Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Roots of Obama’s Change

Barack Obama was a student of the radical, socialist school of Saul Alinsky. Although Alinsky died in 1972, Obama had read and accepted his teachings of social change. Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” spelled out a form of change through “power-politics” and community organizing. The goal was to make poorer citizens aware of their situation and play on this to gain political power. Does this tactic seem familiar to what Obama is now doing?

In the 1980s, Obama worked for Jerry Kellman, a community organizer who was trying to get Chicago black clergy and churches involved in “social change.” Kellman’s organization, the Calumet Community Religious Conference, was a product of Saul Alinsky’s teachings.

Alinsky wanted a peaceful revolution using the ballot box and not the violent tactics of other Obama friends such as William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. He also felt that the middle class held the power to make changes, not the low income and minority ethnic groups.

Alinsky point out that “When more than three-fourths of our people from both the point of view of economics and of their self-identification are middle class, it is obvious that their action or inaction will determine the direction of change.”

In 2008, the middle class paved the way for Barack Obama’s election. Most people did not know who Barack Obama was, but his “Hope and Change” rhetoric fooled them! The word “change” being the key to Saul Alinsky’s silent revolution and Barack Obama’s unlikely election.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Obama the Flip-Flop Pro

But listen folks...he did NOT flip-flop...he flopped when he should have flipped...or he went to evolution school...or he changed his mind as many times as his underwear...BUT he did NOT flip-flop. OR...that's what the Lame Stream Media says.

Read more about the evolution theory at DarwinDoesObama.nerd or better at...


Obama: The Muslim Brotherhood is NOT Political

Barack Obama is about as smart as a turnip! One must think he can forecast the weather better than giving out his declarations. The guy backed Odinga in Kenya for the same reason he backs the Muslim Brotherhood (they're NOT political)...and that is why? World Islam....and prove me wrong!

Read more about the Muslim Brotherhood and their NOT so political desires...


Obama Love Train Derailed

Breitbart.com: "A YouTube video uploaded on Monday afternoon apparently shows a schoolteacher from the Rowan-Salisbury school district in North Carolina informing a student that failing to be respectful of President Obama is a criminal offense. Breitbart News has uncovered that the student is a high school junior, and that the teacher is apparently one Tanya Dixon-Neely."

See what is is all about at...


Vetting Obama...Scene One Take One

Breitbart.com has released a copy of a document showing Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University. Investigating sites have asked for transcripts of the Obama administration and have been stonewalled so far. Now this is out.

Breitbart: "The mainstream media has clamored for, and investigated, and leaked information about other presidential candidates. But not Barack Obama--not in 2008, and not now."

Read more at: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/18/The-Vetting-Exclusive-First-Obama-Columbia-Record-Released

I Remember My Father

Dad was a mechanic working on PT boats during the Second World War. He was billeted on Tulagi in the South Pacific.

Here's a great site about PT boats during the war...


In Flanders Field by LtCol. John McCrae

Lieutenant Colonel John McCraeIn Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks still bravely singing fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead: Short days ago,
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved: and now we lie
In Flanders fields!

Take up our quarrel with the foe
To you, from failing hands, we throw
The torch: be yours to hold it high
If ye break faith with us who die,
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields

Prayer of a Soldier in France (1918) by Joyce Kilmer

My shoulders ache beneath my pack
(Lie easier, Cross, upon His back).
I march with feet that burn and smart
(Tread, Holy Feet, upon my heart).
Men shout at me who may not speak
(They scourged Thy back and smote Thy cheek).
I may not lift a hand to clear
My eyes of salty drops that sear.
(Then shall my fickle soul forget
Thy Agony of Bloody Sweat?)
My rifle hand is stiff and numb
(From Thy pierced palm red rivers come).
Lord, Thou didst suffer more for me
Than all the hosts of land and sea.
So let me render back again
This millionth of Thy gift. Amen.

Lord...Never Let Me Forget

Dedicated to schoolmate and friend Chris Delgado U.S.N.

Visit this site and never forget http://thewall-usa.com/index.asp

Voter Fraud

Ya No Mas

Jerome R. Corsi in his book OBAMA NATION, talks about Barack Obama's problem with his race. Obama feels he is trying to find himself as a "White" or "Black" person. Obama tells us this in his autobiography.

Obama feels alienated by his white mother and grandparents. He points out an episode when his grandmother spoke of being bothered by a black panhandler. She was on her way to work at a bank...the job that helped her send Obama to a private school and paid for their food and rent.

Obama mentioned the episode in a speech he gave on March 18, 2008. He targeted the black and white thing but forgot to mention that his granny paid his way...what an INGRATE!

Obama likes to single out his blackness but forgets that his mother's white blood runs through him. He even went as far as to say he would want that white blood willed out of his body.

Ya no mas! Stop the race thing, Barack Obama. My point is that YOU should be concentrating on "...one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." YOU should forget expanding the racial and ethnic divide in this country.

P.S. I am a legal second generation, Mexican-American...thanks to my immigrant grandparents.

Obama Classmate Speaks Out

Check out YouTube...what do you think?


Obama the Somali Elder

In 2006 Barack Obama went to Africa, land of his father. He did this at taxpayer expense. Thank goodness that the Sheik Mahmed Hassan had some extra clothes for Obama. The photo published by Han-Geeska Afrika Online September 1, 2006.

The Commander and Thief had his first taste of taxpayer vacations...and more to come!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Problem with Sebelius

On Friday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius quoted President John F. Kennedy in a rebuttal to the Catholic bishops of the United States. In her book, and according to possibly JFK, the Catholic Church can't tell its faithful what to do in life.

First, she picks a really bad example using JFK. We now know he was not much of a Catholic. Unless you think womanizing, lying, and over drugging is OK.  Sorry, JFK lovers, he was not a good example for our kids!

Second, Sebelius shows she doesn't even believe in the Ten Commandments. Both Christians and Jews use these commandments as a way of life. So, I guess the Catholic Church uses them also in establishing laws and principles of the Church.

The real problem is the federal government telling religions how their members should practice their precepts or that the churches have no say in a person's life. The Constitution established a separation of church and state, not so much to protect citizens from the church, but to protect the church from the government!

That's my opinion. Read more about the Sebelius speech at...


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Obama Budget a Gimmick

The Obama administration says that the presidential budget voted down by both House and Senate is a congressional gimmick. The problem is who really is using gimmicks and who is trying to balance our budget?

So far it's Congress TWO and Obama ZERO on two Obama budget submissions. Mr. Spend-to-the-End just can't get more money for his social (read Socialist) programs.

Read more at cnsnews.com...


Family Feud

Obama lovers beware! This video may not be suitable for Liberals, Progressives, Hollywood nerds, George Soros, and other ObamaManiacs. Those previously mentioned...Please use caution when viewing this video through your rose colored glasses.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama Sends More Money to His Friends

Well folks it ain't over 'til Michelle (insert Fat Lady) sings! It appears that the First Lady aka The Traveler n' Charge, was able to get taxpayer funding to one of her pet projects in the Windy City.

When she's not traveling, the FL likes to feed off our taxpayer money. Hold on to your turkey leg...Obama's Mama is on the prowl!

Read more at  Michelle Malkin...


Obama in History...The Real Truth

The Daily Caller found some hints of Barack Obama in the history of the world (not the one by Mel Brooks). The article sort of reminds me of Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" and its main character Ebenezer Scrooge. That's the way I see it.

Want more information? Read more at...


Obama Plays Forrest Gump

As most of you now know, Barack Obama played a part in every presidency from Calvin Coolidge to GW Bush (except for Gerald Ford). His latest gaffe is to have himself inserted into the official White House biographies of our 20th century presidents.

He is so desperate to win reelection, that he uses every tool available to him in order to get his name into the public conscience. And then again, he is a legend in his own mind!

Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does.

Read more at FoxNews...


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Remember May Day?

Do you remember what happened every May 1st in the former Soviet Union? Can you still see the world evening news reels with tanks and missles parading through Lenin Square? Do you remember seeing Nikita Khrushchev watching those parades?  Do you remember May Day?

If not, here's how Obama's friends celebrate May Day now a days...


How FORWARD is Forward?

I've read and heard quite a few comments regarding the new Obama slogan "Forward." Even Wikipedia has commented about the new slogan...


Wikipedia has now protected the slogan site until they get the good and bad ironed out!

Obama appears to borrow from various political and psychological movements. He liked the Communist way his maternal grandparents lived. He admires European ways. He owes a lot to China for not "slam dunking" our economy. So...he goes with "Forward."


He can't use the slogan "Are you better off then 4 years ago?" nor "Obama...the jobs man!" nor "Obama did it!" nor "More Hope and Change." So...he goes with "Forward."

Ronald Reagan in 1983 Said..

Aleksandr Herzen, the Russian writer, warned, "To shrink from saying a word in defense of the oppressed is as bad as any crime." Well, I pledge to you that America will stand up, speak out, and defend the values we share.

To those who would crush religious freedom, our message is plain: You may jail your believers. You may close their churches, confiscate their Bibles, and harass their rabbis and priests...You may forbid the name of Jesus to pass their lips. But you will never destroy the love of God and freedom that burn in their hearts.

They will triumph over you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Michael Savage: Why do sex scandals only happen under Democrats?

Reprint from The Michael Savage Newsletter...

Many Democrats and libertarians insist that the latest embarrassment isn’t a big deal. Michael Savage disagrees.

"This Secret Service scandal is a big story," Savage told listeners:

    Just the thought of a Secret Service agent in a country like Colombia, getting naked and leaving his wallet and gun on the table. It exposes you to blackmail, for one thing.

    Some people shrug it off and say, "Well, this kind of thing happen with all administrations." I'm not so sure.

    For one thing, I don't think it would happen if Romney was in the White House.

    Are you telling me this happened under Reagan and under Nixon? I don't believe it.

    Let's say it did happen, and there were Secret Service guys in those times who went to hookers. Would there have been a deadbeat who wouldn't pay, then cause an international incident over $46, which is what happened this time?

    Now let's look at the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. She was in Colombia, too, partying the night away with her lady friends, drinking beer and dancing.

    This is the same woman who bungled the Middle East and set it on fire. She bungled North Korea. Everything she's touched has turned into a nightmare -- but she's having a good time in Colombia.

    So, is this a reflection of the Obama administration or nothing to get excited about?

    You know what my feelings are: This is a big deal.

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...