Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Detroit...More Wasted Taxpayer Money

The city of San Antonio TX is on its way to building a streetcar system for the downtown area. There is questionable reasoning for this boondoggle. Who pays for it? Maybe bonds...maybe taxpayers...maybe tourist. Big city and county government finds a way in the end to steal money from taxpayers one way or the other. All this while streets, crime, stray animals, and corroding sewer systems remain ignored!

Closer to your pocket book is Detroit MI. The U.S. Department of Transportation just approved $140 million to build a streetcar system in Detroit. I'm sure Detroit can really use a new streetcar!

The problem with Detroit is priorities. That city has a very serious crisis of urban abandonment. It has about 60,000 abandoned buildings, and of that number, 38,000 are deemed unsafe.

Funds are also needed to shore up pensions for city workers. The current funding is headed for bankruptcy.

These are just two items that need real funding, but the Obama Administration wants to fund a streetcar? Priorities?

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