Friday, January 17, 2014

Obamacare: Who Lost Out and Who Paid Out

There are some big problems with Obamacare. The first problem is who is losing their old health care. Obama and the Democrats appear the "cook the books" regarding who lost what.

In Colorado, Senator Mark Udall has asked his state insurance commissioner's office to revise the number of Coloradans who lost their existing coverage under Obamacare. Udall idea of honesty is to ask someone to lie!

The second major problem with Obamacare is who has paid for health care under the Affordable Care Act (don't be confused like some people, I talking about Obamacare). No one seems to have a valid answer for that question. It's me opinion that insurance companies will be the losers in this Obama scam!

Read the full story at... ObamaScare questions

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