Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Michael Savage: Why do sex scandals only happen under Democrats?

Reprint from The Michael Savage Newsletter...

Many Democrats and libertarians insist that the latest embarrassment isn’t a big deal. Michael Savage disagrees.

"This Secret Service scandal is a big story," Savage told listeners:

    Just the thought of a Secret Service agent in a country like Colombia, getting naked and leaving his wallet and gun on the table. It exposes you to blackmail, for one thing.

    Some people shrug it off and say, "Well, this kind of thing happen with all administrations." I'm not so sure.

    For one thing, I don't think it would happen if Romney was in the White House.

    Are you telling me this happened under Reagan and under Nixon? I don't believe it.

    Let's say it did happen, and there were Secret Service guys in those times who went to hookers. Would there have been a deadbeat who wouldn't pay, then cause an international incident over $46, which is what happened this time?

    Now let's look at the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. She was in Colombia, too, partying the night away with her lady friends, drinking beer and dancing.

    This is the same woman who bungled the Middle East and set it on fire. She bungled North Korea. Everything she's touched has turned into a nightmare -- but she's having a good time in Colombia.

    So, is this a reflection of the Obama administration or nothing to get excited about?

    You know what my feelings are: This is a big deal.

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