Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Are Primary Elections Relevent - Only if You are a Liberal

I find it funny and sad that the Democrats in Bexar County TX (San Antonio and surrounding) are so excited that they are getting so many voters in their PRIMARY election! They and the liberal media brag about the Dem turnout as opposed to the Republican turnout. Hey, Dems, it's a PRIMARY!
An example of Dem choices in their PRIMARY includes the run for Bexar County District Attorney. The incumbent LaHood vs some ambulance chaser named Gonzales. It's like a choice between Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin...who gets the nod...who gives a dung?!
BTW...one TV ad for Gonzales compares LaHood to President Trump...FYI Dems...Trump is a WINNER!
I am an Independent Conservative voter and have voted for Conservative Democrats (almost extinct) and Conservative Republicans. I just wish the Dems good luck and wait until the REAL elections. Then we'll see Conservatives bash the heck out of Dems!

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