Thursday, June 27, 2013

How Really "Innocent" was Trayvon Martin?

Many in the Mainstream Media presented Trayvon Martin as an innocent child. They posted pictures of some angelic looking kid. He was the poster teen of virtue being mugged by an evil white man!

On the downside, George Zimmerman was a wild vigilante slinking through the night in search of some to kill. That is how the major networks described him!

Now we have a witness to what Trayvon “said” before he was indiscriminately murder. Why would this woman, Rachel Jeantel, come out of the woodwork to become a start witness? Why would she post everything she knew on Twitter and then delete it all before going on the witness stand? What does she have to hide? Should the jury just accept her testimony as nothing but a bid for “15 minutes of glory?” Is she lying? Moreover, if she is lying, why is she doing so?

Read and decide…

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