Sunday, June 30, 2013

Barack Obama: No Climate Expert

It seems that when Barack Obama speaks, he releases more pollutants into the atmosphere than all the coal burn plants in the world! This pseudo expert on climate recently made the following proclamations:
·       “Science … tells us that our planet is changing in ways that will have profound impacts on all of humankind.”
·       “The 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come in the last 15 years…these are facts.”
·       The “sea level in New York, in New York Harbor, are (sic) now a foot higher than a century ago.”
·       “The question now is whether we will have the courage to act before it’s too late.”
Christopher Monckton, hailed as the “high priest of climate skepticism,” commented on Obama’s pronouncement. Monckton questioned what Mr. Climate Man alleged saying that Obama used much of Al Gore’s science fiction movie “An Inconvenient Truth” for his speech.
One example that stands out is the Obama snort about “carbon pollution.” If he and Gore mean “carbon dioxide pollution,” then we must remember that it (carbon dioxide) is present in the air we breathe out, in the bubbles in bread, in Coca-Cola, and in champagne. So, stop breathing and polluting the world!
Read more at…
Is it Climate or Weather?

Catholic Priest Beheaded by Muslim Extremists

Barack Obama said the following things about Islam:

“These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.” 

“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” 

In order to celebrate what Obama said, Muslims in Syria beheaded a Catholic priest!  Gee folks, what happened to “justice…tolerance…dignity of all human beings?” Is Barack Obama a closet Muslim? 

Until we find out, read the tragic story about the horrendous incident in Syria…
Catholic Priest Beheaded by Radical Muslims.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Obama and His EPA Killing American Coal Industry

Barack Obama wants to kill the American coal industry to please his environmental goons. He also wants to turn the U.S. into a European style energy deficient country.

Obama has tried since day one of his administration to sell "green" energy at a cost to the American public. He has pushed his disciples, such as Julian Castro the mayor of San Antonio TX, to follow his plans. Plans to hurt or destroy the U.S. economy through increased energy costs.

Castro for one has championed the Obama energy boondoggle by giving tax incentives to a Korean based company to build a solar panel plant on the southeast side of the city, land that was once part of Brooks AFB. This company, Nexolon America LLC, has been losing money in the green energy world! This company, like Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, SunPower, and others  probably won't make it unless some government helps it. List of bankrupt companies backed by taxpayer money.

I just keep wondering why Obama is so intent of postulating green energy. What does he have invested in green energy? How much money can he and his co-harts make by moving America to green energy dependency?

Read what Obama wants to do to American coal and energy...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Obamacare vs. Freedom of Religion

The Obama administration's final adjustments to the Obamacare regulation requires just about every health-care plan to provide cost-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives, and abortion-inducing drugs.  Many Catholics and other Christian oppose sterilization, contraception, and abortion.

The federal government is ordering Catholics and other Christians to go against their teachings and conscience. They are not allowed the freedom to exercise your faith. They must do what the government says, not what their faith and conscience says.

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the making of any law restricting the free exercise of religion. But, under Obamacare, those opposed to sterilization, contraception, and abortion cannot freely practice the teaching of their church. The Obama government tells them how to practice their faith or restricts the free exercise of religion.

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Senator Barack Obama: Payoffs to Crony Group

Back in 2007, U.S. Senator Barack Obama tried to advocate for $10 million in taxpayer money to a Chicago nonprofit under investigation for potential fraud. According to emails sent by the nonprofit’s then-director of operations everything was fine, the organization could count on Obama.

On June 10th 2007, Vincent Davis, the former Save-A-Life Foundation (SALF)  sent an email to Eric Brandmeyer, an official at an Illinois hospital trying to implement SALF’s controversial first-aid training programs at a local school district. Brandmeyer was a little skeptical about this since SALF was under investigation at the time.

Davis reassured Brandmeyer, “Naturally, I am aware of the recent press from ABC of Chicago and am concerned about SALF funding. Please give me your thoughts on the future of SALF funding in our area.”

Davis further replied, “All is OK regarding funding, and we are getting (Barack) Obama to help push through our legislation for an additional 10 million which is part of the Homeland Security bill.”

SALF received $9 million in taxpayer money but then dissolved in 2009. SALF is still under investigation amid claims that it did not tell the truth regarding the number of children it provided services to and of “money unaccounted for.”
Obama learned young the Chicago Way! Read more at…

Obama Playing Footsies with Terrorists

Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah bragged on his website that he had met with Team Obama on June 13 of this year. bin Bayyah was invited by National Security Council official Gayle Smith in an effort "to learn from you and we need to be looking for new mechanisms to communicate with you and the Association of Muslim Scholars." Bin Bayyah is a radical Muslim cleric who as ties to Hamas. Terrorist group?

Does Barack Obama pledge allegiance to this flag?

After Fox News made this public, this is what happened...

"Someone associated with bin Bayyah deleted his website reference to the meeting, but the Internet is forever. The White House has now 'fessed up to the confab. According to Fox News, a senior official spun the troubling event as a discussion about 'poverty, global health efforts and bin Bayyah's own efforts to speak out against al-Qaida.'"

Team Obama has a lot of explaining to do! Making nice with a terrorist affiliate cleric. Using Liberal speak "trying to understand those who don't like us." So who is the real enemy of the American people?

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Really "Innocent" was Trayvon Martin?

Many in the Mainstream Media presented Trayvon Martin as an innocent child. They posted pictures of some angelic looking kid. He was the poster teen of virtue being mugged by an evil white man!

On the downside, George Zimmerman was a wild vigilante slinking through the night in search of some to kill. That is how the major networks described him!

Now we have a witness to what Trayvon “said” before he was indiscriminately murder. Why would this woman, Rachel Jeantel, come out of the woodwork to become a start witness? Why would she post everything she knew on Twitter and then delete it all before going on the witness stand? What does she have to hide? Should the jury just accept her testimony as nothing but a bid for “15 minutes of glory?” Is she lying? Moreover, if she is lying, why is she doing so?

Read and decide…

Senate Immigration Bill PORK

Here is a short list of PORK inserted into the Senate passed immigration reform bill:

  • Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Mark Begich (D-AK) slipped into the bill a provision that will allow seafood processors to hire young foreign workers through a summer work travel program
  • Sens. Harry Reid (D-NV) and Dean Heller (R-NV) successfully inserted the language that basically gives kickbacks to Las Vegas casinos
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) successfully fought to include in the bill a $1.5 billion taxpayer-funded set aside for youth jobs programs
In addition, businesses that hire immigration visa holders save money because

  • they don't have to pay unemployment taxes, Medicare or Social Security
  • participants must also have their own health insurance
I hope that the House will vote this version of the immigration bill OUT! Read more at…

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Does Obama Have a Plan for a Muslim America?

This is from the linked article:

President Obama’s top national security advisers have just hosted Sheikh Abdulla bin Bayyah at the White House.

Bin Bayyah is the principal deputy to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s chief sharia jurist and the driving force of the IUMS. In addition to being behind the 2004 fatwa, Qaradawi also promotes suicide bombing against Israel. The IUMS strongly supports the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch, Hamas, the terrorist organization designated as such under American law. Indeed, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh – a close ally of both Qaradawi and Turkey’s Islamic supremacist prime minister (and Obama fave) Recep Tayyip Erdogan – was welcomed into the IUMS as a member in 2004. As detailed here on other occasions (see, e.g., here), Hamas’s charter explains that the group’s imperative to destroy Israel is an Islamic obligation, and it cites authoritative scripture – frequently repeated by Qaradawi – stating that the world will not end “until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: ‘O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!’”

News of the White House meeting with bin Bayyah was broken last night by Steve Emerson and John Rossomando of the Investigative Project on Terrorism. The meeting took place at the Obama administration’s request, according to an account of it posted – along with a photo – on bin Bayyah’s website. Since its original posting, the account has been edited to omit mention of Obama National Security Adviser Tom Donilon’s participation. I going conspiracy theory?? Read more...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama Tanking!

A new Fox News national poll of registered voters was released Tuesday and it shows that Barack Obama's approval rating is going south! Voters disapprove of how Obama is doing his job.

An high 63 percent of the voters polled disapprove of his handling of the deficit. A majority disapprove of his healthcare reform. And, it goes on.

Read more:

More IRS Corruption

From the Associated Press:

A government watchdog says lax oversight by the Internal Revenue Service allowed workers to use agency credit cards to buy wine for an expensive luncheon and, in one case, romance novels, diet pills and baby clothes.

Two IRS credit cards were used to buy online pornography, though the employees reported the cards stolen. One of the workers reported five agency credit cards lost or stolen.

From the Washington Examiner:

The report shows that the “trend of purchase card usage remained stable during this period at an average of about $965,000 per week.”

The IG’s office found that the cards were also misused for managers’ meetings, team-building exercises and fundraising activities. This includes almost $4,000 in “improper decorative and give-away items” such as a popcorn machine rental, Nerf footballs and the “world’s largest crossword puzzle” bought for team-building.
More from this article...

The Heat is ON...The Myth

Despite all the warnings of a warming planet, German climate scientist Hans von Storch said that the temperature data for the past 15 years shows an increase of 0.06 degrees Celsius or almost zero. So over the last 15 years our poor planet has had a temperature increase of less than one-tenth of one degree Celsius.

Yea, but, what about in Fahrenheit? We Americans don't get Celsius! Settle down. That is about 0.11 degrees Fahrenheit over the last 15 years. Wow...I feel the heat now!

The Al Gores and Barack Obamas of this world, knowing so much about climate, try to make us all buy their line...Hot...Hot...Hot! Unfortunately their "hot" is the hot commodity global warming has become as a money maker for their investments! Real Carbon Crap!!

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Rubio Can't Lie to Tell the Truth

Marco Rubio is slowly losing his Conservative halo. The Florida Republican Senator released a statement regarding a article that there is a provision in the immigration bill that could allow beneficiaries to receive taxpayer-funded vehicles, like cars, motorcycles or scooters.

Rubio says no. He claims immigrants will pay for this new low income benefit. But the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says that is not true. Taxpayers will carry the burden.

Rubio is morphing into a John McCain RINO. Maybe we should LtCol. Allen West in the Senate from Florida. At least he won't lie!

Read the Rubio rebuke and counter...

Harry Reid Adds "Pork" to Immigration Bill

Over-the-hill Senator Harry Reid never found a bill he couldn't add pork to in order to help his home state. Here's what the article tells us about Uncle Harry and his latest hand in you pocket brainstorm:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) have inserted a provision that amounts to little more than a handout to Las Vegas casinos into the repackaged immigration reform bill, Breitbart News has learned. This provision, a brazen example of crony capitalism, was inserted into the immigration law enforcement section of the bill despite the fact that it has nothing whatsoever to do with “immigration” or “law enforcement.”
On page 66 of the repackaged bill, the following provision appears:
“CORPORATION FOR TRAVEL PROMOTION.—Sec- 9(d)(2)(B) of the Travel Promotion Act of 2009 (22 U.S.C. 2131(d)(2)(B)) is amended by striking ‘‘For each of fiscal years 2012 through 2015,’’ and inserting ‘‘For each fiscal year after 2012.”
The Travel Promotion Act (TPA) of 2009 allows the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury to spend up to $100 million on promoting travel to specific areas of the country. If the provision Reid and Heller inserted into the proposed immigration reform legislation becomes law, the benefits of the TPA would be extended indefinitely.
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Monday, June 24, 2013

U.S. Military Going Gay?

Remember the Army recruiting posters with Uncle Sam saying "I Want You for the U.S. Army?" Or how about Air Force poster with the words "Core Values?" Well, get ready for a military gay poster!

The military has a new poster saying "Pride Month" with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender as the key words. The U.S. military has gone the way of political correctness. Barack Obama dreamed a dream, and he is getting the dream fulfilled through the military.

It ain't you father's military anymore! Read more and see the poster... US military does it gaily!

It's Your Money - New Immigration Bill Has Taxpayer Subsidized ObamaCars

WHAT THE HECK! Read this article. This is how it starts...

Breitbart News has learned there is a provision included in the immigration bill that could be used to give free cars, motorcycles, scooters or other vehicles to young people around the country over a period of 15 months after the bill passes.  The new provision is a result of the latest addition to the Corker-Hoeven amendment, which is essentially an entirely new version of the bill.

Read the rest at...


Amnesty Bill to Hurt AMERICAN Workers

How can the Gang of 8 amnesty bill compromise hurt U.S. citizens? This article points out some interesting facts about it.
  1. Formerly illegal immigrants who get amnesty will be eligible to work
  2. They will not be eligible for Obamacare
  3. Their employers will not pay for Obamacare subsidies for these employees
  4. This gives employers an incentive to keep or hire newly amnestied illegals
  5. U.S. citizens could lose their jobs
WOW! Read more at...

Is Obamacare Crumbling Under Its Own Weight?

Is Obamacare a dinosaur dying from its own size? Is this misbegotten plan a boon for some politicians and a death keel for the American health care system? Where is this Obamanation going?

Here's an interesting analysis from the Capitol Hill Daily. It tells us what's wrong with it and why Congress isn't doing anything to stop it.

Holier Than Thou Pelosi Not So Holy

Nancy Pelosi told us Congress had to pass Obamacare before she could read it: "But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy."

She said that she fought for the middle class: "We are not going back to the failed policies of the past. We are fighting for the middle class!"

She had some strange statistics about jobs: “Every week we don’t pass a Stimulus package, 500 million Americans lose their jobs.”

She supported uncontrolled unemployment benefits: “Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program”

She gave us some interesting facts about fossil fuels: “I believe in natural gas as a clean, cheap alternative to fossil fuels.”

Just recently, Pelosi defended late-term abortions saying it was “sacred ground” for her.
Not too many folks questioned her early statements. But now her latest proclamation has someone asking her to respond.
The Rev. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, sent the House minority leader a request that she explain her position on late-term abortion. Read more at...

Getting Hotter or Just Changing

For years, global warming nuts have told us that it's getting hotter, drier, and that doom is around the corner. They thought they could hide their lack of evidence of any global warming by changing the movement’s name to “climate change.” I don't think that name change is working!
Barack Obama and his crony John Kerry both parroted the climate change scam in the U.S. and then in India. Their goal is to make money off this climate scam. Buying and selling carbon credits is the real name! Watch out, America!

Read more:

Your ZIP Code or Your Life

Some privacy experts say that giving out your ZIP code to stores might reveal more about you than you intend to reveal. I'm sure you've checked out at some discount or department store and were asked by the clerk for your ZIP code. No big deal...right?

Hang-on naive citizen...big brother retail maggot wants to know more about you! By matching your name on a credit or debit card with the ZIP code, retailers can find out your address. With that much information what comes next?

Check you mail box, or better your email. Impossible? So how about NSA and your Verizon, ATT, Sprint, etc. phone use?

So zip it when asked for your ZIP! Read more at...

...and even more at...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kerry Puppets the Boss's Message

In a page out of the Puppet Master, John Kerry told India what Barack Obama told Americans. These Liberals all think man can control climate. These folks are real egotistical humanists!

God created heaven and earth. Only He controls what mankind thinks it can. We minute minded creatures with our over active egos feel we can control what God has created!

Read more about Kerry and his bloviations at...

Chicago Climate Exchange Restart?

Barack Obama said this on Wednesday: “Peace with justice means refusing to condemn our children to a harsher, less hospitable planet. The effort to slow climate change requires bold action.”

What he forgot to say was he needed to make sure his pockets were lined with future environmental fix money. Like his friend Al Gore, Obama has invested in or influenced carbon credits. The Wall Street Journal mentioned this investment as a money maker a few years ago. Things have changed...or have they?

The “privately-owned” Chicago Climate Exchange was heavily influenced by Obama cohorts his Gore and Maurice Strong. Obama may want to re-charge this carbon Frankenstein! His statement also provides a time-out from all his scandals. Right? So...what did Obama really said on Wednesday?

But, what do others have to say...

Chicago Teachers Can’t Take the Blame

Chicago Teacher’s Unions pulled out the race card and “whitey done it” to cast blame for school problems on someone other than themselves. When Liberals need to divert blame for their own shortcomings, they pull out the black versus white card. Liberals get rich off the poor and then blame rich whites for the poor being poor. Can you say “Hypocrites?”

I did notice that the speaker could miss a few meals! However, that’s another problem to find a scapegoat…like McDonald’s or Burger King.  

See the video rant at...

City Living and Expensive Contracts

San Antonio TX, like many large cities in our country, is festooned with expensive employment contracts. City employees enjoy more than generous salaries. In addition, when they retire, those comfortable benefits continue. Until death do them part…and beyond!

San Antonio can’t even keep up with a crumbling infrastructure. The stray pet population is getting to a point of being ridiculous in this “no kill” pet zone. The north side of the city prospers while other areas slowly deteriorate. The city whose leaders backed the "yes we can" really CANNOT!

This city is not alone. Chicago, Detroit, and other Liberal guided communities fall under the weight of hefty employee union benefits and other tax sucking entities!

Read more about this at...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Obama Control of US Military & His Gay Agenda

There is a battle going on in the U.S. military over the religious rights of  soldiers who defend our country and our basic moral values. Barack Obama has an agenda. He is giving it life in the military. He wants to pay back his gay supporters and he's using the military for his purpose!

Here is what the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty sites as problems in the Obama military:

  • A senior chaplain on a major stateside military installation recently was stripped of his authority over the chapel under his charge for his insistence that, in accordance with federal law and military regulations proclaiming the chapel as a “sacred space,” the chapel would not be used to celebrate “marriages” between same-sex couples.

  • A chaplain was threatened with early retirement, then was moved to an assignment where he could “be supervised,” after he forwarded an email to his subordinates that was a thoughtful reflection on the military’s former “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

  • At Andrews Air Force Base a senior NCO asked a chaplain for assistance over an incident that occurred in the public food court. Two sailors under his command were eating and talking when one of them mentioned he might want to be a chaplain someday but didn’t know how the new regulation allowing homosexuals to serve would affect that plan. Another service member at the next table who was listening to the conversation stood up and berated the two sailors for talking about the new policy and reported the “incident” to the NCO. Unsure of what to do, he instructed the soldier who want to become a chaplain that he needed to be more careful in public.

  • A chaplain on funeral duty with some enlisted sailors heard them discussing how they felt it was unfair that fellow service members that chose the “gay” or lesbian lifestyle were allowed to choose their roommates, but as heterosexuals they were unable to do the same.

  • A service school that trains officers experienced an incident in which a male service member sexually harassed another male service member through text messages, emails, phone calls and visible confrontations. The targeted member was not interested in a same-sex relationship, but the offending male insisted the two would make a good couple. The harassment was reported, but no disciplinary action resulted.

  •

    Monday, June 17, 2013

    Still Wrapping Fish in Newspaper?

    Once upon a time America used newspaper to wrap fish at the market or to line the bottom of their bird cages. Of course people would first read the newspaper and then use it for other reasons.

    Times, they are changing! Today, it appears that Americans wrap their fish first and then waste time reading the printed news. John Q. Public has lost its confidence in the printed news media.

    About 51 percent of Americans had confidence in newspapers publishing the truth back in 1979. Today, that number has gone to 23 percent! And, TV news doesn't fair well either.

    Read Latest Breaking News from

    Obama IRS Puts Pro-Israel Groups on Watch

    Obama IRS agent Gary Muthert told House Oversight Committee
    investigators that applications from some pro-Israel groups for tax-exempt status are routinely routed to an anti terrorism unit within the Internal Revenue Service for additional screening. The Cincinnati-based IRS agent said that Pro-Israel groups are considered “specialty cases” and that “probably” all are sent to an IRS unit that examines groups for potential terrorist ties.

    I guess the Obama IRS thinks Pro-Israel groups are terrorists! Can they be looking in the wrongs places? Read more at...

    On the Lighter Side of the Dark Side

    Al Gore Protecting His Environmental Empire

    Here's a brief from the link below:
    "Former Vice President Al Gore has built a Green money-making machine capable of eventually generating billions of dollars for investors, including himself, but he set it up so that the average Joe can't afford to play on Gore's terms. And the US portion is headed up by a former Gore staffer and fund raiser who previously ran afoul of both the FEC and the DOJ, before Janet Reno jumped in and shut down an investigation during the Clinton years."

    Read more:

    Now add this next item to the above news and you have Al Gore trying to protect his money. Gore is, in his own mind, a champion of the environment. He sees global warming around every least when it comes to making him money! But, his scam continues and the Mainstream Media continues to give him an outlet for his rants.

    See what Gore says about the Keystone Pipeline...

    Sunday, June 16, 2013

    Abortion: The Death of Our Society

    Rush Limbaugh told his listeners on Friday, “I think abortion is at the root of so much that has and is going wrong in this country.” Pro-Choicers will disagree. Pro-Lifers will nod their heads in agreement.

    In my opinion, the abortion issue began with the Ultra-Liberals in our country. First they took over academia. They thought students that the human person came first. It was perfectly fine to do what best pleased the human existence. The old rules of personal responsibility went out the door with the Ten Commandments.

    Next, the Mainstream Media picked up the banner of self satisfaction. The mass media preached to the crowds that abortion and other self interest policies and procedures were best for our nation.

    From here, government took over. First the U.S. Supreme Court decided on Roe vs. Wade. Then it took our freedoms away with the ruling on Obamacare. What comes next?

    See what Rush says...

    DOJ and Its Third World Tactics

    In many Third World countries it is illegal to criticize the government or its policies. You dare not criticize a country's leaders either. It's like a democratic dictatorship.

    Even in the now defunct Soviet Union, a person could just disappear for criticism of the supreme leadership. The Soviet media laid down what the leadership thought and decreed, while the citizens just obeyed or face the consequences (can you say Gulag).

    The Obama Administration has adopted these tactics and policies which are contrary to the First Amendment to our Constitution. Our current government wants to silence our free speech and our criticism of its policies and procedures. The Obama Justice Department acts as the supreme law of the land deciding on its own what is right and wrong regarding our speech.

    Read on to find out what is happening...

    Saturday, June 15, 2013

    Did the DNC File a False Police Report or Insurance Claim?

    The Democratic National Convention organizers filed a stolen property report for almost $465,000 worth of electronic equipment. The items missing included iPhones, iPads, and laptops valued by the DNC at an average of $11,344 per item. I guess the DNC buys retail at some very expensive electronics stores!

    A short list of items missing were two iPads worth around $15,000 each, laptops listed at $40,000, $34,000 and $25,000 each. That's some expensive gadgets. Maybe they were all studded with precious stones!

    Get a better idea of what the DNC claims...

    Friday, June 14, 2013

    Working-Vacation Time for the Obamas

    Here we go again...Barack Obama is going out of country again. This time it's to Africa. (I hope he stays there.) The Obamas, Berry and Moochie, will be going to the "dark continent" on vacation.

    Obama may claim he'll be looking after our interests there. He may say that he'll be our "goodwill ambassador" on this trip. (I'll be shopping at Goodwill.)

    I wonder what we get bilked for this time! See what we are paying for this time...

    Support Life - Sign our petition to Support Life!

    Life is too precious to waste!

    Support Life - Sign our petition to Support Life!

    Obama IRS Needs a Spock for Diversity

    Looking for a job? Well, the Obama IRS has one for you. The job is for a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist.

    The Diversity Specialist duties include “...serve as a change agent to provide strategies, solutions, training, tools, resources and thought leadership on diversity and foster inclusion” across the workplace and “build internal awareness” for diversity and inclusion throughout the agency.

    Other day-to-day job duties include "Hear and resolve complaints from employees; effect minor disciplinary measures, such as warnings and reprimands; and identify developmental and training needs of employees."

    So, the IRS is looking for a nannie! Read all about it at...

    U.S. Taxpayers Fund War on Christianity

    Rand Paul told an audience at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference this week that, “It is clear that American taxpayer dollars are being used in a war against Christianity.” Barack Obama once  said that America is no longer a Christian nation. He meant it!

    Paul, a key critic of the socialist agenda Barack Obama has pursued, thinks Obama might have been right about America. And, on the world scene, we are giving money to those who persecute Christianity. This is clear with every taxpayer dollar we give to Muslim countries Egypt, Pakistan, and Libya. Christians are being butchered in those and other Islamic nations. Obama is on a new Muslim Crusade!


    And on the Lighter Side

    Thursday, June 13, 2013

    MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Calls Ted Cruz Nazi Black Irish Look

    Chris "The Moron" Matthews tells Americans that Republicans are picking on Barack Obama because he is black. Then the windbag turns around and calls Texas Senator Ted Cruz is like the "notorious Nazi sympathizer Father Charles Coughlin." Later Matthews said that Cruz had a “black Irish look.”

    Just in case Master Matthews hasn't seen or heard, our Senator Cruz is Hispanic. Mr. Tingle-Up-His-Leg Matthews doesn't mind calling a Republican derogatory names. But please...don't criticize Barack Obama or he'll say you are a racist.

    This is typical Liberal name calling. If you can't win the debate, then start name calling. Read more at...

    A Patriot Writes About a True Benghazi Massacre


    Cynthia Lee Myers Wanted to share the truth of what happened over in Libya, you will not find this in the media yet but it airs tonight on FNC.....please read....

    "Here is my story. A week out the Embassy in Tripoli began receiving multiple tips about an Al Qaeda cell in the area planning an attack on 9/11 in response to the killing of Bin Laden. For the next several days, the State Dept. and White House were asked for a security force and were denied at least six times. Ambassador Stevens and his team were given the all clear that The Consulate in Benghazi was safe and there was no need for a security force other than his 3 personal guards(One being my cousin) and a few Libyans who were not armed. Then the attack and murders occurred. Immediately the WH claimed it was a protest gone bad over a you tube video. Obama made a quick speech in the Rose Garden on Sept.12 before catching a plane to Vegas to campaign. He made a generic statement at the end of his speech after placing the blame on an overheated protest over the video. He said, "No act of terror will shake the resolve of America. Later that day and over the next 2 days, the liberal media began saying Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 men died of smoke inhalation. This was not the case. Out of respect for my cousin, I'm not going to be specific about his murder.

    However Ambassador Stevens was brutally murdered. His genitals were cut off, he was sodomized and beaten and cut and stabbed and burned. He was drug thru the streets and left for dead. This is eyewitness testimony of a local Dr. who found the Ambassador in a ditch and tried to save his life. He had no idea who he was. The other 3 men, including my cousin, met similar fates. And deaths due to smoke inhalation is a 100% fabricated LIE. The next week I drove my aunt and Uncle and 2 others to DC to receive his body. We met with Hillary, Panetta, and Susan Rice. ALL of whom apologized and said it was a protest gone bad over a video and exited the area. Next Obama entered with the same story and didn't apologize and wasn't sympathetic. My aunt cried to this man and all he did was hand her flowers and walk away. I tried to get his attention, but didn't. I got upset and yelled liar to him, he kept walking. Then a secret service agent grabbed my arm and led me to a room where I was held till the proceedings were over. America, I saw firsthand how cold this man is. What kind of liar he is. Most of you haven't a clue about this tyrant and yet you support him and act like every word he says is Gospel. These murders and the fast and furious cover ups make water gate look like, a kid who told his bff's secret to the class. We must stop this man, and please pass this story along." -- God Bless America.

    Wednesday, June 12, 2013

    ABC and NBC Continue to Protect Hillary

    The sex scandal at the State Department continues to unfold. CBS broke the story regarding various sexual escapades within State. The other non-cable "major networks" i.e. ABC and NBC are giving the story minimum coverage.

    Both networks seem to think this is a non-story. Both networks seem to toss it out with little fanfare. Both networks seem to want to continue their protection of possible 2016 presidential contender Hillary Clinton.

    ABC and NBC probably had a deal with Bill Clinton to not make a big thing of his sexploits back in the 90s. The deal goes on! Hands off Hillary...for now!

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    IRS Won't Spy on IRS

    The other day, posted a story about the IRS placing orders for surveillance equipment. The spying equipment took the shape of coffee trays with hidden cameras and cameras that could be hidden in plants. I guess the IRS wanted to keep tabs on their workers?

    Well, the IRS has canceled the order. I guess once the news got out about the organization's pending purchase of snooping equipment, the IRS changed its mind.

    Here's more on the cancellation...

    EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

    THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...