Monday, September 18, 2017

The School Name Offends Me - So...Rename it!

In San Antonio TX, the Northeast Independent School District (NEISD) board is currently looking on how to rename a high school once dedicated to Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Because of all the Liberal turmoil surrounding statues, schools, and public displays honoring long lost Southern heroes, the board decided it was time to forget history. The NEISD dedicated Lee High School in 1958 and it took the board almost 60 years to decide that it was no longer fitting to honor Southern heroes!

Such Leftwing cone heads as Julian Castro, Nelson Wolff, and Ron Nirenberg all backed the renaming of Robert E. Lee. It is quite clear that Liberals in San Antonio “rule the roost”, but they really don’t have a great knowledge of history or may choose to ignore certain historical figures.

San Antonio has other schools that may be renamed if Liberal chowder heads get their way. Here’s a list of individuals who have schools in San Antonio named after them and who they were:

  • Sidney Lanier…He was an American musician, poet and author. He served in the Confederate army. He worked on a blockade running ship. He was also a church organist, and worked as a lawyer.
  • Claudia “Ladybird” Johnson…She was the wife of a born-again segregationist named Lyndon B. Johnson or the 37th President of the United States. Lyndon Johnson was not a proponent of integration. As a congressional representative, he voted against every single civil rights bill that ever made it to the floor between 1937 and 1956.
  • Thomas Jefferson…He was an American Founding Father who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence and later served as the third President of the United States. He was also a slave owner.
  • James Madison…He was our fourth U.S. President. He was also a slave owner.
  • John Jay…He was the first Chief Justice of the United States and a slave owner.
  • G. W. Brackenridge…He was a philanthropist and the longest-serving Regent for the University of Texas. He was also a businessman who made his initial wealth as a profiteer during the Civil War. Three of his brother served in the Confederate army.
The list of schools to rename goes on. We cannot satisfy everyone who finds a name offensive. Maybe the NEISD wants to rename the school after Hillary Clinton’s clan hero Robert Byrd! Many of our schools are named after people of questionable reputation. For my part, take Barack Obama off the list of presidents and just say he was an egotistical tyrant!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

OPINION: Suffering the 60s

According to the Bible, God created man and then woman. The odd thing is that the writers who brought us the Bible were men. So what came first, the chicken of the egg? Should we condemn anyone who lost our Civil War? Does it really matter? It matters if you investigate the history of today’s Liberal-Progressive teachers, news personalities, and talking heads.

Back in the 60s, many of these Liberal-Progressives went through the time of division known as Vietnam. During those years, those who could avoid the military draft did their best to condemn the war.  We called them “hippies” because they thought they were hip to protest a war and preach love and peace. Many of those hippies did their protesting and love making while getting an allowance from their wealthy parents. Some hippies just smoked weed or dropped LSD and let the world go by.

Those of us who kept our sanity, worked or studied to live the American Dream. Some of us could not pass the military physical. Many of us did go to war. Many served our country, many gave their lives for their country, and many came back to jeering crowds. The hippies hated those who came back because they (hippies) did not have the courage to serve.  

Fast forward to 2017 and watch many of these 60s hippies feed garbage to the young folks who travel through college looking for guidance. Too many young adults have no idea how to make monetary change, what a lug wrench is, write an intelligible letter, or speak without using vulgarity. Thanks to many of those 60s hippies, we are looking at a generation of inept future leaders. To stretch a fact even further…many immature students would rather study arts than math or science. Getting an arts degree means they can draw and color inside the lines, but can’t come up with a cure for cancer!

Some readers may think I am being hypercritical. Some readers may think I’m cynical about our future. Some readers may call me a Conservative huckster who’s just rambling on about forgotten times. Please keep in mind that we must never forget what happened in the past. Doing so, could leave us open to the sins of the past. The 60s was a time of creation…much like the Bible. The 60s had its chicken-egg moments. However, today in many ways we are suffering the influences of that past and maybe forgotten decade.