Sunday, December 30, 2012

Is Pro-Choice the Same as Pro-Abortion

Some people who claim they are Pro-Choice say so because they want to appear "pro-women." So in claiming their stand, are they "anti-fetus" or "pro-capital-punishment" for the Unborn?

Anyway you say it...Pro-Choice supports Abortion. And anyway you look at it, Abortion is Legalized Murder of the Unborn. Are we practicing the same science and policies as the Nazi Party did under Adolph Hitler? It seems that way!

I'm not trying to stir up any one's emotions. I'm just stating the facts as I see them. My wife and I have four adult children and never would we see Abortion as a solution to any problem in life...unlike our current president!

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - The Tea Party

Dr. Michael Savage explained that a new political party based on his slogan – "Borders. Language. Culture" – might be America's only hope.

He added that the tea party came close to being that very thing, but it couldn't withstand attacks by its rich, powerful enemies on the left.

"I have said that the only thing that can save America from this drift towards internationalism is my slogan 'borders, language, culture' and a new nationalist party," declared Michael Savage, who went on to explain:

Now, it almost happened with the Tea Party, but it was decimated by the unions and others.

First the Tea Party was attacked by the Congressional Black Caucus, who lied about them.

Then the Democratic Party went after the Tea Party.

The very essence of America is the Tea Party. And yet they were cast as the enemies of America. Socialists completely lied about them.

Most liberals are afraid of nationalism. They always come to the same conclusion: that nationalism will lead to Hitler.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Nationalism can lead to pride and survival.

The ideal nationalist party will have a strict firewall, never going over the line into racism. That's important.

If I had the time left on earth, I would start this nationalist party. It would take approximately 10 years to have an effect on the country.

I don't know if America has that much time.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

America's New Benedict Arnold

America has been used by another Justice of the Supreme Court. Please checkout this article...

Kwanzaa a Big Fake

This made up holiday is nothing but a money pit! Blacks should be aware that they are being used to make money. It's almost like a little Christmas rush to the registers!

Read more at...
Kwanzaa: Holiday Brought to You By The FBI - Ann Coulter - Page 1

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fiscal Cliff? Obama’s Christmas Vacation

Who cares about fiscal cliffs! It's time for Barack Obama and Company to party in Hawaii. Want to now where some of your taxpayer money is going? It's going to stimulate fun in the sun!

Read more shivering residents of storm torn New Jersey and New York at...
Report: Obama’s Christmas Vacation Likely to Top $4 million

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Obama Ayers Connection

Is there more to Barack Obama's friendship with the 1960s terrorist bomber Bill Ayers? Did they share more than being neighbors or running a  school grant initiative which Ayers helped bring to Chicago? Did Ayers just "donate" to Obama's early campaigns?

The story linked below says "Yes" and gives a great deal of detail about the connection.

Read more at...
Postman: Ayers family put ‘foreigner’ Obama through school

And there is more...

Bill Ayers: Left Must Usee Its ‘Absolute Access’ to America’s Classrooms

Barack Obama cohort and friend Bill Ayers (the 60s Bomber) wants Liberals to enter into the minds of school age children. Ayers thinks that Leftist can indoctrinate the populace with Left Wing leaning philosophies while they are young. Get them in school...mold their minds!

It's interesting that Bill Ayers has ties to at least ten people in the White House Administration. These include Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Kevin Jennings, Anita Dunn, Arne Duncan, Martha Kanter, Vartan Gregorian and Cindy Moelis. How remarkable!

Read more at… Bill Ayers: The Left Must Utilize Its ‘Absolute Access’ to America’s Classrooms | Video |

RUSH: Baracka Claus Sings 'Walking In A Welfare Wonderland'

Thursday, December 20, 2012


This film contains foul union language...

Merry Christ-mas U.S.A.

Welcome to the Welfare States of America (WSA)...Barack Obama is your Momma and he is gonna make sure you have all you want...even a gun to defend yourself or hold up a liquor store!


George Soros - Enemy of the People

Billionaire George Soros donated large amounts of money to elect and re-elect Barack Obama. Soros also funds an endless list of left-wing causes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Soros is on a crusade to destroy Fox News, conservative talk radio, and any media that dare to tell the truth! It's time to stop this old Leftist Socialist. Check out the Media Research Center to help.
For those of you who DO NOT know who George Soros is, here’s a short biography of this evil man: 
George Soros is a Hungarian born Jew. Soros was born in 1930 as Schwartz Gy├Ârgy. This Hungarian-American business mogul, investor, and Left-leaning philanthropist made his money in the U.S. and Great Britain.
As a teenager, he help the Nazis identify Jewish citizens for deportation. Posing as a Christian, Soros comfortably survived throughout the Second World War.
Soros was educated in England and later moved to the U.S. in the 1950s. In New York, he found like minds that leaned toward the Left. He also made money investing in companies through questionable tactics. With his fortunes, he now funds Left Wing programs, societies, and policies.
For more information on this devilish man see...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Union Flag Above the U.S. Flag Outside the Group’s D.C. HQ

Apparently unions are more important and deserving of more respect than our own country. The socialist like action of flying a union flag over the American flag is a clear violation of U.S. law.

Read more at...
Why Does the Teamsters Union Appear to Be Flying Its Union Flag Above the U.S. One Outside the Group’s D.C. HQ? |

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Army Acknowledges Pedophilia Part of Islam

How perverted is Islam? Only the tip of the mosque!

Liberals like to point fingers at Catholic priests and other Christian perverts. Liberals seem to tippy-toe around Islam.

Now the U.S. Army tells it like it really is full of "sick" people and not all religions are void of these sickos.

Army acknowledges pedophilia part of Islam

Saturday, December 15, 2012

America's Gestapo: TSA Detains Child in Wheelchair

TSA agents have the manners of a Tasmanian devil! They picked on a child in a wheel chair as a possible terrorist. Of course, they let the guy with the turban go free as a lark.

Read more and see the video at...
Child in Wheelchair Detained by TSA Agents

Union Dues, Hannukah, the Fiscal Cliff & More Talk Radio

Here's a smorgasbord of Talk Radio this week. The topics were varied but all interesting. It's great to see that Conservative radio is on the air! They you hear any of this?

Read and listen at...
Union dues: Democrat ‘money laundering’ scheme?

God is Our Strength

Thursday, December 13, 2012

CBS, ABC, NBC Not Reporting Union Violence

The major networks are acting like the Nazi era media. They ignore the bad things that unions are doing in Michigan (and other states) to defeat the "right-to-work" laws.

Their failure and ignorance is intentional. They would hurt the Obama Administration by showing how his allies in big unions act to censor American workers.

Read more at...
CBS, ABC, NBC All Ignore Union Violence

Chavez-Loving Harry Belafonte to Obama: Jail GOP

Harry Belafonte had another senior moment...senility mixed with chatter. The guy is a has-been who loves socialism but forgets he is no longer pertinent.

I am 66 years old and don't have such bouts of blabbering senility! The banana boat singer has really gone bananas!

Read more at...
Chavez-Loving Harry Belafonte’s Advice to Obama About GOP: ‘Work Like a Third World Dictator and Put All These People in Jail’ | Video |

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh Those Silly Unions!

Unions in Michigan can be such peaceful folks...or did I mean they want to get a piece-full! Unions have gone too far! What you see could be a replay of the Russian revolt that brought us Communism.

The mob rule that unions now use is NOT what Our Founders envisioned as a cause of liberty. Their objective is to keep workers in their grip and keep those dues (money) flowing into their special interest coffers!

Alinsky 101: Left Accuses Conservatives of Being Violent

The truth about Michigan union goons getting violent didn't play well with the public. So...the unions and the media used radical tactics to turn the table on Conservatives by accusing them of beating themselves up! Twist the truth and point the finger the other way...sounds like Obama-speak straight out of the Saul Alinsky book!

Read more about what the Left countered with...
Alinsky 101: Left Accuses Conservatives of Being Violent Against Themselves in Michigan - Katie Pavlich

Michigan Union Goons Want Their Money

The idea behind the right-to-work laws is that unions cannot require employees to become members, nor can they require payment of union dues or fees as a condition of employment either before or after hiring. The right a person has to work without preconditions.

In Michigan, that right was being voted upon. Unions object to the right-to-work because it takes money out of their coffers. No condition for a worker to join a union, no members. No dues, no money.

Unions use that money for the most part to influence politicians to vote for their causes. Much like Barack Obama and his political record in support of unions.

Read more at...
Michigan capital turns into mob scene in right-to-work fight - Conservative News

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Obama, ACLU, and Others Attack Christmas

Phyllis Schlafly writes a great article about the war on traditional Christmas being waged by the Feds, Barack Obama, atheist and others.

Some of her points include the following:

"The re-election of Barack Obama has made this issue even more pressing. Throughout his first term, he waged a persistent campaign to secularize America, to push all religion behind church doors and to ban all mention of religion from every public place, park, building, military facility, school and speech."
"President Obama is a major part of the campaign to secularize America. For the fourth straight year, Obama again deleted God from his Thanksgiving Day address as he personally read it from the teleprompter into a camera."

Read more about this at...

Sign of the Times

Obama Jobs Council Head: ‘State-Run Communism’ Actually ‘Works’

Don't think Obama is a Socialist? Sorry, folks, there's too many like minds in the Obama Gang. Remember...Socialism is the next step towards Communism.

Obama's policies and thinking mirror European and African Socialism. Ideas such as "spreading the wealth" is nothing but govenrment's attempt to expand Socialism.

Nikita Khrushchev, the infamous Soviet leader, once said: "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism," they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."
Read more about one of Obama's Boys...
Head of Obama’s Jobs Council: ‘State-Run Communism’ Actually ‘Works’ | Video |

Foxx: 'Great to Kill All the White People' in Movie

Liberal Hollywood keeps playing the race game. Jamie Foxx complains about his part in his new movie, but then gets paid $$$ for B-Movie fiasco...look out Shaft!
I'd like to know what race is responsible for stirring up tension between blacks and whites? Remember Jesse Jackson...Rev. Wright...Whoopi Goldberg...Al Sharpton...Barack Obama? The truth hurts, but it's still the truth. Think about it.

Read more about this B-Movie Bumpkin at...
Jamie Foxx: 'Great to kill all the white people' in new action movie - Wilmington Conservative |

Taxing...Isn't It

Here's a couple of excerpts from the linked article by Thomas Sowell:

"If it looks like a tax, acts like a tax and takes away your resources like a tax, then it's a tax."

No wonder the Federal Reserve uses fancy words like "quantitative easing," instead of saying in plain English that they are essentially just printing more money.

Read is entire commentary at...

More from Sowell at...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Close the Loopholes for GE, Microsoft, and All

Michael Savage had a few things to say about taxes. Here is what he said: 

But all I hear is whining about taxes. "Don't tax the rich!" 

Every day at rush hour, I see people in their 20s and 30s, hurrying home from work, and I ask myself: "Do they really care about taxing the rich?" 

Ninety-nine percent of them would say it was a good idea. That's why its a winning argument for President Obama and a losing argument for the Republicans, who are just beating a dead horse. 
What these young people who are busting their behinds might care about are all the corporations who pay low or no taxes, because these companies supported Obama and got tax loopholes in return.

General Electric is one of those corporations that backed Obama, and they're busy outsourcing American jobs to China. 

Microsoft has done the same thing. They both pay little to no taxes on billions of dollars in profits, because now, thanks to outsourcing, these earnings are earned off shore. 

GE has over a thousand former IRS employees working for them, to keep their taxes down. 

Dozens of companies do the same thing. 

Why doesn't the GOP talk about closing these loopholes? Obviously, because both parties get support from corporations. 

Journalists never talk about this either. I'm the only one.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Left Trying to Silence Conservatives

When Left-Wing Radicals don't get their way or when they feel threatened...they want to silence all critics. This type of action sounds like old fashion Chicago or Soviet Communist tactics!

Richard Eskow of the Campaign for America's Future (sounds patriotic and harmless) wrote on the Huffington Post, “I’ve got friends, too – and they’ve got friends, and they’ve got friends, and they’ve got friends … enough to cause a computer meltdown at Discover the Networks.”

Discover The Networks, began by former radical turned conservative David Horowitz, is a central database that maps out left-wing agendas, activists and causes.

Eskow issued this threat in a Huffington Post blog piece responding to a WND article reporting how the CAF had launched a new website urging politicians and activists to wage class warfare.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Paid for the Tattoos and the Smokes

Below is a letter Dr. Starner Jones sent to the White House. His short letter to the White House accurately puts the blame on a "Culture Crisis" NOT a "Health Care Crisis."

Here’s what it says:

Dear Mr. President:

During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes, and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ring tone. While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as "Medicaid!" During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one costly pack of cigarettes every day and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer. And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman's health care?

I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture", a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. It is a culture based on the irresponsible credo that "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me." Once you fix this "culture crisis" that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you'll be amazed at how quickly our nation's health care difficulties will disappear.


The 2012 Vote - Things to Consider

WND’s Joseph Farah emailed the below information about the 2012. He contends, with unquestionable legitimacy, that the election was stolen through deliberate voter fraud and campaign finance violations. The Obama campaign was guilty of both counts.

Farah says…consider these facts: 

The Obama campaign accepted at least some foreign campaign cash – willingly and knowingly. The campaign website could have prohibited it. It did not. In other words, it deliberately left open the door for illegal foreign contributions in its "by any means necessary" quest for re-election. WND has proven that by actually contributing under the name Osama bin Laden from a Pakistani IP address, with a phony physical address and other neon-lit red flags in hopes of catching attention. Obama accepted illegal foreign contributions in 2008 without penalty, so why would anyone expect him not to repeat his crime in 2012? No one can know the extent of the fraud, because Obama has refused to release the identity of donors of $200 or less – yet he boasts that most of the money he collected was in small amounts. 

James O'Keefe and Project Veritas spent months heroically proving the absolute willingness and eagerness of Democratic operatives to commit voter fraud – especially by having people cast multiple votes. 

Military ballots were systematically denied active-duty servicemen and women around the world. This would be a scandal if it happened once. But it has become the norm when Democrats are in charge of the Defense Department. It would be a scandal if it were due to incompetence. But it appears to be a deliberate effort to suppress the military vote. It would be a scandal if it were not a close election. But it was. 

Prior to the election, Democrats fought for open voting requiring no identification – particularly photo ID. Coincidentally, Obama won every state that didn't fully require photo ID to vote. Democrats contended that voter ID laws suppress the vote. But they do not. They only suppress the illegal vote. 

Across Philadelphia, GOP poll inspectors were forcibly (and illegally) removed from polling locations. Coincidentally (or not), Obama received "astronomical" numbers in those very same regions, including locations where he received "over 99 percent" of the vote. Ward 4, which also had a poll watcher dressed in Obama attire, went massively for Obama. Obama received 99.5 percent of the vote, defeating Romney 9,955 to 55. 

Obama also won 99.8 percent of the vote in 44 Cleveland districts. 

Obama received 10 million fewer votes than he did in 2008. Romney received 3 million fewer votes than McCain. Obama won in the four critical swing states by a grand total of 500,000 votes. 

Some 5 million independents changed their votes from Obama to Romney in 2012. So Romney started the day 2.5 million votes ahead of where McCain was in 2008, as Jack Wheeler points out. This means that 5.5 million Republican voters are not accounted for. Either they didn't show up at the polls or their votes were not counted. Does anyone believe there was less enthusiasm by Republicans about this election than for the one in 2008?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - Obama Taxes

What's Michael Savage Saying? Check it out on The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage." And he says:

Socialist Obama wants to wipe out the middle class.

Dr. Savage reminded listeners: "My grandparents fled Russia, and now everything the Marxist nations have thrown away as failed policy, the Democrats have embraced."
 "As I've been saying for years: Liberalism is a mental disorder," Michael Savage declared, adding:

That's the only explanation for their insanity.

"Tax the rich" my eye. Obama and the Democrats mean "tax the middle class" and wipe out the bourgeoisie.

If they really wanted to tax the rich, they would make General Electric pay taxes.

I've been saying that for two years.

General Electric, the parent company of that despicable MSNBC, paid no taxes on something like $5 billion in revenue.

How about Warren Buffett, Obama's pal? He says he only pays 15 percent tax, and his secretary has to pay more.

What's stopping you, Mr. Buffett, from paying more?

But don't tell the rest of us to pay more while you don't.

NC School Censoring 1st Grader’s Poem

How low has our society stooped when a child is censored by a school? What can a child say or write about without a school district getting offended and distressed?

A school district in North Carolina told a first-grade student that a poem commemorating her grandfathers’ military service couldn't include the word “God,” because one member (read that again “one member”) of the community didn’t like it.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is fighting the school district concerning the child’s freedom of speech. In a letter sent to the McDowell County Schools in Marion, N.C. ADF lawyers pointed out that, the censorship “was a violation of her First Amendment rights.”

Read more at...
Riot act read to school censoring 1st grader’s poem

Monday, December 3, 2012

Be Warned: Trillion $$ Tax Increase Coming to You

Democrats in Congress and their fearless leader Barack Obama want you money. The tax hike on "the rich" is just the tip on the money iceberg. See what else the Dems have in mind.

Read more at...
Coming: ‘$3 trillion tax increase on middle class’

Obamacare’s Regulatory Surtax Coming to You

Obamacare said the states would set up insurance exchanges where citizens could buy insurance with a federal subsidy. Not so Kimosabe!  Health and Human Services (HHS) will not fund anything (subsidies) in this scam. They'll pas it on to the insurers. In turn the insurers will pass the cost on to consumers. pay!

Voters, thank your Democratic Congressman. And if you voted for Barack Obama...kick yourself in the...

Read more at...
Obamacare’s regulatory surtax on exchange insurance plans |

Cranky Old Man (A Poem of Life)

Here's a beautiful poem left by a senior in Australia. He had nothing much to leave anyone, but this is truly his greatest gift:

When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value.Later, when the nurses were going through his meagre possessions, They found this poem. Its quality and content so impressed the staff that copies were made and distributed to every nurse in the hospital.One nurse took her copy to Melbourne. The old man’s sole bequest to posterity has since appeared in the Christmas editions of magazines around the country and appearing in mags for Mental Health. A slide presentation has also been made based on his simple, but eloquent, poem.And this old man, with nothing left to give to the world, is now the author of this ‘anonymous’ poem winging across the Internet. Cranky Old ManWhat do you see nurses? ……What do you see?What are you thinking .. . when you’re looking at me?A cranky old man, … …not very wise,Uncertain of habit .… … . .. with faraway eyes?Who dribbles his food .. . … . . and makes no reply.When you say in a loud voice . .’I do wish you’d try!’Who seems not to notice …the things that you do.And forever is losing … …… A sock or shoe?Who, resisting or not … … lets you do as you will,With bathing and feeding … .The long day to fill?Is that what you’re thinking?. .Is that what you see?Then open your eyes, nurse .you’re not looking at me.I’ll tell you who I am … . .. As I sit here so still,As I do at your bidding, .… . as I eat at your will.I’m a small child of Ten . .with a father and mother,Brothers and sisters .… .. . who love one anotherA young boy of Sixteen … .. with wings on his feetDreaming that soon now …… a lover he’ll meet.A groom soon at Twenty … heart gives a leap.Remembering, the vows .. .. .that I promised to keep.At Twenty-Five, now … . .I have young of my own.Who need me to guide … And a secure happy home.A man of Thirty . .… . . My young now grown fast,Bound to each other …. With ties that should last.At Forty, my young sons .. .have grown and are gone,But my woman is beside me . . to see I don’t mourn.At Fifty, once more, .. …Babies play ‘round my knee,Again, we know children … . My loved one and me.Dark days are upon me … . My wife is now dead.I look at the future … … . I shudder with dread.For my young are all rearing .… young of their own.And I think of the years … And the love that I’ve known.I’m now an old man … … .. and nature is cruel.It’s jest to make old age … … . look like a fool.The body, it crumbles .. .. . grace and vigour, depart.There is now a stone … where I once had a heart.But inside this old carcass . A young man still dwells,And now and again … . . my battered heart swellsI remember the joys … . .. . I remember the pain.And I’m loving and living … … . life over again.I think of the years, all too few …. gone too fast.And accept the stark fact … that nothing can last.So open your eyes, people .… . .… open and see.Not a cranky old man .Look closer … . see .. .…. …. . ME!!Remember this poem when you next meet an older person who you might brush aside without looking at the young soul within. We will all, one day, be there, too!PLEASE SHARE THIS POEM!The best and most beautiful things of this world can’t be seen or touched. They must be felt by the heart!Very Respectfully,Scott Sonnon (My free book and video gift to you.) What do you see nurses?
What do you see?
What are you thinking…when you're looking at me?
A cranky old man…not very wise,
Uncertain of habit ...with faraway eyes?
Who dribbles his food...and makes no reply.
When you say in a loud voice...'I do wish you'd try!'
Who seems not to notice...the things that you do.
Who, resisting or not...lets you do as you will,
With bathing and feeding...The long day to fill?
Is that what you're thinking?
Is that what you see?
Then open your eyes,'re not looking at me.
I'll tell you who I am...As I sit here so still,
As I do at your I eat at your will.
I'm a small child of Ten...with a father and mother,
Brothers and sisters...who love one another
A young boy of Sixteen...with wings on his feet
Dreaming that soon now...a lover he'll meet.
A groom soon at heart gives a leap.
Remembering, the vows...that I promised to keep.
At Twenty-Five, now…I have young of my own.
Who need me to guide…And a secure happy home.
A man of Thirty...My young now grown fast,
Bound to each other... With ties that should last.
At Forty, my young sons...have grown and are gone,
But my woman is beside me…to see I don't mourn.
At Fifty, once more...Babies play 'round my knee,
Again, we know children…My loved one and me.
Dark days are upon me…My wife is now dead.
I look at the future…I shudder with dread.
For my young are all rearing…young of their own.
And I think of the years…And the love that I've known.
I'm now an old man…and nature is cruel.
It's jest to make old age…look like a fool.
The body, it crumbles…grace and vigor, depart.
There is now a stone…where I once had a heart.
But inside this old carcass…A young man still dwells,
And now and again…my battered heart swells
I remember the joys…I remember the pain.
And I'm loving and living…life over again.
I think of the years, all too few…gone too fast.
And accept the stark fact…that nothing can last.
So open your eyes, people…open and see.
Not a cranky old man.
Look closer…see…ME!!
From Facebook...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Iraqi Terror Bomb Ignored

Did anyone tell the Mad Stream Media aka ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest that there was a possible terror bombing in Arizona? I guess not! It looks like the only way to get out the word is via the Internet.

Read more at...

Penn Jillette Weighs in on ‘The War on Christmas’

Atheists all over our country have a problem with Christmas. They fear God and show it by protesting against Him. God will be their Judge.

Until more at The Blaze...
Penn Jillette Weighs in on ‘The War on Christmas’ | Video |

Congress Should Investigate Vote Fraud...Now

Some political web sites call the vote fraud another conspiracy theory run amok. it really? Are there enough discrepancies in our 2012 presidential voting cycle? If there were valid voting discrepancies, why did they happen in sure a seemingly tight election? would like you, if you honestly feel that the 2012 election was filled with fraud, to sign their petition. Before you do, read more about what WND found at...
Congress urged: Investigate vote fraud now

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christian: Warrior or Pacifist?

Jan Morgan wrote this piece that was re-posted by Patriot Update. I am a Catholic who may not agree with all what my Church does or says. Regarding Barack Obama and his abortion policies, I totally agree with Church teachings.

Ms. Morgan has a very important and valid message to those Christians who want us to basically "shut up and drink the Obama-Ade." We can and shall criticise a government run by a socialist wannabe! Or, have some Christians replaced Christ with Barack H. Obama?

Read the article at...
Christian: Warrior or Pacifist? – Patriot Update

Read Jan Morgan at:

Hurricane Sandy Victim Upset After Being Played By Obama

Just another photo op for Barack H. Obama. The guy could care less. It's not on his radar to help...just another pic for the Mad Stream Media to use as propaganda fro his campaign.


More on this story at...

Friday, November 30, 2012

Big Unions Want Their Cake

Big unions don't want a compromise on the fiscal problem. They want their money and look to their friend Barack Obama to help.

United Steelworkers Union boss Leo Gerard told Democrats compromising with Republicans will suffer the same fate as former senator Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.). They would be out of a seat! Gerard has also threatened to "hit the streets, kick some a--, and mobilize" to encourage Obama to move forward in creating big spending plans. Obviously, Gerard's animosity toward free market capitalism fuels his gansta'-like comments. According to the magazine, Gerard perceives capitalism as economic "inequality" that "leads to instability and violence."

Read more at...

Abortion Workers Laugh at Baby’s Foot in Sink

Jewels Green a former abortion clinic worker who also had an abortion herself spoke out about her experiences as an abortion clinic worker. In one of her discussions, she said the following:

"I vividly remember the cleaning lady who quit after finding a foot in the drain of the one of the sinks in the autoclave room (where the medical instruments were cleaned and sterilized after abortions) and how we all laughed and joked about it in the staff lounge for days and weeks afterward."

Those who wish for pro-choice have no conscience. They say a woman has a "right" to an abortion. How about the unborn child.

Read more at...
Laughing at the baby’s foot in the sink: for us abortion clinic workers, the macabre was the norm |

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Activist Admits Texas Ultrasound Saving Babies From Abortion

Remember, "pro-choice" really means "pro-abortion." It's not about a woman's choice (ask my wife), it's about life and death. I'm talking about life for the unborn or death for the unborn. Simple as that.

New from LifeNews...
Activist Admits Texas Ultrasound Saving Babies From Abortion |

Krauthammer: Obama Trying To Destroy GOP, Not Fix Economy

As a self-proclaimed "bipartisan" president, Barack Obama speaks with a forked tongue! Obama is all about politics.

He could care less about the American people. His people got him four more years and he wants to make us pay.

Furthermore, we Conservative voters need to fight back. We need to let our Senators and Representatives know that they must push back and not yield to Obama bullying tactics.

Read what Krauthammer has to say at...
Krauthammer: Obama Trying To Destroy GOP, Not Fix Economy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Texas Lock Up Advocates of Obama’s Unconstitutional NDAA

Texas threatens to lock up advocates of Obama’s unconstitutional NDAA

Michael Savage - Jamie Foxx, Voter Fraud, Pravda Article

Will the FBI Really Probe Obama ‘Vote-changing’ Machines?

Maryland lawmakers have asked the FBI to investigate certain voting machines that switched Romney votes to Obama. I think that the FBI should check these machines and probably any others in other states that may have been rigged.

The investigation may not change the final voting results, but at least it will show how effortlessly the Obama Administration used deception in the presidential election. Read more at...

FBI asked to probe Obama ‘vote-changing’ machines

Obama Administration Officials Getting Top Lobbying Jobs

The most "transparent" administration in history, now has the most current and former members heading for big time lobbying jobs. The influence these cronies have with the administration is unquestionably solid. They will get the ear of Barack Obama and his Chicago boys as easily as syrup flowing off pancakes!

These Obama Boys will probably get those lobbying jobs almost immediately after leaving the Big Boss and his fold. Read more about the Obama Lobby Group at...
Obama Officials to Cash Out at Top Lobbying Firms

Monday, November 26, 2012

Jamie Foxx: 'Our Lord & Savior Barack Obama' or Stupid is as Stupid Does

More and more Hollywood types are drinking the Obama-Ade. It's starting to sound like a Southern church rival with Barack Obama as the main attraction. The problem is...Obama is HUMAN. But, Hollywood is mostly make-believe such as in Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob, and Fred Flintstone!

Read more about the Foxx Trot distortion at...
Jamie Foxx: 'Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama' |

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...