Sunday, August 18, 2013

SATX Councilwoman Has Right of Expression

The Liberal leaning San Antonio TX government led by Obama disciple Julian Castro can't take it when a council person expresses an opinion. In recent years, San Antonio has moved to the Left on such issues as same sex marriage, illegal immigration, and the environment.

Councilwoman  Elisa Chan was legally or illegally caught on tape saying that she did not approve of gay and lesbian unions. She expressed her opinion just like the gay and Liberal community does theirs. Both she and these groups have a Constitutional right of free expression.

But, look out...the gay community and the mayor all chastised Chan for her free speech. Our local newspaper did a front page spot along with an inside opinion article. At least two local TV news "shows" featured the story for two days. You would think that our freedoms were under fire to hear and see all the hoopla around this "no real news" story! Our city is being taken over by Liberal and gay leaning individuals and groups. Ms. Chan should be championed for fighting the perceived gay and Liberal take over of this city.

I have no problem with gays, just don't make me approve of them or their life style. And don't tell me they have rights NOT explicitly mentioned in our Constitution. Just like the Left uses our Constitution to "separate church and state," we must refer to it in restricting the "politically correct" movements in our country.

This city has more problems than hurting the feelings of some gay groups. We have a problem with stray dogs, old and failing sewer lines, bumpy streets with their share of potholes, crime in certain areas, and more. It's time to get our city's priorities straight!

Read more about this patriot Elisa Chan at...
Chan states her opinion and is persecuted for it!

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