Friday, May 17, 2013

Savage: Wall Street Ruining Economy…Again

The Michael Savage Newsletter

In addition to all the scandals emerging from the Obama administration, Dr. Savage notes that "the criminal gang on Wall Street" is up to its old tricks.
He believes the super-rich are being allowed to acquire even more unregulated wealth so they won't complain about the corruption going on in the White House.
"You don't have to be a Republican or a conservative to understand what kind of danger we're in right now," said Savage to his audience, noting: 

At the same time all these scandals are coming out of the White House, the gang on Wall Street that broke the economy in 2008 is doing it again.

They're speculating beyond comprehension. They are trading on derivatives that don't even exist. They have created fiduciary instruments that aren't real.

They've run the stock market up to unsupportable levels.

Why? Because Obama has given them the green light.

If the market is booming, then that element of society won't complain about what the administration is doing to others. 

As long as the gold is flowing, the Wall Street gang will keep their mouths shut.

As long as they are making their billions of dollars on their quasi-criminal trades, they'll be happy.

Obama is basically paying off the big players in the financial world so they won't say a word about what is happening to this country.

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