Friday, May 24, 2013

Special Prosecution for Those Who Serve Despots

At a recent Capitol Hill news conference, Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, made this legitimate accusation: 

“If the AP story has taught anything it should be, to the media, that when there is a tyrannical despot, the media will be one of the early victims – you will be used as helpful savants for awhile, and then when you’re no longer needed, you will be pressured and put out of business as well.”

In my opinion, Rep. Gohmert was speaking about Barack Obama. The president bears the responsibility for what his Cabinet and Administration does to the public.

As President Harry S. Truman had famously posted on his desk, “The buck stops here.” This indicated that he did not 'pass the buck' to anyone else. Truman accepted personal responsibility for the way he ran our country.

Barack Obama should be held liable for his DOJ. He has supported Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama is accountable for what Holder has done illegally in the name of the Obama Administration. Obama is the president by name only; he “passes the buck” to be held guiltless!


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