Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Butler Did It...Ronald Reagan Distortion

The new film "The Butler" presents President Ronald Reagan as unsympathetic to the misery of blacks as well as the country's Civil Rights movement. I have personally read at least 15 books on Ronald Reagan and in none of them have I read anything but positive feelings he had for blacks and the Civil Right movement.

When Reagan played football at Eureka College, his team had an away game and had to travel by bus to another city. A hotel in that city would not allow two black Eureka football players to stay there. Reagan told the Eureka coach that his family had room for the players and that they were not far from the stadium. The Reagan family welcomed both black players and opened their modest home to them. One of the players later became Dr. William Franklin Burghardt. Reagan and Burghardt remained friends and had a natural respect for each other. Dr. Burghardt once said, “I don’t think he (Reagan) was conscious of race at all.” By this, he meant that Reagan saw no difference in races!

This movie must have been directed by a left leaning Hollywood Liberal…they know how to distort the truth!

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