Friday, January 31, 2014

Obama's USSR

We all thought the USSR was dead. You know, the old Soviet totalitarian government. Unfortunately Barack Obama has created a reincarnation of the USSR here in the good old USA. Obama's style of leadership is taking us into a Twilight Zone of democracy.

There are a few examples of the Obama totalitarian ploy...
  • Obamacare has become the American universal health care scam
  • A government so secretive that scandals are a common occurrence
  • The Mainstream Media reflecting its Left leaning bias
  • A government owned car manufacturer
  • The slogan "Forward" taking straight out of the USSR
Read more at... Obama's USSR of America

World Scientists Must Back Obama Climate Scam

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has asked climate scientists of the world to back up Barack Obama's climate agenda. If Obama says the sky is falling...then all climate scientists must proclaim that yes in fact the sky is falling!

It makes me wonder how much money these same scientists will get for their pet projects. Is the EPA twisting arms to help the global warming scam of Obama and his cronies? How much money will Barack Obama make from this global toasting scam? I'm fairly sure that Obama and Al Gore will pocket millions from their climate scam!

Read more about the EPA at... The End is Near...Stay cool!

The American Dictator

Our country was founded on the principle of self rule under three distinct governmental bodies. This may be a thing of the past if Barack Obama has his way!

Obama has hinted that he will act without Congress. He and his cronies are starting a new form of American American Dictatorship.

Read more about the Obama style of governing at... The Imperial Obama

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Obama Will Do Nothing in 2014

Once upon a time Barack Obama did whatever he wanted to do since he had Congress on his side. That's the way it was.

Today, and possibly in 2014, Obama no longer does whatever he wants to do. He no longer has ALL of Congress on his side. Because of this Obama may try to rule through executive order. This may and may not work. We'll see.

Read more about Obama Rule at... Obama says a lot...does little.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Obama: Forget Congress!

Signs of an ever growing dictatorship are becoming visible in our country. Barack Obama will use his office and his Cabinet to bypass Congress. This is not a joke. This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a fact!

We've already seen Obama use executive orders on gun control. We've seen him change his own Obamacare to suit unions, cronies, and his political keister!

Obama could care less about our Constitution. He and his cronies will go around the words Our Founders lived and died for. Obama will rule as he wants to rule. It will take a new leader to correct all the unconstitutional things this despot has done to our country!

Read more about this trend at... Hopeless change.

Obama and Congress Shoot Holes in Constitution

Barack Obama and his Secret Service now have the authority to be judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to legal protest. Watch out if you go near Obama and carry some type of protest sign such as "Don't Tread on Me." This act could be judged as a treat to the Imperial Majesty Barack Obama!

If you go near His Majesty; this area could be deemed a restricted area by the Secret Service even if you are in a football stadium, large auditorium, or the like. Make sure your sign protests nothing worst than stale hot dogs and not stale Executive Orders! You could be in trouble!

Read more at... Watch your words and actions!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Obama Can't Take Heat...Blames...

Barack Obama entered office blaming all his fiscal problems on George W. Bush. Then he told us it was the Japanese tsunami. Next came the anti-Muslim film that he blamed for the Benghazi massacre.

Now Obama blames Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the conservative media for making him into a laughable caricature! Is the guy so blameless that he ignores his own shortcomings...his lies...his dictator like leadership on others? Barack Obama, it's time to "man-up" and take the blame for you own actions!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Super Bowl Filled with Aborted Babies

Some of you may not agree with the comparison...that is the idea that the number of children aborted in New York city could fill a football stadium. This is what the linked article proposes. In 2010 according to the Center for Disease Control, 83,750 babies in New York City were aborted.

Too many of us have become callus regarding abortions. This deliberate termination of life has become an everyday occurrence in the U.S. and throughout the world. It's time to rethink this false right...this cause extraordinaire of the Left leaning Democrats and Liberal-Progressives! It's time to change the law regarding this form of early genocide.

Read more at...The abortion syndrome.

Obama Cronies Invade Texas

For many in Texas, our state reads "Don't Mess With Texas." It was originally meant to keep our state clean and clear of trash.

Today, this motto applies to Barack Obama cronies who are now invading Texas. Their goal is to turn Texas back into a Democratic run state much like when LBJ ran things.

Their sights are on the governor's office. Their Love Child is one Wendy Davis who has a propensity for half truths and full lies.

The Obama Regulars are trying to make a fool out of Greg Abbott our current Attorney General and candidate to replace Rick Perry. What are they saying and doing?

Read more to find out.. Obama Gang at work in Texas.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is Wendy Davis Fit to Govern?

The recent tall tales given the press regarding her past had a few missing pieces. Texas candidate for governor, Wendy Davis, forgot to mention a couple of things. She picked on her opponent Greg Abbott, but failed to confess her shortcomings.

Read more at... Wendy, booze, and more.

Obama: Let Me Silence the Press

The Obama Boys are back at it again. Obama has a problem with Fox News. He doesn't like the idea that the network presents its audience with the truth...the truth about his administration...the truth about Benghazi.

So in order to silence one member of Fox News, the Obama Gang threatened to end her career. The truth was not important...just the image of the Great Dictator!

Read who was threatened and more at... Obama hard ball.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Poor Little Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis loves to talk about the hard life she's had. Some of her history reads better than a fictional paperback. But then again, she did struggle to find a rich lawyer husband!

Wendy had such a bad time in life that she now walks around town while Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott her opponent for Texas state governor cavorts in his wheel chair. Poor Wendy Davis.

Read more at... Wendy does have a story...

To The Left of Facebook

Is it so hard to believe that Facebook leans to the Left? It's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, loves the Barack Obama Kool-Aid. His employees love the Liberal spin of the Anointed One. How they all run their social website shows how they prefer the Liberal Left to main stream Conservatives!

See what I mean at... Facebook left bias...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Don't Use These Passwords

We humans are naturally lazy. If given the choice of mowing the lawn or laying down and watch TV, what is the only choice? Point made.

Now, when it comes to our computers, we are just as lazy. Who wants to remember some log-on password with numbers, letters, and special characters? Why not just use your birth date and name. Sure no one will crack that spy master code!

Face slap...wake up and read this... Worst Passwords

Wendy Davis is No Trailer Park Barbie

Politicians sometimes like to enhance their prospects of getting elected by telling some tall tails. The case in point is Wendy Davis, the Pro-Abortion Democrat running for Texas governor.

The lady spins a yarn of an single parent living in a trailer home while succeeding by getting into Harvard. Not true. Is it possible that Wendy Davis watched to many made for TV movies while growing up?

Read the real story about Davis at... Davis does the spin.

Obama Pulls Out the Race Card

Barack Obama doesn't have a very positive record when it comes to domestic and international leadership. His Obamacare is tanking daily. His Arab Spring went south for the winter. His overall approval ratings are getting to be the worst in history. But it's not his fault.

Obama says it could be because many whites don't like a black president. This guy really has the nerve to insult our American intelligence! He blames G.W. Bush for the economy. He blames the weather on global warming (watch out for Polar Vortex II coming soon to a state near your). Now he blames his rotten record on racism. The guy has some cojones!

Read more at... It's race...not Obama's screw up.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

NY Governor Says People Can't Have an Opinion

The big problem with certain Liberals in this country is their exclusion of fairness in their world. What I mean is that they only see their point of view. If you think a certain way and you thinking does not agree with them, then you are damned to hell!

Such is the case with New York governor Andrew Cuomo. The guy tells Conservatives that they are wrong for thinking in a certain fashion and don't belong in his state.

This sort of reminds me of a racist. He or she doesn't like the color of my skin or the way I speak so they tell me to get along out of here.

Cuomo better remember his supposed Italian or Sicilian heritage. Once upon a time he would have been classified as a Mafia made-man! Hypocrites come in different shapes and I see in him one big example of a hypocrite! 

Read what Cuomo said at... NY Big Chief Hypocrite.

Ex-Pot Smoker Obama Digs Mary Jane

Barack Obama says marijuana isn't anymore more dangerous than alcohol. Forget about it becoming a really bad habit. Forget the possibility of graduating to harder drugs while and after smoking pot. Heaven knows what Obama graduated to after his stint smoking Mary Jane! Obama has no problem with anyone (adults and kids) smoking the stuff.

I guess Obama wants our country on pot. I guess he needs a population high on drugs. I guess he has a plan to keep the Kool-Aid drinkers on the plantation!

See what Obama says... Obama: say yes to marijuana.

Obamacare Website Like Swiss Cheese

I really enjoy Swiss cheese with some type of ham. Really good sandwich!

So is the Obamacare website. That is like Swiss cheese, it's full of holes! The website is a relative hackers paradise.

Barack Obama could care less if our personal information can be easily stolen using his health care website. The guy just wants to bankrupt our country using his signature health care scam.

Read more about the Swiss cheese Obamacare site at...
Obamacare website is hackers heaven!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Obamacare: Who Lost Out and Who Paid Out

There are some big problems with Obamacare. The first problem is who is losing their old health care. Obama and the Democrats appear the "cook the books" regarding who lost what.

In Colorado, Senator Mark Udall has asked his state insurance commissioner's office to revise the number of Coloradans who lost their existing coverage under Obamacare. Udall idea of honesty is to ask someone to lie!

The second major problem with Obamacare is who has paid for health care under the Affordable Care Act (don't be confused like some people, I talking about Obamacare). No one seems to have a valid answer for that question. It's me opinion that insurance companies will be the losers in this Obama scam!

Read the full story at... ObamaScare questions

Obama and Hitler...Kindred Dictators

Barack Obama has found that he can use executive orders to get his way. He must have learned from history. In this case the history of Germany.

Adolph Hitler was able to bypass the German congress to enact laws. Barack Obama has and is doing the same. Don't believe it? Read more at this website.

Obama takes the Hitler leadership path.

Is Obama a Muslim Stooge?

Since Barack Obama took office, his administration has taken many shots at Israel. Obama has a propensity for criticizing Israeli leaders whenever he can. Obama takes side with every Mideast country but Israel.

The latest target of the Obama Gang are statements made by Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. Obama is trying to make an issue of Yaalon's criticism of his boy John Kerry.

Obama thinks Israel is taking shots at his Little Boy in the Mideast. Kerry, a former military Vietnam war protester, is NOT above criticism. Israel has all the rights to make their views heard around the world.

Read what is bothering the Obama Boys... Obama's artificial crisis.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sr. Brit Defense Advisor: Obama Crazy

The world knows it. Most Americans know it. Do you know it? Barack Obama is a defenseless military leader!

Sir Hew Strachan, a senior advisor to the Chief of the Defense Staff in Britain, said that Obama lacks serious military and foreign policy skills. Obama's lack of leadership is one reason for a nuclear Iran, a resurgent Al-Qaeda, and the disgust most countries have for the United States.

Read more on Sir Strachan at... The Obama kook story.

I had to Share this from Facebook

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Hillary Hit List

Hillary Clinton denied that she nor Bill had a list on very much like Richard Nixon's. The truth is now known.

In 2008 the Liberal leaning New York Time published an article that contradicts what Hillary said. Hillary Clinton's camp does have an enemies’ list. And what more?

Read the facts at... NYT cuts down Hillary.

Sean Hannity Interviews Robert Gates

The linked video below is an interview Sean Hannity had with former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. In it Gates gives some candid details about the Obama Administration. Apparently Obama has more confidence in his liberal loonies then in military leaders! Check it out.

Robert Gates on the Obama Gang.

Not Racial...It's Respect and Discipline

Allen West has a valid opinion regarding the Obama Administration's lack of respect for blacks. Yes, I said "lack of respect." The greatest disrespect an American president can have is that toward his own people. Giving blacks priority in many cases over other races is a sign of disrespect. Obama thinks of blacks as weak and therefore they need help. Really?!

Read what Allen West says about this at...
Allen West on Obama and Blacks.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Watch What You Post on Facebook

Many Facebook users make the mistake of posting a little too much about themselves. We've been warned about this fact by various Internet security companies. We've seen this on TV. We've heard this on the radio.

Facebook craves information about its users. The social site likes to sell such data to Internet advertisers. This is obvious.

How many times have you seen a Facebook pop-up asking you to complete your profile. Digging for data is made easy by those who follow these Facebook pop-ups. People just can't help but tell the world more and more about themselves. Sad but true!

So, guess who else is checking our Facebook data? I'll give you CREDIT for guessing!!

Read more at... Comng soon...Yr FB credit rating

Obamacare Fraud of Another Color

Signing up for Obamacare has never been easy. Getting canceled by insurance companies because of Obamacare has been easy. We've all seen and heard the stories of folks getting their once secured insurance cancelled because of Obamacare. We've also seen and heard the number of cancellations.

Some Democrats don't like for Americans to know just how bad Obamacare is and how many Americans are losing their old coverage. So it is in pot-smoking Colorado.

Check out the story at...

IRS: Fox Investigating Hen House

Everyone knows about the problems the Obama IRS has been in lately. The organization has difficulties investigating real crime by overlooking the obvious. Just ask the Tea Party folks!

Obama wants to investigate the corruption within his IRS. So what does the Great Transparent leader do? Very simple...he appoints one of his cronies to do the investigating! Why not? After all, Obama and the Democrats received money from this fearless investigator-to-be. Someone needs to get their money's worth!

Read more at... IRS scandal boondoggle.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Left Wing Losers

The Left Stream Media just can't get it their way. When they find any media source that opposes their way of reporting and the propaganda they regurgitate, they attack the opposition. Slander is a good word to use when they report news!

Case in point is the Left Wing attack on Conservative leaning network Fox News and its founder Roger Ailes. The Left uses political correctness, then stretches the truth.

The New York Times reported on a new book by Gabriel Sherman that accuses Ailes of using anti-Semitic language. But, remember that Sherman is a Bernard Schwartz Fellow at the leftist and Soros backed New America Foundation. So, is Sherman telling the truth?

Read more at... The lies of the Left?

NYC: Horse and Buggy vs Big Money

So what's with the mayor of the Big Apple? What's his beef (pardon the pun) with New York's famous horse drawn carriages? Why does Mayor Bill de Blasio really want to ban horse and buggies? Could it be Big Money talking? Is there something smelly in the wind? Is there more to this story than meets the nose? Was the mayor once kicked by a rowdy horse? The search for an answer continues or...

Read the story at... They shoot horses....don't they?

Global Warming Study Group Gets Out of Cold!

There's nothing like a group of like minded global warming scientists getting stuck in the cold. We've all seen the news about these "temple of doom" climate experts getting their ship stuck in ice while studying the effects of global warming.

This ain't Noah's ark!
We've all wondered "what the heck!" Say no the story...and stay warm...even fellow Texans!

See it here at... The Great Escape Part II

Jon Stewart, the Global Warming Media Whore

Jon Stewart is an alleged comedian. He is also a Left leaning commentator whose observations leave holes in their content. In this specific case, Stewart was trying to defend the global warming crowd.

Fox News had questioned the validity of many global warming theories expounded by certain media and scientists. Both factions may have monetary interests in the global warming concept (my opinion) but Fox had a problem with certain facts regarding the “cold truth.”

Read more at… The Stewart Bloviations

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's Cheaper at Walmart

Many of us have shopped at Walmart and found some fairly inexpensive goods. Walmart workers get some pretty benefits, including health. Obamacare said that it would offer those Walmart employees better insurance. Could it really?

A funny thing happened when the Washington Examiner studied Walmart health care versus Obamacare. It questioned health policy experts and independent insurance agents affiliated with the National Association of Health Underwriters. The groups studied both plans to see which might be better.

Read what the study found at... Walmart special or Obamacare?

Freezing Temps Create Hot Air

How cold are you feeling? Here in Texas, we've had our share of cold temperatures. I woke up to find solid ice in our bird bath. On the north side of town someone left a sprinkler on that let water flow into the street and freeze. Weather guys blame this cold spell on a "polar vortex." sure didn't take long...for someone to blame the freezing weather engulfing the U.S. on global warming. Yes, you folks in Chicago, Detroit and all points north of Miami must look at global warming as the reason that you are freezing your poor, little toches!

Read this incredible story at... Cold weather and hot air!

Friday, January 3, 2014

See Ya at the ER

Obamacare has expanded Medicaid. That is a reality. Obamacare has signed up as many or more citizens into this government (taxpayer) funded health program than other health insurance systems.

But, where will those new Medicaid patients go to when they or their family gets sick? According to a reliable study, those Medicaid members will end up in hospital emergency rooms!

Obama said his program would reduce ER visits. This appears to be another Obama lie regarding his health care law.

Read more at... Harvard study: Obamacare Medicaid gong to ER.

Another Ridiculous Duck Dynasty Controversy

CNN just doesn't have the class to produce real news. Its on air personalities are tanking. The network itself is diving in its ratings.

So what does it do? Create a controversy. This time they are picking, once again, on Phil Robertson the Duck Dynasty patriarch.

Phil has his opinions on marriage. Some can be tongue in cheek funny. But, not to those CNN Liberals. The network used only parts of a video to crucify Phil.

See the whole story at... CNN Phil Robertson story...SAD!

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...