Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ted Cruz "Ducks" Obama

Here's a joke Senator Ted Cruz told recently at the 2013 Defending the American Dream summit:

You know, right now one of the most popular television shows in America is “Duck Dynasty.” Now I’m told President Obama’s never watched the show. And apparently an aide recently came into the Oval Office to try and explain it to him.
He said, “Mr. President, it’s all about this Southern, God-fearing family of entrepreneurs who love liberty and love to hunt.”
Obama responded, “So, is it a fantasy show?”
And his response was, “No Mr. President, it’s more like a horror film.”
And so the president immediately ordered an IRS audit.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

How Obama Goes to War

Ever wonder what Barack Obama is talking about when he draws red lines? Or how about the way he manages Iraq? What is this great military mind thinking? How did community organizing prepare this strategic general to run a war? Did Obama play with toy solders when he was a kid? Did his Communist grandparents add anything to his leadership qualities? Was Obama ever a boy scout? Does he know what a troop is? Beats me!

See if this article answers any of this for you. Other wise, welcome to the wonderful world of narcissism Obama style! War of the Words

Electric Cars Loosing Their Power

The federal loan program that started during the Bush Administration may get a boost under Barack Obama. The Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program provided low-cost government loans to companies manufacturing electric vehicles.
And now, that program may rise again like Frankenstein. American taxpayers may foot the bill for more boondoggle efforts to booster green energy. Even though very little good has come out of this program, the green thinking of the Obama Boys may get us back into the rut! Look for more handouts to Ford, GM, and others.

Read more at Pouring money into green cars...coming up empty!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Obama Paying for Housing...In the Mideast

We've had the housing crisis. We've had the homeless problem. We've had the mortgage buy-back problem. Now we have some light at the end of the tunnel...that is if you live on the West Bank!

Yes, the Obama Gang is funding one of their pet projects, Muslims living on the West Bank. Our government is funding $313 million in home mortgages for Palestinians living on the West Bank.

Obama will also guarantee $110 million in loans to small- and medium-sized businesses located on the West Bank. How can we thank the Obama Boys?!?

By the way...who's paying for this? Can you say "TAXPAYERS?"

Read about this boondoggle...
Money for Muslims...Obama Style!

Detroit...More Wasted Taxpayer Money

The city of San Antonio TX is on its way to building a streetcar system for the downtown area. There is questionable reasoning for this boondoggle. Who pays for it? Maybe bonds...maybe taxpayers...maybe tourist. Big city and county government finds a way in the end to steal money from taxpayers one way or the other. All this while streets, crime, stray animals, and corroding sewer systems remain ignored!

Closer to your pocket book is Detroit MI. The U.S. Department of Transportation just approved $140 million to build a streetcar system in Detroit. I'm sure Detroit can really use a new streetcar!

The problem with Detroit is priorities. That city has a very serious crisis of urban abandonment. It has about 60,000 abandoned buildings, and of that number, 38,000 are deemed unsafe.

Funds are also needed to shore up pensions for city workers. The current funding is headed for bankruptcy.

These are just two items that need real funding, but the Obama Administration wants to fund a streetcar? Priorities?

Read more at...
A Streetcar Named Despondent!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Obama Act of War Impeachable

On March 19, 2011 Barack Obama ordered the U.S. military action against Libya and the regime of Muammar Gadhafi. Was this act of war approved by Congress as stated in our Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 that begins..."The Congress shall have Power: To declare War..."

No. Obama acted on approval of the United Nations.

He said: “Yesterday, in response to a call for action by the Libyan people and the Arab League, the U.N. Security Council passed a strong resolution that demands an end to the violence against citizens. It authorizes the use of force with an explicit commitment to pursue all necessary measures to stop the killing, to include the enforcement of a no-fly zone over Libya.”

A president of the United States used the approval from a foreign power, the U.N., to take military action against Libya. This is just a reminder that Obama acted in a way contrary to our Constitution. How much more will Congress take from this despot?

Read more at...
An old article with current ramifications.

Obamacare Will Benefit DC Lobbyists

Some get rich quick individuals are perusing the halls of D.C. in order to become instant lobbyist for Obamacare. Those who had knowledge of or who helped create the bill that became law have inside information regarding Obamacare. Insiders have a very good feel for and knowledge of the law. This expertise is where the money can be made…explaining Obamacare.

Former proponents of Obamacare see the need to guide corporations and individuals through this complex and apparently ever-changing law. They see the “money tree” waiting for their experience pluck the government fruit.

Read more at…
Insiders use Obamacare to make money!

Were These "Politically Correct" Police?

I guess our country is going down the toilet with gusto! Judeo-Christian values are being replaced with secularism. It is secularism that supports the right to be free from religious rule and teachings. Everything for the self. If it feels good, do it...that's the secular way. Much like the vast majority of vermin in Hollywood!

Judeo-Christian law and rules curve the "dark side" of human feelings. Each of us should be responsible for our actions. But, not the secularist!

See what they did at...
Arrested for feeding the homeless!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gay Commanders in Military Going Too Far!

I agree that we should practice tolerance in regards to gays in the military. I don't agree that they should be treated with "kid gloves" or that they should be given special rights and privileges.

This should be especially true when it comes to leaders in the military. Gay commanders should NOT be allowed to limit or silence any opinion or speech that questions gay life styles. If they don't like that "straight" Christians question gay life, then use tolerance not censure when dealing with such an opinion.

I personally don't think gays, especially radical gays, in the military add anything to our national defense. What they can do is to make heterosexual uniformed members feel uncomfortable for fear of retribution. Here's a perfect example of bad judgment by an irresponsible USAF commander!

The revenge of a gay USAF commander.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Liberal Companies to By-Pass

This article tells us about the top five companies that Conservatives should avoid. Here's an excerpt from the article.

  • Chrysler: It's bad enough that Obama spent billions of dollars of your money to prop up the fat cats at Chrysler, but after the crooked deal was done, United Auto Workers ended up owning 55% of the company.
  • Progressive Insurance: Peter Lewis is the Chairman of Progressive Insurance Companies and outside of George Soros, he may be the biggest liberal sugar daddy on the block.
  • Capital One: Having someone like Alec Baldwin as your spokesman just screams, "We don't want conservative customers." Why give money to a company that holds you in such contempt that it would hire a man like this as its spokesman?
  • Starbucks: Do you really need overpriced coffee from a corporation that detests traditional marriage? Not only is Starbucks pro-gay marriage, but when a shareholder complained that boycotts over gay marriage were costing the company money, "Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz telling him that he could, ’sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company.’”
  • The AARP: Despite the fact that its membership opposed Obamacare because it would destroy our healthcare system, the AARP supported that abomination because it is going to make a killing marketing insurance under the bill. It’s also doing more than any other organization to block entitlement reform, which is making it practically impossible to keep America from sliding into bankruptcy. On top of all that, AARP is a left-wing organization that has backed gun control and Planned Parenthood while fighting against a Balanced Budget Amendment.
Read more about these left leaning companies...
Liberal-Progressive companies who want your money.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Presidential Lying Game

First, Barack Obama blamed George W. Bush for his ineptitude in resolving the U.S. financial mess. Obama's idea was to spend more to solve the problem of over-spending.

Next, Obama blamed under inflated tires and the lack of vehicle tune-ups for high gas prices. Of course, he balks at approving the Keystone Pipeline for fear of alienating his "green" supporters.

In an effort to divert blame, Obama said he inherited high unemployment, again from Bush. Employment has not changed much. We are still at about 8% unemployment or under-employment...and don't forget the loss of full time jobs to part-time jobs.

Now King Obama blames Rush Limbaugh for the supposed gridlock in Congress. What he means is that Congress wants to defund Obamacare because it will not work and he accuses Limbaugh of holding Republicans hostage on the subject. In Barack Obama's world, Republicans want to fund Obamacare but Limbaugh is keeping them from doing so!

Read all about it at...
Lies Obama loves...Rush Limbaugh holding Obamacare hostage.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Means Nothing to Young Blacks

In Spokane Washington, an 89-year-old World War II veteran was savagely beaten by two teenagers in a parking lot Wednesday evening. Mr. Delbert Belton died in the hospital Thursday morning of injuries from the brutal
Delbert Belton

Surveillance photos showed two young African American males. These teens are wanted as persons of interest in the homicide investigation.

It appears that young people have no respect for human life. Their philosophy, as championed by the Liberal Left, is that "If it feels good, do it!" I guess murder feels good to these social louts!

Read the story at...
Young black men kill WWII veteran.

Department of Homeland Security Employee Doesn’t Like Whites

With all that hope and change floating around for over 5 years, one would expect that folks in the Obama Administration would do their best to unite our country. Homeland Security is here to protect us...not to pit one race against another.

Apparently someone forgot to tell Homeland Security employees. Like the police, that cabinet is here, in part, to "protect and defend" our nation against foreign enemies. One employee hates whites...the American type! He said on his web site, “The 21st century will either mark the return of Black resistance to white domination or global white-on-Black genocide leading to our complete extinction.”

Read more at...
HS employee "No whites for me."

Perry to Holder "Don't Mess With Texas"

One of the Obama's favorite targets is the state of Texas. I can still see our Governor Rick Perry extending a hand with an envelope to Barack Obama, who in turn just walks right by ignoring the envelope letting a peon take it. I can remember our request for aid after the wildfires in the Bastrop area, and the federal government just saying no. I also remember Obama losing Texas...great news for Texans!

And, now Obama's DOJ, under the ever questionable lawyer Eric Holder, is suing Texas over our voter ID laws. So what's wrong with Texans wanting to make sure a person is legal to vote? Whenever I vote, I present y Voter Registration Card AND my Texas driver's license. Works for me and I'm one of those seniors Obama claims our ID law will hurt! Obama just doesn't care for Texas...and the feeling is mutual!!!

Read a lot more at...
Run Holder run...see Holder run...Texas Voter ID

Christians Die in Egypt...The Media Sees Nothing!

While Egypt is burning, the Main Stream Media continues to only highlight the Muslim Brotherhood and its opposition to the military. One big newsworthy issue that the MSM appear to forget about is the plight of Christians in Egypt.

Here's an excerpt from this article that tells you more:

Newsbusters reports that, in retaliation for backing the ouster of the
Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi, Islamists have targeted upwards of 80 Christian schools, churches and convents. Looting, arson, and the targeting of Christians for beatings and murder are now rampant.

The media, however, yawn.

This isn't surprising. The media only report on what offers them a political upside. And because the media is mostly made up of secular leftists hostile to the Christian faith, they are loath to do any reporting that might put that faith in a sympathetic light. Or, Gaia forbid, portray Christians as victims.

The media are agenda-driven, not information or scoop or money or morality driven. They are happy to help President Obama and Al Sharpton manufacture a feeding frenzy out of a race hoax surrounding the fatal shooting of a black teenager in Florida. But only because there is plenty of political upside in that frenzy. The left thrive on racial division, love any excuse to push gun control, and know they need to distract from the failure of Obama's economic policies.

Read the whole article at...
Christian persecution continues in Egypt.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Police: Teens Kill Baseball Player ‘For Fun’

Where's all the outrage? Where are the major networks? Is there reverse discrimination in our country? Does it no longer matter that one race kills another for no reason what so ever? Do we owe this all to the guy in the White House?

Today I checked the on-line content of the four major networks in San Antonio TX. I could find only one that mentioned this heinous crime somewhere deep within its web site. All stations were pixilated on what one our local council persons said and the latest on the football cheat Johnny Manziel. So did any of the networks give much attention to this? Very doubtful!

So who really cares about this crime? You decide!

Read more at...
Police: Teens kill baseball player ‘for fun’

The Butler Did It...Ronald Reagan Distortion

The new film "The Butler" presents President Ronald Reagan as unsympathetic to the misery of blacks as well as the country's Civil Rights movement. I have personally read at least 15 books on Ronald Reagan and in none of them have I read anything but positive feelings he had for blacks and the Civil Right movement.

When Reagan played football at Eureka College, his team had an away game and had to travel by bus to another city. A hotel in that city would not allow two black Eureka football players to stay there. Reagan told the Eureka coach that his family had room for the players and that they were not far from the stadium. The Reagan family welcomed both black players and opened their modest home to them. One of the players later became Dr. William Franklin Burghardt. Reagan and Burghardt remained friends and had a natural respect for each other. Dr. Burghardt once said, “I don’t think he (Reagan) was conscious of race at all.” By this, he meant that Reagan saw no difference in races!

This movie must have been directed by a left leaning Hollywood Liberal…they know how to distort the truth!

Read more at…

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Communist Underground...Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Conyer, and More

An Excerpt From this Article:

Trevor Loudon has just published an encyclopedic new 689-page volume, “The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress,” to accompany his 668-page 2011 book, “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.”

The goal of these radicals in Congress, Loudon demonstrates, is the same goal Obama announced when running for president in 2008, to transform the United States from the constitutional republic established by its Founding Fathers into a radical socialist state. The aim is to be achieved through passing extensive social welfare legislation designed to bankrupt a government adhering to concepts of private property and private enterprise.

Similarly, Loudon documents how the Communist Party of the USA itself has adopted a stealth plan to achieve revolutionary goals by decisions made in the 1970s to infiltrate and manipulate the Democratic Party.

The congressional profiles of current members of Congress provides extensive evidence of radical leftist ties in the backgrounds of top Democratic Party legislators, including Democratic Party Sens. Barbara Boxer, Dick Durbin, Tom Harkin, Barbara Mikulski, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, Debbie Stabenow, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley, Patty Murray and Tammy Baldwin.

In the House of Representatives, Loudon profiles the radical left background of Democratic Party Reps. Nancy Pelosi, Louis Gutierrez, John Conyers, Charles Rangel, Marcy Kaptur, Peter DeFazio, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jim McDermott and dozens more.

Read more at...

Loudon research has deep roots...Communism in American Politics!

Obama Changing Obamacare on the Run

The U.S. Constitution does NOT give a president the 'executive authority' to ignore the separation of powers by revising laws. Congress came out with Obamacare and Barack Obama signed it into law. But, when things aren't working out well for the law, Obama decides to "tweak" the law without Congress. He cuts and pastes provisions as part of his perceived executive authority. Sounds very dictatorial to me!

The vast majority of voting Americans know that Obamacare is flawed. We know that it is unworkable and a burden to our citizens. I guess we can leave it up to the dictator-in-charge to fix Obamacare...contrary to out Constitution!

Read more at...
George Will: Obama acts without permissions.

Egypt: Christianity Under Siege

Islam, the peaceful and tolerant religion of Obama speeches, appears to have a problem with Christians. In Egypt, nuns were being paraded in the streets, two Christians were killed, a statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated, and two Christian female siblings were groped by a mob. Sounds peaceful and tolerant to me!

But, you say "How do you know if the perpetrators were Muslims?" That's a good question. Egypt is only one of the hot stops for Muslim Brotherhood activity. Egypt is just another Muslim Brotherhood target for hostilities and killings. Egypt may be undergoing a civil war...Islamic religious zealots versus the military. You decide!

Read more at...
Christian faith under siege in Egypt!

Abortion Clinic Offering $100 Off for Sunday Abortions

One of Barack Obama's favorite organizations, akin to Planned Parenthood, actually gives rewards for killing a child! Now a women can save one hundred dollars for a Sunday abortion. Where's the free cheese burger and fries to go what it?

Life is so "sacred" to this abortion house of pain that it is willing to give discounts just to kill another child. God help our nation with organizations like this being the norm and not the exception.

Read more at...
Sunday Special...$100 Off Any Abortion!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

SATX Councilwoman Has Right of Expression

The Liberal leaning San Antonio TX government led by Obama disciple Julian Castro can't take it when a council person expresses an opinion. In recent years, San Antonio has moved to the Left on such issues as same sex marriage, illegal immigration, and the environment.

Councilwoman  Elisa Chan was legally or illegally caught on tape saying that she did not approve of gay and lesbian unions. She expressed her opinion just like the gay and Liberal community does theirs. Both she and these groups have a Constitutional right of free expression.

But, look out...the gay community and the mayor all chastised Chan for her free speech. Our local newspaper did a front page spot along with an inside opinion article. At least two local TV news "shows" featured the story for two days. You would think that our freedoms were under fire to hear and see all the hoopla around this "no real news" story! Our city is being taken over by Liberal and gay leaning individuals and groups. Ms. Chan should be championed for fighting the perceived gay and Liberal take over of this city.

I have no problem with gays, just don't make me approve of them or their life style. And don't tell me they have rights NOT explicitly mentioned in our Constitution. Just like the Left uses our Constitution to "separate church and state," we must refer to it in restricting the "politically correct" movements in our country.

This city has more problems than hurting the feelings of some gay groups. We have a problem with stray dogs, old and failing sewer lines, bumpy streets with their share of potholes, crime in certain areas, and more. It's time to get our city's priorities straight!

Read more about this patriot Elisa Chan at...
Chan states her opinion and is persecuted for it!

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Want Your Money

The New York Times ran an article recently regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton and their charity organizations. The article was critical of the way the Clinton Gang manages funds brought in to their charities.

The Clinton Foundation, for one, is a charity of concern. It is supervised by a rotating board of old Clinton cronies. It is open to distraction and threatened by conflicts of interest. In the past years it has ran multimillion-dollar deficits even though money has been flowing in.

And now, NYT columnist Maureen Dowd has weighed in on the subject of possible corruption in Clinton Land. Read about it at...

NYT Dowd writes about Clinton money.

Obama's Lying Machine

The following is an excerpt from Dan From Squirrel Hill...

Obama gave tax dollars to AIG executives, then pretended to be outraged about it...

Obama signed a stimulus bill that spent money on bonuses for AIG executives. Prior to signing this bill, Obama had said, “when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.” However, after reading “line by line” and signing the stimulus bill that protected the AIG bonuses, Obama pretended to be shocked and outraged at the bonuses, and said, “Under these circumstances, it’s hard to understand how derivative traders at A.I.G. warranted any bonuses at all, much less $165 million in extra pay… How do they justify this outrage to the taxpayers who are keeping the company afloat?” and also said that he would “pursue every single legal avenue to block these bonuses.”

Read more at...
Obama lies and Dan tells us how and why!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hillary Clinton Helped to Launder Iran Money

Note to women: Hillary Clinton is not a good person!

Note to Democrats: Hillary Clinton is a crook!

Note to voters: Good Luck if you vote for this Guy!

Clinton said in 2009 that she had partnered with Standard Chartered Bank to promote women’s causes throughout Asia. The Standard Chartered Bank donated a lot to the Clinton Foundation Global Initiative. It was charged by federal and New York State prosecutors of laundering over $250 billion for Iran and “deliberately” helping Iran circumvent sanctions imposed to cripple its nuclear program. In 2012, Standard Chartered paid a total $667 million in fines to settle the cases and admitted its criminal activity.

Is this what you want from a president? Do you want another crook in the White House? Read more at...

Hillary Clinton helped to launder funds to Iran.

Friday, August 16, 2013

O'Reilly vs. Sharpton or Truth vs. Hypocrisy

Al Sharpton appears to have a problem with Bill O’Reilly telling the truth. Sharpton, the ever vigilant racist, turns the table and says O'Reilly need to  “man up and grow up.” Sounds to me like Sharpton doesn't have an argument to stand on so he uses the name calling tactic.

Sharpton makes his money as a Black against White race monger. If it wasn't for race, Sharpton would be living under a bridge toting a sign for handouts!

Read Sharpton's playground retort to Bill at...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Al Gore Moving to Sandy Beaches of the Arctic!

About 6 or 7 years ago, some climate-cons told us that the ice in the Arctic was slowly melting and that by now it could all be gone! I am still waiting!!

Al Gore and the rest of the Warming-Weenies were getting ready to vacation in the sunny, sand swept Arctic. Now that they are out of the ice maker, they apparently have a lot to explain. What to you mean, Lucy?


What Does the First Amendment Grant Us??

In case we all forget...


The First Amendment says that people have the right to speak freely without government interference.


The First Amendment gives the press the right to publish news, information and opinions without government interference. This also means people have the right to publish their own newspapers, newsletters, magazines, etc.


The First Amendment prohibits government from establishing a religion and protects each person's right to practice (or not practice) any faith without government interference.


The First Amendment says that people have the right to appeal to government in favor of or against policies that affect them or that they feel strongly about. This freedom includes the right to gather signatures in support of a cause and to lobby legislative bodies for or against legislation.


The First Amendment says that people have the right to gather in public to march, protest, demonstrate, carry signs and otherwise express their views in a nonviolent way. It also means people can join and associate with groups and organizations without interference.

This is an Extract From the IllinoisFirstAmendmentCenter.Com

Allen West on Our New Military

Allen West says, "...the Pentagon is granting leave for same-sex couples to travel to get married, but the WRAMC Warrior Cafe is now closed on weekends. Priorities?"

The full story is that the gay-friendly Pentagon will pay for same-sex couples who are NOT married to travel to a state that allows same-sex marriages to get MARRIED so they can qualify for military benefits. On the other hand, Walter Reed Army Medical Center is closing their cafĂ© on weekends because of budget cuts.

What the heck is going on with our Pentagon? Is not now a gay bar hangout? Will gays in combat soon just yell "BANG-BANG" so as not to be too hurtful?

Pass this on if you are outraged!!!
West: Military funding cuts help gays, hurt wounded warriors!

Obama Clown...No Big Deal

Anytime someone criticizes or makes fun of a Liberal, the whole gang jumps up in protest. The Left's first commandment becomes "Thou shalt not disparage a Liberal."

So some rodeo clown makes fun of the dictator Barack Obama and the Left rises in protest. But, back when George W. Bush was president, that same Liberal Left had no problem making fun of GW! What a bunch of egotistical hypocrites! They feign outrage at Obama-Bashing...what a fraud!


Islam...the Peaceful Religion (Brooklyn Bridge for Sale)

The following are excerpts from the book "The Dark Side of Liberalism" and I've posted them for your information:

  • At its core, the widespread, radical strains of Islam are fundamentally at odds with Western culture. From its extreme practices regarding women and non-believers, radical Islam glorifies violence and demeans the individual.
  • Radical Islam's clear message is hostile to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and other of the world's great religions.
  • Radical Muslims view the West as culturally inferior and morally bankrupt.
  • Radical Islam is a direct threat to the United States in terms of its aggressive recruitment of disaffected Americans, including prison-population minorities.
This book was published in 2003. It's words are as true in 2013 as they were in 2003! Think about it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obama Plays "Old Maid" as Benghazi Burns!

Barack Obama is the Commander-in-chief of our military. He has a certain responsibility to not only our military.

Barack Obama is the so called leader of our nation. He has a certain responsibility for the well being of our citizens.

Barack Obama is the international proponent of our policies. He has a certain responsibility for the safety of our foreign embassies.

So where was Barack Obama the night Benghazi came under attack? Pull our a deck of cards...the guys was playing cards! Read more at:

Obama plays Old Maid while patriots died!

Kerry Cackles the Obama Line

Secretary of State John "Swift Boat" Kerry was in Brazil to tout Barack
Obama's climate change initiatives. He promised that the Obama administration would do anything to keep its commitment to curve climate change. He said that Obama would take his own initiatives and not wait for congressional action. He promised Obama would move administratively in order to do the administration's part.

Does this sound like another executive order coming our way? Is Obama dictating his way to please foreign countries versus doing what's best for the United States? Is this just another stop on Obama's apology tour?

Read all about it at...
Kerry says King Obama will act!

Immigration Rally 92% No Shows

An immigration reform rally in Bakersfield, California Wednesday at the
district office of Republican Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy promised more than 5,000 demonstrators to turnout. I guess someone forgot to tell the demonstrators! About 400 citizens (legal or illegal) showed up. Speeches warned Rep. McCarthy that he and other Republicans would be targeted if they fail to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

So much for any representative voting the way his constituents want him to vote! Read more at...
Immigration rally 92% NO SHOW!

Climate Changers Throw Party...No One Shows Up

It's hard to be a climate change greenie! One of your proponents throws a rally and nobody comes. The group Organizing for Action, a shadowy nonprofit, held an event called the “Climate Change Day of Action Rally.” Rainy weather appeared to drive away people who planned to attend and only volunteers were left.

I guess the weather changed the climate cronies! Read more at...
Weather changes climate!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Second Chance for Drug Dealers...Thanks to Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder wants to be more lenient on drug dealers. He announced a major change in federal criminal policy that overturned the decades-old "mandatory minimum prison sentences" for low-level, nonviolent drug offenders. This policy was a hallmark of President Ronald Reagan's War on Drugs.

Under Holder's policy, prosecutors will send fewer drug offenders to federal prison for long sentences. Judges will have more discretion in sentencing.

I guess it's time to let all the bad guys out! Holder wants to! Read more at...
Drug dealers have a friend in Eric Holder.
Holder makes drug dealing easier!

Did NYT CEO Cover-up a British Sex Scandal

Here's the long and short of this headline:

Mark Thompson has been dogged by the sex abuse scandal surrounding famed British TV personality Jimmy Savile since Thompson became the CEO of the New York Times back in 2012.

Savile, one of Britain's most famous TV and radio presenters, stands accused of sexual abuse by hundreds of women. Many of these women were teens back in the 1960s, 70s and 80s when Savile is said to have abused them. The BBC itself has coming under criticism for having spent those same years covering up Savile's abuses. The TV presenter passed away in 2011

As to Mark Thompson's role in all this, he was the Director-General of the British Broadcasting Corporation for eight years from 2004 until he left for the USA in 2012. Many feel he had a hand in helping the BBC to cover up Savile's alleged crimes.

Read all about it at...
NYT CEO could be a center of cover-up.

So Who's Clowning Around?


Sunday, August 11, 2013

A "Credible Fear" Gets a Pass for Illegal Aliens

Do you have a "credible fear" of our country's leaders? If you do, than just maybe you can migrate to Mexico!

The "credible fear" line works for Mexicans crossing the border to the U.S. This line goes along with drug cartels...and admission!

Read it for yourself and you decide...Free Pass or Free Bull...
Credible fear of no food stamps, no free phone, no free healthcare...

The Truth About the Leftie Media

The excerpt that follows this paragraph is from I'm spreading the word in support of this project. Many of us know that the Main Stream Media is nothing more than an arm of the Obama political machine. They don't want to see Obama fail, even if his record is contrary to our Constitution and he is bad for the country.

Beginning next month, Breitbart News Editor-At-Large Ben Shapiro will be leading the launch of a new project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center:, an activism program designed to “unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.”

Read the whole story at...
Birth of the

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Tax Money Buying Lobster for California Surfer

Jason Greenslate, a 29-year-old La Jolla California surfer and musician, is getting our tax money. This guy living off the public dole, has no problem taking food stamps and buying lobster for he and his friends.

Greenslate has no fixed address. He lives the life of a beach bum staying with family, friends, and girlfriends. He also lives off these people while collecting $200 a month in benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Greenslate uses these food stamps to buy gourmet items at the grocery store.

Great to see our tax money is going to such a great cause like this public leech! Read more at...
Surfing with Food Stamps!

Harry Reid Racial Senility or Racist

Is it time for Harry Reid to retire? Can it be that the Nevada Democrat has lost his marble? Is Harry Reid a "true" racist?

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina blasted Reid for remarks he made about the GOP and Obama. Reid told KNPR radio Friday that he hopes Republicans’ opposition to President Obama isn’t fueled by the color of his skin. Just another politician using the race card!

This is the same Harry Reid who once said privately that Barack Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his "light-skinned" appearance and speaking patterns "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Read more at...
Harry Reid the racial divide instigator.

Energy Policy...Obama "Out of Touch"

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott said Saturday that Barack Obama is killing jobs because of his energy policies. Obama tries to pander to his "environmental cronies" while holding back, among others, on the Keystone Pipeline approval.

Keystone and other oil exploration processes will and can produce jobs. There are various estimates ranging from under 10,000 to more than 40,000. Could it be more? Who really knows.

Senator Scott also said that Obama's "failed leadership" on the nation's energy policy will cost all Americans more "when you buy food at the grocery store, take a family vacation, or turn your air conditioner on this summer." Obama and his EPA tries at every corner to block American oil exploration.

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Obama "out of touch" on energy.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Obama Duped by CPUSA

On July 25th at a meeting between Barack Obama and the leader of communist Vietnam, Obama said, “President Sang shared with me a copy of a letter sent by Ho Chi Minh to Harry Truman. And we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.” The Great Pretender was wrong!

Ho Chi Minh was a committed Marxist-Leninist. He would not be inspired by any of our Founders nor by our founding documents. In the past, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) issued a similar false factoid to fool liberals. CPUSA regularly compared Ho Chi Minh to the American Founders. So, CPUSA fooled the Imperial Obama as well!

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Ho Chi real Minh to U.S.A.

Obama Holds On-Air Security Talks with Jay Leno

In a move to make America safer, Barack Obama spoke to Jay Leno on the Tonight Show about U.S security and terrorists. Obama may appear again on the Tonight Show to discuss the Cuban missile crisis. Wait, that was Kennedy, not Obama. If this is successful, he'll be on Letterman to talk about how he left our patriots in Benghazi to die! This last item will never happen, but we know who is guilty!!

If you think Obama is president of this country, you have been asleep for the last five years. This power usurper has been playing a role for Hollywood. He may get an Emmy, an Opie, or a Patsy for his role!

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Obama on Tonight Show...Bummer!

Obama Economy Speeches Just Empty Words

Barack Obama is making a series of speeches about the U.S. economy. His words are empty and voters aren’t impressed. A Fox News poll show Americans think Obama isn’t offering any new economic ideas. People also feel that he would help the country more by staying in the nation’s capital and working with Republicans.

Obama appears to be on the eternal campaign trail pushing for more spending and more government control. The guy just doesn't get it! He is the problem and he has NO solution to our country's economic woes. Let's just hope we can change our country without his help!

Read more about the Fox poll...
Obama offers nothing new to economy but words!

The Soylent Green Society

In 1973 the late actors Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson starred in a sci-fi film about the future. This film, Soylent Green, depicts the investigation into the murder of a wealthy businessman in a frightening future suffering from pollution, overpopulation, depleted resources, and poverty. The vast majority of the population survives on processed food rations, including "soylent green". As it turns out, this food (soylent green) is made from human remains.

Fast forward to 2013. We are in the future, but not in the one the film depicts. We are in a future where a record 101 million Americans receiving food aid from the federal government. The USDA has a goal to serve 166 million meals to children through its Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). This is a noble commitment for an agency that already gives subsidies to 3.5 million children a day during breaks from school.

The headlines read "government subsidized meals." These meals are in fact taxpayer funded. The federal government doesn't produce anything so it doesn't have money to subsidize anything! So, we taxpayers pay for all these government freebies.

Read about the USDA programs at...
Feeding America...Paid for by We the People...not the Federal Gov't

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hush, Hush...Blacks Hurting Whites

Our local TV station (San Antonio TX) aired the story about kids in a bus attacking a fellow student. Nothing was mentioned about race. Unlike the Trayvon media jam, nothing was said about black youths attacking the white boy. Why? If all races are created equal, why don't major TV stations give us the factual news and not some covered-up news? Are Liberal media trying to stay "politically correct?" Does the news viewing public deserve more than partial truths? You decide.

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Beating up a white boy...real fun!

For the record: I am Hispanic...another minority!!

Caddell: Boehner 'Purposely Suppressing Anything About Benghazi'

Why is Washington ignoring or silencing Benghazi? The American people and the families of those murdered in Benghazi need to know who, what, when, and where. POTUS and Congress, open the doors and clear the air!

Caddell: Boehner 'Purposely Suppressing Anything About Benghazi'

Monday, August 5, 2013

Obama Green Jobs Turn RED

Taxpayers "donated" almost 500 million dollars to the Obama Administration for "green jobs" training. For all that money, we had a 55% fill rate. That's right, only 55% of those trainees found jobs directly or indirectly related to green jobs. This is based on information released by the Government Accountability Office. Green jobs training was a real bust! Make you feel good all over?

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Brother, can you spare me a green job?

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...