Friday, December 28, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - The Tea Party

Dr. Michael Savage explained that a new political party based on his slogan – "Borders. Language. Culture" – might be America's only hope.

He added that the tea party came close to being that very thing, but it couldn't withstand attacks by its rich, powerful enemies on the left.

"I have said that the only thing that can save America from this drift towards internationalism is my slogan 'borders, language, culture' and a new nationalist party," declared Michael Savage, who went on to explain:

Now, it almost happened with the Tea Party, but it was decimated by the unions and others.

First the Tea Party was attacked by the Congressional Black Caucus, who lied about them.

Then the Democratic Party went after the Tea Party.

The very essence of America is the Tea Party. And yet they were cast as the enemies of America. Socialists completely lied about them.

Most liberals are afraid of nationalism. They always come to the same conclusion: that nationalism will lead to Hitler.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Nationalism can lead to pride and survival.

The ideal nationalist party will have a strict firewall, never going over the line into racism. That's important.

If I had the time left on earth, I would start this nationalist party. It would take approximately 10 years to have an effect on the country.

I don't know if America has that much time.

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