Monday, December 10, 2012

Close the Loopholes for GE, Microsoft, and All

Michael Savage had a few things to say about taxes. Here is what he said: 

But all I hear is whining about taxes. "Don't tax the rich!" 

Every day at rush hour, I see people in their 20s and 30s, hurrying home from work, and I ask myself: "Do they really care about taxing the rich?" 

Ninety-nine percent of them would say it was a good idea. That's why its a winning argument for President Obama and a losing argument for the Republicans, who are just beating a dead horse. 
What these young people who are busting their behinds might care about are all the corporations who pay low or no taxes, because these companies supported Obama and got tax loopholes in return.

General Electric is one of those corporations that backed Obama, and they're busy outsourcing American jobs to China. 

Microsoft has done the same thing. They both pay little to no taxes on billions of dollars in profits, because now, thanks to outsourcing, these earnings are earned off shore. 

GE has over a thousand former IRS employees working for them, to keep their taxes down. 

Dozens of companies do the same thing. 

Why doesn't the GOP talk about closing these loopholes? Obviously, because both parties get support from corporations. 

Journalists never talk about this either. I'm the only one.

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