Sunday, January 19, 2014

NY Governor Says People Can't Have an Opinion

The big problem with certain Liberals in this country is their exclusion of fairness in their world. What I mean is that they only see their point of view. If you think a certain way and you thinking does not agree with them, then you are damned to hell!

Such is the case with New York governor Andrew Cuomo. The guy tells Conservatives that they are wrong for thinking in a certain fashion and don't belong in his state.

This sort of reminds me of a racist. He or she doesn't like the color of my skin or the way I speak so they tell me to get along out of here.

Cuomo better remember his supposed Italian or Sicilian heritage. Once upon a time he would have been classified as a Mafia made-man! Hypocrites come in different shapes and I see in him one big example of a hypocrite! 

Read what Cuomo said at... NY Big Chief Hypocrite.

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