Sunday, June 30, 2013

Barack Obama: No Climate Expert

It seems that when Barack Obama speaks, he releases more pollutants into the atmosphere than all the coal burn plants in the world! This pseudo expert on climate recently made the following proclamations:
·       “Science … tells us that our planet is changing in ways that will have profound impacts on all of humankind.”
·       “The 12 warmest years in recorded history have all come in the last 15 years…these are facts.”
·       The “sea level in New York, in New York Harbor, are (sic) now a foot higher than a century ago.”
·       “The question now is whether we will have the courage to act before it’s too late.”
Christopher Monckton, hailed as the “high priest of climate skepticism,” commented on Obama’s pronouncement. Monckton questioned what Mr. Climate Man alleged saying that Obama used much of Al Gore’s science fiction movie “An Inconvenient Truth” for his speech.
One example that stands out is the Obama snort about “carbon pollution.” If he and Gore mean “carbon dioxide pollution,” then we must remember that it (carbon dioxide) is present in the air we breathe out, in the bubbles in bread, in Coca-Cola, and in champagne. So, stop breathing and polluting the world!
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