. Period." Not true Kemo Sabe! State by state, people are losing their health care coverage for one reason or another.

And, some may have to do with the rules and regulations that permeate ObamaCare like a fungus. This infestation is killing our current health care system and our nation's economy.

The Obama Boys are finally saying they were wrong. They knew people would not be able to keep their health care because of the dilemma that is ObamaCare!

Read the story at... ObamaCare: Lost Coverage.

Sean Hannity: Obamacare Remains a Disaster

ObamaCare is the laughing stock of the country...of the world! Socialized medicine does not work in Canada nor in Great Britain. These countries are suffering the end results of health care run by their respective leadership. ObamaCare is just getting started and it is already suffering from incompetent design, ludicrous execution, possible fraud, citizen loss of coverage, and premium sticker shock. Not the greatest way to start a process that could manage a major portion of the U.S. economy. So what is going on?

Sean Hannity highlights what people are saying and where this disaster is going. Read the article at... Hannity lays ObamaCare naked.

CBS Blames Obama White House for Benghazi Massacre

Finally! Finally...a Mainstream Media network has come out of the Obama closet and told the world that the Obama Administration lied about Benghazi. major network has stopped the blathering Obama Love Feast and told the public that "Contrary to early WH statements, Benghazi was a planned, sophisticated attack by Al Qaeda against the barely protected American compound." Finally...a popular TV news show has issued a declaration that Obama needs to come clean. What next?

Read the story and see the video at...CBS points finger at Obama.

Far Left Soros and Liberals Push Amnesty

I'm sure that many folks out there on the WWW have no problem with granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens here in the United States. It doesn't matter what country they came from...some people say they (illegals) have paid their dues by being in this country illegally.

The chant comes from various politicians, Hollyweird and corporate types, and church leaders "Social Justice" (not found in the Bible...never uttered by Jesus Christ). Fair is fair. Give them a break. Let them vote Democrat as pay-back for sure! OK...I get it...they were here illegally and took jobs that American citizens didn't want...that's if you believe all the Liberal rhetoric.

Now, if I stayed in Mexico illegally, the government would throw me in jail. No health care benefits, no food stamps, no WIC, no Section 8 housing allowance, but maybe the privilege of voting for one party over another. Sounds familiar??

Too bad if you came from Mexico legally, studied the English language, paid money to take a citizenship test, passed the citizenship test, took an oath to our country, and fulfilled your dream LEGALLY! You, my friend, get the same rights as the guy next to you who crossed the border, kept a job no one else wanted (?) and then received a "Get of Jail" card from Barack Obama and his cronies (Soros, Zuckerberg, Marriott, Murdoch, Bloomberg, Castro, and others). You, my friend, are a sucker for doing it all the right way!

So what's happening in this post? Rich guys are going to D.C. to sway Republicans their way. Will it take courage or money to make the GOP guys vote to let the whole world of illegals in free of charge? My bet's on MONEY! Read the article and see what the rich kids are doing for illegals and their voting block...
It ain't your country anymore!


More Evils of Common Core Surface

It looks like the new Common Core teaching materials geared at second graders teaches them more about socialism than about democracy. Common Core tells students that land owners are mostly evil, that business owners are basically greedy, and that Saul Alinsky radicals are the saviors of our country.

It goes on to praise unions and individuals like Cesar Chavez, an Alinsky inspired radical. It also requires kids to read a liberally lopsided biography about this Marxist labor leader (Chavez).

Common Core is a threat to the children of our country. Public schools have captive audiences and kids have no where to turn for the truth if Common Core is allowed in government supported schools.

Read more at... The evil that is Common Core.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Democrats and Liberals Just Hate the Truth

FEMA-UN-DHHS-ObamaCare Connection or Conspiracy?

What's with FEMA getting loaded? Why did EBT cards not work? How
come the UN has vehicles on Camp Grayling? Is ObamaCare failing on purpose?

These question deserve some kind of answer from the Obama Administration. Is three some kind of conspiracy going on or is all this just coincidental?

Americans deserve answers from the "most transparent administration in U.S. history." Let's hope the truth comes out...soon!

U.N. deployment?

Getting ready for civil unrest?

FEMA coming to get our guns?

Military Police Leak FEMA Gun Confiscation Plan

Preparing for Nazi-like take over of our freedoms?

Obama Protects Islam

There are some things Barack Obama would like America NOT to know.
He gives money to Islam celebrations. He refuses to allow the dangers of Islam to be exposed in government museums. He ignores what Islam does in the name of Sharia Law. He has no problem with Muslims killing Christians. Is he really a Muslim? The evidence that he could be is getting stronger and stronger.

Read these stories that you will not see in the Mainstream Media...

Obama gives taxpayer money to Muslims.

Obama wants to protect Islam's murderous history.

Muslim gang attacks student.

Syrian Muslims target Christians.

Islamic jihad growing in Africa.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Did You Read These Headlines? You Should!

Our politically correct nation is going downhill very fast. If you saw these headlines and read the articles you'd say "What the Heck!"

So give it a try and read the links below. You may laugh. You may cry. You may upchuck! I found some of these stories hard to believe. So give it a try...

Cops kill boy holding a toy gun.

Don't get a traffic ticket or you'll get strip searched!

Watch what you wear on Halloween!

Wow...Obama people can be nasty!

ObamaCare website maker has scandalous history.

Welcome to the World of President Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett appears to have a great deal of influence in the Obama Administration. She may be closer to Barack Obama than Michelle. So is their platonic love affair good for America?

Many would say the Jarrett has become the Puppet Master behind Obama. She took the reins from George Soros, the Liberal Socialist Maker, and has the giddy-up going on Obama.

Read it all at

Jarrett tentacles surround White House.

The Jarrett connection.

Jarrett's West Wing power.

Gov't shutdown...the Jarrett Plan.

Obama...a Modern Day Snake Oil Salesman

Everyone is talking about the ObamaCare website fiasco. The thing doesn't work. The phone service is laughable. And now, Barack Obama gets on the air trying to help salvage a bad thing. But there is more to this UnAffordable Health Care than its website and phone service.

People are losing their coverage as insurance companies try to comply with the vast number of rules and regulations generated by ObamaCare. The website, if you get in, is giving incorrect information. Premiums are greatly under priced. People who currently have health insurance are getting new premium estimates double what they were paying. People are signing up for Medicaid which puts government expenditures under greater stress.

See what Obama says about his brainless wonder at...
Obama selling snake oil and insurance!

Obama Boys Raid Journalist Home

Reminiscent of Nazi tactics, Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security raided the home of a Washington D.C. journalist. Audrey Hudson, a veteran journalist with The Washington Times said DHS and the Maryland State Police raided her home on Aug. 6 of this year.

Obama authorities confiscated confidential information that had sources inside the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration. What does the Obama Administration fear?

Read the whole story at... Obama silencing the truth.

The NY Times Hires Jihad Loving, Jew Hating Writer

NY Times columnist Alaa Al-Aswany hates Israel. The NYT has no problem with statements he makes against Israel and Jews. He claims Barack Obama cannot act against Israel as he desires to because of a “massive Zionist organization” that “rules America.”

So what's with the NYT? Oh's a left leaning, liberal rag! The NYT loves columnists like this.

Read the story at... NYT hires Jew hater.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Obama Boys Spying on Europe

Before and during the Second World War, Adolph Hitler had German spies all over the United States. Within his own country, the guy had spies looking over the shoulder of citizens and government officials. Hitler needed all this spying to maintain his power.

Crank up the calendar to 2009 and beyond. Barack Obama is being accused of spying on European leaders. The charge was raised by French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Both responded to reports of large-scale NSA phone-tapping in France and Germany. What's happening?

Read the story at... Obama spies on Europe?

...and more... Hitler done it!

ObamaCare Cronyism and Fraud

If you don't believe that the Obama Administration isn't practicing cronyism daily, then you live on another planet! The most current example of Obama crony back-scratching involves his health care website.

Toni Townes-Whitley, who just happens to be Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate, is senior vice president at CGI Federal. This is the company that earned a no-bid contract to build the multi-million dollar ObamaCare enrollment website.

What a coincidence! Can you just imagine that. It's like Obama read about the Teapot Dome scandal or Robert McNamara being appointed Secretary of Defense by JFK...and tried his hand (again) at Cronyism 101.

Read more at...
Friends of Michelle get gov't contracts!

Creators of ObamaCare website also hurricane Sandy scammer?

ObamaCare: True Believers?

Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers got a surprise from her health insurance company. Her premiums would double because of ObamaCare!

Powers was a "true believer" in Barack Obama's unaffordable health care scam. Now she is just another victim of Obama's broken promises.

Obama just can't get it right. The guy might be able to "organize" stuff, but he has no idea of how to lead!

Read the whole story... ObamaCare some Beast!

DOD Approves of Anti-Christian Document

You don't have to live in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Egypt to feel the
persecution many of us may go through in the United States. Persecution, not because we are infidels. Persecution, not because we do not approve of Sharia Law. Persecution, not because we might think many Muslims are terrorists. The persecution we may or have gone through is because many of us are Christians.

A perfect example of this oppression is the anti-Christian document the U.S. Department of Defense recently blessed to be used in its training material. The document listed Christian groups as dangerous “extremist” organizations and movements.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) labeled "Christian ministries, public-interest groups, and other conservative organizations as extremists." The document the center passed on to the DOD was well received and approved by military leaders as a trusted source to identify radicals.

DOD is now back-pedaling. Barack Obama wants to squelch the growing firestorm surrounding the SPLC and DOD document. Read more at... Obama hiding anti-Christian military views.

Hollyweird's Perpetual Love Affair with BHO

Ever since 2008, the Liberal leaders of Hollyweird have had a strange
love interest with Barack Obama. Early on, TV shows made fun of the Republican presidential candidate John McCain. McCain was lambasted on various shows such as David Letterman and The Daily Show. McCain's campaign partner Sarah Palin was skewered repeatedly on Saturday Night Live.

As for Obama, many in the entertainment business poked only loving fun at their moronic messiah. Some called him brilliant as opposed to brainless. Others said he was elegant versus arrogant. And yet others spoke of his aura neglecting that he was an Oreo! Any jokes thrown at Obama were done with loving affection.

Hollyweird had a thing for Barack Obama. If you'd like to find out more about this everlasting fling, read the book Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Time to Cancel Time Warner Cable

Yes, folks, Islam and Al-Qaeda are taking over America. With the Help of cable giant Time Warner Cable, Muslims and Al-Qaeda are getting into millions of homes in America. Watch your channel lineup.

Time Warner Cable and Al Jazeera America announced Thursday that they have agreed for the cable company to start carrying the channel. It's a pity we can't pick and choose the channels we want on TWC. I'd make sure that channel would never reach my TV screen!

Time Warner + Al Jazeera = Death to Infidels!

Obama Boys Fire ObamaCare Operator

The following comes from Hannity's Headlines...

Fired For A Phone Call
 Earlier this week I called Erling Davis, the ObamaCare operator who we quizzed on how the new law was being received by those calling in. She was kind enough to tell us the truth, namely nobody likes it! It turns out that the call I made caused a huge stir in the Obama Administration and, as a result of my call, Davis was fired. Fired! For speaking the truth! That’s not okay, it’s just not. Ms. Davis was bullied by an administration that is used to doing things “The Chicago Way” but I’m confident that Americans are starting to see exactly what they’ve signed up for. Erling Davis is a kind woman with a big heart and that’s why I’m excited to have been able to make good on Ms. Davis’ lost salary for a year! Nobody should suffer because of something I’ve done, people are suffering enough under ObamaCare.

If you hadn't seen or heard this, Sean Hannity called into the ObamaCare phone line regarding his inability to register for ObamaCare. He was told that he had to be registered in order for the phone operator to help him. This was impossible since he couldn't register on-line!

Hannity call...

Obama Sex Change

First, Barack Obama wanted to get rid of "Don't ask. don't tell." Next, he had no problem with same sex marriages, even in the military. Now the sexual pervert Obama wants to change the uniform of the United States Marine Corp!

The guy just wants to surrender the military to gay rights. Will he change "Semper Fidelis " to "Semper Eodem Sexu Fidelis" in the future?

Read the hat story at...
Obama to USMC "Unisex hats."

Stories from the Hidden Headlines

The inside page of most major newspapers holds some real gems. The stories the page has are a true find. I think you'll find some gems in the stories I've linked to below.

Gov't contractors owe big money.

Pelosi has a senior moment...make that life!

Vet fights back to protect his American flag.

Jay Leno on Obamacare sign-up.

Petition to end the Obama war on religious liberty.

Rich boy calls profits filthy!

ENDA the gay assault on America!

Flat Tax vs. Corrupt IRS

More on the Global Warming Scam

It appears that polar bears are shopping at Walmart for overcoats as the Antarctic Sea ice increases in area. But, back at the environmental mansion, world leaders want to throw more money at global warming. How about $1 billion a day in 2013 to cool our planet. What an air conditioning bill!

One such leader is Barack Obama. He owes a lot to the "green" industry. He's given a lot and they too expect a lot. How much is he willing to pay to continue this scam and make himself and other cronies richer than King Midas!

Read more about global warming money...Global warming scam.

Grayson Continues Racial Rhetoric

Florida Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson just keeps on badgering the Tea Party.  Grayson not only likens the Tea Party to the KKK, he also accuses the party of "...hate speech, racism, discrimination, bigotry and in some case even threats of violence." The guy must lack some grey matter!

It's hard to imagine that some senior citizen, ex-military, and 40ish housewife using race like Grayson does...or hear them spew out bigotry like Grayson does...of use violent speech like Grayson does. I guess the word hypocrite was created to describe people (pardon me human race) like Alan Grayson.

Read what Grayson says now...The violence of Alan Grayson.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hobby Lobby Takes on ObamaCare

Hobby Lobby may be heading for the Supreme Court. The chain initiated paperwork requesting the high court to review the case that requires the retailer to fund birth control and abortion causing drugs for its workers.

The retailer is owned by Christians who oppose certain mandates of Obamacare. Hobby Lobby says that abiding by the birth control and abortion requirements would violate its owners First Amendment right to religious liberty. The move comes weeks after Obama filed papers to challenge the lower court’s ruling.

Read more at Hobby Lobby fighting Obamacare dictates.

Obamacare Website Underestimates Health Costs

The latest problem to hit the Obamacare website, for those who get into the site, is that the it gives incorrect premium information. It's hard to trust a new-and-improved government website to accurately tell us what will be our monthly premiums. Obama's website underestimates premiums by various degrees. Talk about sticker shock. The Obama Gang just can't get it right!

Read all about it at...Obamacare premium problems.

Col West Responds to Weird Florida Dem Rep. Alan Grayson

Florida Democratic Representative Alan Grayson made a recent comparison regarding the up-and-coming Tea Party. Grayson had the ignorance to compare the party with the KKK.

Former Rep. Alan West made these comments:

“[H]aving been born and raised in Georgia, having parents that were born
and raised during the 20s and 30s, I remember growing up and seeing that burning cross on a clear night atop of Stone Mountain so that everyone could see it across Atlanta,” West said. “This is despicable. This is demeaning. This is disgusting. We all know that Alan Grayson is pretty much a sensationalist and he can continue to say things that are over the top. But my concern is where is the NAACP and Ben Jealous? Where is the National Urban League and Marc Morial? Where is Rep. John Lewis, who is from Georgia, who marched with Dr. King? Who as I was growing up was my representative as a young man in Atlanta, Ga.? Where are the voices of the Congressional Black Caucus? Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?”

“Because obviously what we are seeing now is the party, the Democrat Party that created the Ku Klux Klan and also created that symbol of the burning cross, is obviously still proud to have that symbol being displayed,” he continued. “And you know, to all of us in the black community and those of us also as constitutional conservatives in the tea party — we have to be outraged. And this hypocrisy cannot continue to stand.”

Read more: Empty barrel Grayson makes big noise!

NY Times in Bed with Obama White House

The New York Times released some headline making information
regarding leaks within the Obama Administration. Funny thing about it all was that the Obama Gang was coordinating information with a NY Times journalist during the period that he broke confidential national security information.

So, it appears the NYT sold extra papers with the help of Barack Obama and Company. Such a deal!

Read more about what happened at:
NYT headlines courtesy of Barack Obama.

Obama Electronic Medical Records System Sick

Under  Obamacare, electronic medical records (EMR) software is being pushed to our doctors. The problem is that complying with the ins and outs of the system is making a doctor's visit more of an electronic nightmare.

According to Dr. Nicholas DiNubile,  a Philadelphia orthopedic surgeon, doctors are seeing “more pixels than patients.” The EMR regulation is imposing “dangerous user-unfriendly technology” on physicians and patients.

So, not only is the Obamacare sign-up system garbage, so is the new records software. It is also prone to fraud. Check what some Obama cronies are getting out of this system...

Read the story at...Gov't electronic medical record software GARBAGE!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Glenn Beck: Obama-Oprah Disconnect

Glenn Beck called Oprah Winfrey “the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.” Beck said Oprah was guilty of blatant hypocrisies in her association with Barack Obama.

He thinks Oprah thought she would be part of Obama's inner circle after she helped his get elected. She was wrong!

Read the whole story at...Beck Bags Oprah!

ObamaCare Hotline...Sorry Glitchy Phone

Sean Hannity called the ObamaCare hotline recently. He called to see
how he could register for ObamaCare. The clerk told him he had to register on-line and then they could help him find a plan.

The problem can you register if you can't get into the health care computer system? Time for a sanity check? You betcha!

Read the story...hear the phone call at...Sorry, Sean, wrong number!

Five Big Problems with ObamaCare

The media tells us about the ObamaCare computer glitches. It mentions the millions who can't get into the health care sign-up. It says the telephone system just tells us to register, which we can't, and then it can help us.

Unfortunately, the media doesn’t tell us about five really big problems with ObamaCare. These drawbacks are: 

1. Millions Are Losing Their Health Insurance 

2. Premium Increases on Working and Middle Class 

3. Obama's One-Year Delay on Business Mandate Hits the Middle and Working Class 

4. ObamaCare's Causes Unemployment and Under-Employment 

5. The Working Poor are Hurting Under ObamCare

Read the whole story at...
Things the media didn't tell you about ObamaCare.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Would You Rather Gore Than Tweet?

Give Al Gore a little booze and he'll try to buy anything. No, he didn't try to buy some love! No, he wasn't buying loads of heating lamps! So what did he try to do?

Big Al actually wanted to buy Twitter! Al "I Invented the Internet" Gore had a few drinks with Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone one night and made an offer they did refuse.

Thank goodness...I hate to Gore rather than Tweet. Or would I be Goring instead of Tweeting? Would we sign into Gorter instead of Twitter?

Read it all at...Gore tries to Tweet. Planned Failure?

Did the Obama Administration plan for to fail?
This website was suppose to provide consumers an easy sign-up for ObamaCare. The website was plagued with failures on the first day. Weeks later, the problems continue.

Serco, a British multinational in charge of processing ObamaCare paper applications, received a sizeable increase to its original contract. This happened a few days before’s roll-out. This appears to have been a sign that the Obama administration expected serious problems with their health care website.

To add to the Obama Administration troubles is the fact that Serco is under investigation in the UK for fraud. Obama continues to pick the winners and Americans continue to lose!

Read more at...Planned Obama website failure?

And more...Serco fraud investigation.

Muslims Exempt from ObamaCare

ObamaCare discriminates against Christians and Jews. But, if you are a Muslim, Amish, American Indian, or Christian Scientist you do NOT have to obey ObamaCare. These groups are exempt from ObamaCare. The reason for Muslims is they do not believe in health insurance. Islam also happens to be Barack Obama's favorite religion!

So if you are ready to convert to Islam or turn in your SUV for a buggy or start your own gambling casino with government help or fly to Hollyweird and joy some famous can forget about ObamaCare! The rest of us must comply with ObamaCare.

Read the story at...Muslims and more forget about ObamaCare!

Old Senate Guard Afraid of Young Guns

Old-timer Harry Reid, the Nevada Nerd, made fun of GOP new-liner Ted Cruz. Reid said that Cruz "did not know how to legislate." Dirty Harry is right! Cruz is working for the people and not for the same old legislators who think of themselves first and then the people they represent (or are we third...fourth...fifth...count at all).

RINO style Republicans nailed Ted Cruz to the wall for his attempt to defund ObamaCare. Those GOP wannabes just can't take the pressure...not from the voting public, but from the Liberal Mainstream Media.

Read this story at...Reid the name calling nerd...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Life and Death in Our Society

I've linked an article below. But, to give you the shock of it all, I've included an excerpt that you should read and pass on. Be warned, some of these events may disgust you, they did me! Please read...

  • October 17 - A 17-year-old girl is stopped at a Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan for suspected shoplifting, and admits that in her bag she has the body of a baby that she gave birth to the day previous. 
  • October 11 - A newborn baby is found, bleeding but alive, with part of his umbilical cord still attached, abandoned on the concrete in the back yard of a house in Queen's, New York. The baby survived. 
  • September 19 - The body of a baby is found at a garbage dump in West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.
  • August 28 - A woman gives birth in a bar bathroom in Pennsylvania, stuffs the baby in the water tank of a toilet, and then returns to the bar to watch a fight on TV. The body was subsequently discovered by the bar owner. 
  • August 7 - The body of a baby is discovered at hospital rest room in Texas. 
  • July 9 - Police discover the body of a baby abandoned in a diaper box in the bushes at a public park in Roseville, California.
  • June 21 - The body of a small baby is found in a solid waste tank in a waste disposal plant just north of Montreal. Police say the baby was likely flushed down the toilet. 
  • June 21  - The body of a newborn baby is discovered in a trash can in Oildale, California. 
  • June 20 - An Iraqi-born UK woman is found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm after stuffing her baby in a garbage bag and throwing her down a 44 ft. garbage chute.
  • June 14 - A garbage truck driver in Thailand sees a small hand emerge from a garbage bag during a pickup. The baby had a balloon tied around her throat.
  • June 12 - Brittany Cole is arrested in Altheimer, Arkansas, after dumping her infant son in the trash can. She reportedly told police that she was tired of caring for the baby and could no longer do so. 
  • June 5 - Twenty-seven-year-old Virginia resident Shavaughn Robinson is charged after allegedly giving birth in a toilet, then placing her daughter in a trash can, and then taking the garbage bag with the baby in it out of the can and tossing it in a dumpster. 
  • June 4 - A dog discovers a living baby in Thailand that had been placed in a white plastic bag in a dump. The baby, which was premature, survived.
  • May 30 - Police announce that charges will not be filed against a Kansas teen who gave birth and dumped the body of her baby in a trash can. The teen claimed the baby was stillborn. 
  • May 27 - Video footage of firefighters in Jinhua, China, rescuing a baby who had become stuck in a sewage pipe, rockets around the globe. The baby's mother apparently gave birth on the toilet, and by her own account "accidentally" flushed the baby down the toilet. The mom reportedly hid the pregnancy because the baby was not considered legal under China's brutal One-Child Policy.
  • May 2 - Cherlie Lafleur, 19, is arrested in Pennsylvania after allegedly attempting to flush her newborn baby down the toilet at her school. When that didn’t work, she reportedly deposited the body in the trash can.
  • Dec. 10, 2012 - The body of a newborn baby is discovered on the conveyor belt of a garbage sorting facility in La Puente, California.
Has our society become so callous that life no longer matters? See the rest of the article and find out more...

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