Thursday, August 22, 2013

Perry to Holder "Don't Mess With Texas"

One of the Obama's favorite targets is the state of Texas. I can still see our Governor Rick Perry extending a hand with an envelope to Barack Obama, who in turn just walks right by ignoring the envelope letting a peon take it. I can remember our request for aid after the wildfires in the Bastrop area, and the federal government just saying no. I also remember Obama losing Texas...great news for Texans!

And, now Obama's DOJ, under the ever questionable lawyer Eric Holder, is suing Texas over our voter ID laws. So what's wrong with Texans wanting to make sure a person is legal to vote? Whenever I vote, I present y Voter Registration Card AND my Texas driver's license. Works for me and I'm one of those seniors Obama claims our ID law will hurt! Obama just doesn't care for Texas...and the feeling is mutual!!!

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Run Holder run...see Holder run...Texas Voter ID

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