Thursday, August 22, 2013

Christians Die in Egypt...The Media Sees Nothing!

While Egypt is burning, the Main Stream Media continues to only highlight the Muslim Brotherhood and its opposition to the military. One big newsworthy issue that the MSM appear to forget about is the plight of Christians in Egypt.

Here's an excerpt from this article that tells you more:

Newsbusters reports that, in retaliation for backing the ouster of the
Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi, Islamists have targeted upwards of 80 Christian schools, churches and convents. Looting, arson, and the targeting of Christians for beatings and murder are now rampant.

The media, however, yawn.

This isn't surprising. The media only report on what offers them a political upside. And because the media is mostly made up of secular leftists hostile to the Christian faith, they are loath to do any reporting that might put that faith in a sympathetic light. Or, Gaia forbid, portray Christians as victims.

The media are agenda-driven, not information or scoop or money or morality driven. They are happy to help President Obama and Al Sharpton manufacture a feeding frenzy out of a race hoax surrounding the fatal shooting of a black teenager in Florida. But only because there is plenty of political upside in that frenzy. The left thrive on racial division, love any excuse to push gun control, and know they need to distract from the failure of Obama's economic policies.

Read the whole article at...
Christian persecution continues in Egypt.

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