Friday, May 31, 2013

The 11th Commandment: Do Not Speak Ill of Muslims or DOJ Will Get You

I've seen jokes about Catholics on Twitter. Christians in general have been called everything from crazy to dangerous by the Mainstream Media. If you believe in Jesus Christ as your Redeemer, you'll often find yourself as the center of jokes and chastisement.

I've seen some Facebook fanatics knock Jews. Forget about Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and ancient Hebrew Prophets! They are fair game for jokes and smut.

BUT...if you say something hurtful about Islam...Obama will get you. The Obama Department of Justice has made it clear that Islam must be protected against insults! So when will Barack Obama come out of the closet?

Read more about DOJ and stay clear of Muslim bashing...

IRS Baulks at Baucus and Hatch Request

Did the Obama IRS shoot the bird at Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Ranking Member Orrin Hatch (R-UT)? The two high ranking members of the Senate Finance Committee wanted answers to detailed questions about the origins of the IRS scandal. Sorry, Senators, the IRS just doesn't want to answer!

What the heck! This is NOT the first time that Obama Administration officials have slapped Congress. Don't forget the Benghazi Massacre. Or how about Fast and Furious. The Obama Boys act slower than Ex-lax on a constipated belly...and with much the same results!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Holier Than Thou Senate Democrats

Let's see...Senator Harry Reid had a donor who is in the process of possibly going to jail. Harry knew nothing about the inappropriate donation.

Senator Bob Menendez has a little money and girl trouble. Bob is now using the race card to extricate himself from his trouble.

And now, Senator Dianne Feinstein has a husband in real estate with an inside track to selling U.S. Post Offices. Does he use Forever stamps?

Illegals Will Cost U.S. Taxpayers

The Heritage Foundation did a study to calculate the cost estimate for the amnesty bill in Congress. What will we really pay illegals for being here illegally? The Foundation estimates about $6.3 trillion "...over 50 years to legalize 11 million undocumented immigrants includes the cost of putting all of them on national retirement programs, such as Social Security and Medicaid."
Furthermore, the "Heritage study author Robert Rector fired back, saying half of the current population of roughly 11 million illegal immigrants has U.S.-born children that could enroll them in retirement programs, which cost taxpayers roughly $22,000 per retiree each year. And the amnesty would allow all illegal immigrants to sign up for retirement programs, and also to bring in millions of their relatives who could also sign up for the retirement programs."

Read more:

The IRS-Obamacare Scam

The IRS has been under the proverbial microscope lately. It's had its bell rung by Tea Party and Conservative law suits. It's seen one leader after another go under Congressional scrutiny. It's been compared to a government Mafia.

Now, the IRS has a problem with Obamacare. Leaders trying to manage the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) are making their own rules as the medical care act goes from a written document to a course of action.

What they are doing may in fact be contrary to what the Obamacare allows. The IRS could be breaking the law! What am I talking about?

Read about it at...

Dead Using Food Stamps?

From Breitbart News 29 May 2013...

According to a new report from the Massachusetts state auditor, well over 1,000 corpses are receiving welfare benefits, including food stamps.

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) audit shows 1,164 dead welfare recipients receiving $2.39 million over the course of six to 27 months after plotzing. The report states that in “a majority of sampled cases, store purchases, and ATM transactions were made after the recipients’ dates of death, suggesting that unauthorized persons were using public benefits.”

The audit also shows that food stamp benefits are going to individuals who live out of state  or being used in resort towns such as Las Vegas--even in the Virgin Islands. 
The Boston Herald found "the state overpaid $27 million to food stamp recipients and then paid another $3.4 million in employee overtime to correct problems."
Massive welfare fraud has routinely plagued state and federal programs; the same holds true for other entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.

Megyn Kelly Gets Into Heated Debate With Gosnell's Lawyer

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nullification: Road Back to Liberty

With all our liberties being slowly taken away by a repressive federal government, is there a way back? Can states take back the liberties lost through Big Government overreach? How can states do it?

Check out this article and see what states are doing to get us back on track...

God Bless the USA

A lot of folks posted Memorial Day pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and their blogs. I'm one of them.

I have the greatest respect for our military. I did work for the U.S. Air Force for over 30 years. I met many enlisted and officer airmen in my daily duties. Some were great to work with and for, while others were a pain in the neck!

But, they all had one thing in common. They all gave up a lot of their independent life to serve in the military. As a civilian, my job was an 8 hour day. For the military, it was a 24 hour job! Hats off to them!!

Here's a story and picture we can all be proud of...

Sorry...My Blogger License Expired!

Here I am a small time blogger, deep in the Heart of Texas. I jump for joy every time someone reads my postings. My journalistic prowess goes no further than a slew of PowerPoint presentations I did at work a few years ago.

But according to Democrats, I might just need a license for expressing my First Amendment rights! Is this what the First Amendment says?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

What am I missing? Let me see...
  • Congress...those people we elect to represent us
  • Shall make no law...that's all the smart and dumb stuff they pass before reading what they pass
  • Prohibiting...that's a no-no
  • The freedom of speech, or of the press...verbal and written
So do I need a license to be "the press" and write a simple blog?

The problem with Congress is they are educated! Common sense is a missing ingredient in their education. So to make up for common sense they think about making asinine laws to protect their turf. OK... I get it...freedom of speech applies to that which doesn't offend Big Government! Sorry...I'll renew my blogger license on the 31st of November this year!!

More about our freedom to speak and write...

The Michael Savage Newsletter: Are Our Leaders Morons or Traitors?

In today's issue:

In his new role as secretary of state, John Kerry has been traveling in the Middle East, trying to convince the Israelis and Palestinians to return to the negotiating table. 

Dr. Savage mocked Kerry's efforts, noting that behind the scenes, Obama is "arming Syrian rebels who are allied with al-Qaida." How does this sort of meddling, he wonders, help establish peace in the Middle East? 

"The Middle East is about to blow," Savage told his listeners, claiming: 

It'll be the worst policy disaster during Obama's regime. 

John Kerry is over there now, trying to talk Israeli and Palestinian leaders into resuming negotiations.

While Kerry was mouthing these platitudes, al-Qaida and Hezbollah are pouring arms into Syria. 

So what is Kerry doing over there? 

Why are we arming Syrian rebels when they're allied with al-Qaida? 

We have morons running everything. 

Either that, or they're traitors. I don't know which. 

Are they incompetent? 

Look what this administration has done in Egypt and Libya. 

Now they want to meddle in Syria, too? 

John McCain is backing that plan. He's the biggest doofus in the Republican Party. 

He's a clueless fool.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remember Our Military

Memorial Day 2013

The Cost of ObamaCare: Drugs

Barack Obama told us lies about his Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). We were all going to pay less for medical treatment. Insurance rates would go down. We would all benefit.

Lies in all cases and now this includes drugs. How much more will it cost us all to get a prescription filled by our local pharmacy? Obama could care less...

Read more about drug costs at...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz: More "Wacko Birds" Say NO to Debt Increase

Harry Reid and his Republican twin John McCain are slowly losing the respect of their constituents. Both have no problem with increasing government spending at the behest of Barack Obama.

Too many U.S. Senators give lip service to the people they serve but just turn around and go with whatever Washington wants! Some in Congress come to D.C. and smell the fresh aroma of the people's money. Obama has no problem using taxpayer money for his grand scheme. In turn, too many in Congress, and in particular the Democratic control Senate, just go along with his whims.

It takes a group of Senate "wacko birds" composed of statesmen like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) to pull the cord on more spending. Pull the cord and parachute down to safety for our country's future!

See what Senator Ted Cruz said and did at...

Obama Respects Terrorist Lives But Not the Unborn

Barack Obama will be judged by his words. Recently he spoke about targeting terrorists using drones. He said he has set a “high threshold” of respect for human life...concerning terrorist targets.

But when it comes to the unborn, Obama has always used his "pro-choice" rhetoric to defend his policies and actions. If unborn babies were terrorists, then maybe they would get more respect from the guy!

Don't get it? Read in his own words...

Voting record on abortion...
  • Blocked IL law: Born Alive Infant Protection Act
  • Opposed born-alive treatment law because it was already law
  • Rated 100% by NARAL on pro-choice votes in 2005, 2006 & 2007
  • Voted against banning partial birth abortion
  • Voted NO on defining unborn child as eligible for SCHIP
  • Voted NO on prohibiting minors crossing state lines for abortion
  • Voted NO on notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions

Thou Shalt Not Utter the "M" Word

Barack Obama says it is a peaceful religion. Major U.S. TV networks won't use the word. But...for some reason Muslims keep killing people. What is going on in this politically correct world?

Here is what I mean...

Friday, May 24, 2013

Will Obama Ever Speak?

What else does Barack Obama have to say about Benghazi? Will he comeback with the video thing on YouTube? Will he tell us that he didn't have enough intelligence on the situation? Can he honestly say he was even concerned?

What about the IRS scrutiny given conservative groups, the Tea Party, and even certain religious organizations? Does Obama have a logical answer for what happened? Will he continue to let the perpetrators investigate themselves?

Let this article tells us what we're looking for from this president...

How to Increase Your Chance of IRS Audit...Adopt

My wife and I had four kids. We know how to share our love with them. But what if we couldn't have kids? What if we wanted to adopt a child years ago? Back them in the 60s and 70s it would have been great to adopt children. Of course, back then they came with tax credits!

Fast forward to the 21st century. Now, an adopted child comes with the possibility of a tax audit! Recently a report by the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service found that nearly 70% of adoptive families, more than 35,000, had at least a partial audit of their tax return.

Read more:

Did Holder Commit Perjury?

Lawyers will be lawyers! The way I understand it, they spend years studying the law, then they spend years practicing the law, and then they spend years being judges or political appointees. How come they forget that perjury is NOT something a lawyer should practice while testifying?

Here comes Eric Holder, the top law guy in our country, and there goes perjury out his mouth! On the truth-o-meter, the guy gets a zero for honesty. But, this is not a problem when you are a Barack Obama crony! The truth is just a bump in the road to despotism.

So, you think Holder is just a misunderstood ambulance more about his perjury problem at...

Special Prosecution for Those Who Serve Despots

At a recent Capitol Hill news conference, Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, made this legitimate accusation: 

“If the AP story has taught anything it should be, to the media, that when there is a tyrannical despot, the media will be one of the early victims – you will be used as helpful savants for awhile, and then when you’re no longer needed, you will be pressured and put out of business as well.”

In my opinion, Rep. Gohmert was speaking about Barack Obama. The president bears the responsibility for what his Cabinet and Administration does to the public.

As President Harry S. Truman had famously posted on his desk, “The buck stops here.” This indicated that he did not 'pass the buck' to anyone else. Truman accepted personal responsibility for the way he ran our country.

Barack Obama should be held liable for his DOJ. He has supported Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama is accountable for what Holder has done illegally in the name of the Obama Administration. Obama is the president by name only; he “passes the buck” to be held guiltless!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Say Goodbye to Facebook, Twitter, E-mail Privacy

This is the lead line to this article...

"The U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI believe they don't need a search warrant to review Americans' e-mails, Facebook chats, Twitter direct messages, and other private files, internal documents reveal."

Well folks say Goodbye to your Fourth Amendment right! And, that says...
  • The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
Read more at...

Progressives Defend Obama White House

Liberals and Progressive must think that Americans are a bunch of dummies! Their defense of Barack Obama goes to the ridiculous. Here's some of the defensive statement from the Far-Out Left...
  • These right-wingers are just upset that the IRS is doing its job.
  • These right-wingers are just rehashing Whitewater.
  • These right-wingers are working against public opinion.
  • These right-wingers are trying to blame the president for the IRS’s actions.
  • These right-wingers are engaged in a witch hunt.
  • These right-wingers are trying to destroy civil society.
I think they forgot one...
  • The American People want truth and honesty in our government
Progressive just don't get it! Read more about their defense of Obama and the IRS at...

Obama WH Can't Tell a Lie with a Straight Face

Barack Obama is probably the most insulated president in the history of our country. The guy live in a bubble. And, when the bubble shows signs of popping, his Gang just can't get it straight.
  • May 10th...Story broke IRS targeting Conservative groups
  • May 14th...Obama spokesman Jay Carney said "We don't have any independent knowledge of that."
  • Later, Carney acknowledged that the White House counsel Kathyrn Ruemmler was informed on April 24 of the IRS' likely findings by officials from the Treasury Department.
  • This week, it was revealed that Ruemmler had told White House chief of staff Denis McDonough and other senior staff about the matter.
  • May 21st...the Treasury Department officials had discussed the issue with White House deputy chief of staff Mark Childress, including how the IRS planned to get out the word of the pending report by its inspector general.
And, Bubble Boy Obama knew NOTHING? Does Obama live in a vacuum inside the bubble?

Read Latest Breaking News from

What Obama Doesn't Know, Can Hurt Him

The linked article from the Washington Post begins with this hard to believe disclosure:

"Senior White House officials, including Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, learned last month about a review by the Treasury Department’s inspector general into whether the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, but they did not inform President Obama, the White House said Monday."

Obama did NOT know? This guy is supposed to be the president of the United States...RIGHT? And, he doesn't know stuff that his senior people know? How incredible or how stupid! Does this guy rely only on TV for what's happening in this world? Is this guy on speed?

Read more at...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Obama IRS Anti-Life Tactics

The Obama IRS takes a dim view of life. The IRS targeted a great many pro-life groups during its expanded review of non-profits. Their plan was to mine as much information from these pro-lifers in order to delay approval or disapproval.

Those pro-life organizations getting extreme scrutiny from the IRS included Cherish Life Ministries,  the Coalition for Life, and Christian Voices for Life. These and others suffered from the Obama IRS.

Read all about it at...

Eye Spy...Obama Style

Is anyone in America safe from our current federal government? Are our personal records safe from an intrusive Obama Administration? If a news network can have its communications bugged, why can't we?

This is what the linked article is all about. Read more at...

Monday, May 20, 2013



IRS Meets Anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union

The U.S. News and World Report recently published the White House Visitors Log. On it, the magazine found that the president of the anti-Tea Party National Treasury Employees Union, Colleen Kelley, visited the White House at 12:30pm that Wednesday noon time of March 31, 2010.

Coincidentally, the day after the president of the anti-Tea Party labor union, Ms. Kelley, met with Barack Obama, the manager of the IRS “Determinations Unit Program" agreed to open a “Sensitive Case report on the Tea Party cases.” Lets see. Kelley meets Obama...the IRS agrees to scrutinize Tea Party cases.

Nothing to see here! Or...could this meeting lead to impeachment hearings? As some politicians say "Doing time will tell."

Read it here...

The IRS and Your Medical Records

It's happened...the Obama IRS has seized personal medical records. Big deal! It is when there are more than 60,000,000 medical records of more than 10,000,000 Americans taken by IRS agents. Many of them in Southern California.

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against a group of IRS agents guilty of this infringement of our rights. But, you probably have NOT read or heard about this Constitution killing travesty. The Mainstream Media tries NOT to publish it and when they do, they make nothing of it...finding little or no guilt in the Obama IRS.

Well, take a few minutes and read the disturbing story at...

Obama's Perceived Enemies

Here's an article about Gibson Guitars and Barack Insane Obama...

Remember Obama and Eric Holder’s attack on Gibson Guitars? Back in 2009 the Obama regime raided Gibson Guitars and demanded that its woodwork labor be done overseas. The original excuse by the Obama regime for their raid on Gibson Guitars was ‘environmental concerns.’ Court documents however, revealed that the raid and legal hassles were from a non-environmental question — which country is working on the wood? That’s right, the Obama regime wanted the ‘fingerboards’ produced outside the U.S. In something that was overlooked at the time but makes a lot more sense now, the Gibson Guitars CEO Henry E. Juszkiewicz is a Republican donor.

When the BS about the ‘wood’ came up as an excuse from the Obama regime to attack Gibson Guitars, the corrupt media never mentioned that Gibson’s competitors used the exact same wood and faced no problems from the government.
Gibson CEO Henry Juskiewicz became widely known after he reacted to the raid by protesting his company’s innocence of running afoul of arcane restrictions (the case here hinged on the degree the wood was finished in India, not whether it was endangered or illegally harvested) in the pages of national newspapers and in Senate hearings held by Sen. Rand
Read more:

Impeachment: Time for Real Obama Change!

Barack Obama vowed an increase in transparency across government in his administration. He and his administration would be open to the American public. Something happened on its way to the truth!

Recent WND-Wenzel Polls conducted exclusively for WND, formerly the World Net Daily, tells us more about the transparency. Wenzel Strategies is a public-opinion research and media consulting company. Their founder tells us what Americans are now saying about Barack Obama.
“It may be early in the process for members of Congress to start planning for impeachment of Barack Obama, but the American public is building a serious appetite for it,” said Fritz Wenzel, of Wenzel Strategies. Wenzel’s organization did the telephone poll Thursday. The poll has a margin of error of 4.36 percentage point. 

Wenzel also said, “Half or nearly half of those surveyed said they believed Obama should be impeached for the trifecta of scandals now consuming Washington.” 

v    On the Benghazi scandal, 50.1% of Americans said Obama should be impeached. This included 27.6% of the responding Democrats. 

v    On the Internal Revenue Service scandal, 49% said they agree that impeachment is appropriate, including 24.4% of the Democrats. 

v    On Obama bugging of AP reporters’ telephone, 48.6% said impeachment was appropriate. This included 26.1% of the Democrats

How’s that for transparency!

Liberal NY Times Covers for Obama IRS

It is NOT hard to believe that the New York Times would cover for Barack Obama and his Administration. With all the political lunacy going on with the IRS, the NY Times defended the organization. It published "select" comments from its readers regarding the scandal prone IRS.

Check out what the Times published at...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Obama EPA: Nazi Death Camps Revisited

A lawsuit was filed against the Obama EPA. The EPA was performing experiments regarding the lethal dangers of diesel exhaust. This is what the suit says:

"The suit accuses the EPA of paying as many as 41 participants $12 an hour to breathe in concentrated diesel exhaust, for as long a two hours at a time. The exhaust was directly piped in from a truck parked outside the Chapel Hill facility. According to the lawsuit, the fine particulate matter, called 'PM2.5,'  was piped in at levels 21 times greater than what the EPA calls its 'permissible limit'.”
Is this a U.S. government agency, or some reflection of Nazi Germany? Who or what is running the Obama EPA?
Read more:

I'm Feeling Low, Don't You Know, See My Ryhme, Since I'm Doing Time

OK, folks, do you know where your tax money is going? You know like keeping up our defense, guarding our borders, or paying for prison poetry. You know we do have a ton of poets in prison. Someone needs to fund them. Don't believe it...

"A new website on prison poetry was launched this week with assistance from a $75,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts." The website "...features readings of poems written by incarcerated inmates."

Look out Bob Dylan, T.S. Eliot, Carl Sandburg, and the rest! Read about where your money is going...

Krauthammer Says IRS Could be Problem for Obama

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer feels that Barack Obama could be in trouble if anyone in his administration knew that the IRS was targeting Conservative groups relating to tax-exempt status. Will we ever know if Obama was aware of this scandal?

He thinks the IRS is the one institution, besides the U.S. military, that people feel can do the most harm.

He also "...pointed out that the second article of impeachment against Richard Nixon was abuse of the IRS." And, the IRS is again involved in a scandal!

See what Krauthammer said and thinks at...;postID=4029997079071489912

IRS Targets Any Tea Party Links

Did you happen to have a lunch time party at your house? Did you serve tea? Did you invite people to your tea party luncheon? Well, friend, you've been tagged by the IRS!

Yes, it does sound far fetched. Yes, it is a joke. But, yes, did kind of happen.

A former Republican executive and activist Dylan Nonaka, did get the third degree from the IRS. What they were looking for was any affiliation he had with "the Tea Party." The IRS was looking for any tea party-related training materials that they thought they could tie to Nonaka.

You think I'm paranoid? Read more at...

The IRS Dictatorship Continues

It's un-American, and maybe illegal, for a federal bureaucracy to tell an organization that it must promote an opposing view if it wants non-profit status. This is what happened to the Cherish Life Ministries. This group offers " to a coalition of churches that supports mothers struggling with unexpected pregnancies, promotes abstinence, and advocates for an end to abortion in the community, state and nation."

The IRS told that ministry that it did not qualify for non-profit unless it "...provide information on all aspects of abortion." In other words, the organization had to tell women about the "positive" side of abortion!

Furthermore, the ministry's organizer Peter Shinn said that the IRS tried “to paint our organization as a political organization." I guess the IRS play by any rules they make!

Read more at these two web sites...

Friday, May 17, 2013

King Barry and Michelle Antoinette in Concert

Don't worry about sequestration. Taxpayer money is no object. Don't let a little scandal over Benghazi, the AP, the IRS, and the Afghan payoffs get in your way. The band plays on!

Barack and Michelle are set to "host" another big star production at the White House. The event will be held in the East Room of the White House.
Maybe it's time for us to rename Washington D.C. Let's call it Hollywood East.

I just thought you might want to know where your money is going. I hope these elite Obamacrats have our expense!

Read more at...

It's Your Money: Afghan Payoffs

Over the past 10 years, taxpayer money has been passing from our government to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan. Apparently these payments were made to support the Karzai regime.

Ten years is a decade of money flowing to this Afghan crony. Why have the payments continued? What are we paying Karzai for? We've helped to establish his what?

Read more at...

IRS + ObamaCare = SHAM

The IRS has a hard time staying out of trouble regarding investigations  into tax-exemption. Under ObamaCare, the IRS would be running the show. Red flags are popping out all over!

Maybe it's time for Congress to say NO to the IRS-ObamaCare marriage. America cannot trust an organization that tries to cover up wrong doing and then lies all day about what it did. Agree?

Read more at...

Savage: Wall Street Ruining Economy…Again

The Michael Savage Newsletter

In addition to all the scandals emerging from the Obama administration, Dr. Savage notes that "the criminal gang on Wall Street" is up to its old tricks.
He believes the super-rich are being allowed to acquire even more unregulated wealth so they won't complain about the corruption going on in the White House.
"You don't have to be a Republican or a conservative to understand what kind of danger we're in right now," said Savage to his audience, noting: 

At the same time all these scandals are coming out of the White House, the gang on Wall Street that broke the economy in 2008 is doing it again.

They're speculating beyond comprehension. They are trading on derivatives that don't even exist. They have created fiduciary instruments that aren't real.

They've run the stock market up to unsupportable levels.

Why? Because Obama has given them the green light.

If the market is booming, then that element of society won't complain about what the administration is doing to others. 

As long as the gold is flowing, the Wall Street gang will keep their mouths shut.

As long as they are making their billions of dollars on their quasi-criminal trades, they'll be happy.

Obama is basically paying off the big players in the financial world so they won't say a word about what is happening to this country.

House Tries AGAIN to Repeal ObamaCare

The House of Representatives voted on Thursday to repeal ObamaCare. This is the third time since Republicans took over the chamber in 2011 and the 37th time the House has voted to repeal or to cut funds on a part of the bill.

"The 229-195 vote included two Democrats who sided with Republicans — Jim Matheson of Utah and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina. All Republicans voted in favor."

It's past time to repeal or defund Obama-nomics!

Read Latest Breaking News from

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Soros Uses Catholic Lefties & IRS to Punch Catholic League

It looks like billionaire George Soros has some pull with the Obama IRS. Using a Left Wing group called the Catholics United, a Soros-funded Catholic organization, the IRS was asked (told) to investigate the Catholic League.

This guy Soros has deep pockets. He may even be the Obama puppet master!

Now if you folks don't mind being audited by an organization that can be to buy a bridge in New York?

Read more at...

Savage: Living Under Mini-Fascist Dictatorship

The Michael Savage Newsletter 

In today's issue: First Americans learned that the Internal Revenue Service had singled out “patriot” groups for audits and other harassment. Now it turns out that the White House was keeping tabs on reporters for the Associated Press.

Dr. Savage doesn't know which insider is leaking these damaging revelations all at once, but he knows the reason why.

“We're now living in a mini fascist dictatorship under Obama,” declared Savage, adding:

You might have heard that it was just a low level IRS employee in Cincinnati who was targeting all those conservative groups.

But the Washington Post is now reporting that IRS officials in Washington, DC were involved.

This deserves jail time. This is worse than Watergate.

Obama has done far worse things than Nixon ever did.

There is a perfect storm brewing around Obama. The ship looks like it's hit an iceberg.

We're learning that Obama tapped Associate Press reporters and that the IRS targeted “tea party” groups.

Who inside the government is leaking these damaging stories all at once, and why?

It's because they recognize what a clear and present danger Obama is to the survival of the United States of America.

Obama Just Plain Deaf, Blind, and Stupid

Barack Obama just does not know what is happening in his administration! Someone needs to inform the guy that it has committed a variety of fraudulent and illegal acts.

During a Thursday lunchtime press conference held in the White House Rose Garden, Obama rejected any idea of a special prosecutor to investigate IRS-Gate. He also stood there clueless as to what was happening. I guess it's time for another round of golf!

Read more:

The IRS Targets Conservative Mentoring Group

When I was working for the Air Force, local schools came by to ask for mentors to help their students. Mentoring involved varying subjects from math to just making sure students did their assigned homework.

A Tennessee lawyer asked for tax-exemption for a group mentoring high school and college about conservatism in politics. Well, the Obama IRS apparently didn't like that. They asked for all kinds of irregular information from the organization.

See what the IRS wanted and more at...

Does the IRS Favor Abortion?

You tell me that the IRS is an "independent agency" and that it does not listen to the administration in command. Barack Obama is and has been Pro-Abortion, using the term "pro-choice" as a buzz word to avoid the baby killing term abortion.

Now, the IRS appears to welcome Obama's philosophy of baby killing.  One Pro-Life group "...was told that their approval as a non-profit was conditioned on a commitment not to protest outside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics."

The First Amendment to our Constitution protects freedom of speech. It therefore does NOT prohibit any organization from conducting a peaceful protest. This activity does NOT violate any rules governing non-profits.

So, it is my opinion that the IRS was just promoting Obama's abortion agenda by not approving non-profit status to the Pro-Life organization without a caveat or condition. Read more about this at...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Evidence Against Obama IRS Getting HOTTER

We all know by now that the Obama IRS gave extra scrutiny to Conservative groups wanting tax-exempt status. These groups waited for long periods of time, some up to two years for a resolution.

On the flip side, any Liberal groups were given almost immediate attention and a "pass" regarding their non-profit status! Life couldn't be better for Obama Liberal cronies!

Here's an excerpt from the linked article:

Some of those approved:
  • Bus for Progress, New Jersey nonprofit organization whose mission is to support "progressive politicians with the courage to serve the people's interests and make tough choices." The group, which uses a red, white and blue bus to "drive the progressive change," was approved as a social-welfare group in April 2011. 
  • Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, approved in September 2011. The group says it fights against corporate welfare and toward increasing the minimum wage.
  • Progress Florida, which lobbies the Sunshine State's legislature to expand Medicaid under the provisions of Obamacare, and was approved in January 2011.
The groups, like the tea party organizations, sought tax reductions as social-welfare groups.

See more like this at Newsmax.Com...

Obama IRS...Who Loves You Baby

The IRS, Barack Obama's crony organization, does the bidding of its Boss. It doesn't matter if you are a group like the Tea Party or an individual like Dr. Anne Hendershott, your may become a target of this administration's crony IRS.

Check out the two stories related to Obama's IRS deviltry...

Demoncrats Just Keep on Being Sleazy

The word sleazy is defined as being sordid, corrupt, or immoral. Over the last 40 years, the Democratic Party has evolved into that kind of organization.

In the 80's, they called Ronald Reagan every evil term in the dictionary...war monger...elitist...senile...and more. They said we could not conquer the Soviet Union without arms control. They said Reagan slept during Cabinet meetings. They used lies to try and hurt his administration.

From 2000 to 2008, the Democrats called George W. Bush a warring capitalist who wanted only to line his own pockets in Iraq. They said GW was dumb in spite of the fact that Bush had an Undergraduate and Master’s Degree from Yale, an Ivy League college. They accused him of cutting taxes ONLY for the rich...not so...we all got a tax break.

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EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...