Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Progressives Defend Obama White House

Liberals and Progressive must think that Americans are a bunch of dummies! Their defense of Barack Obama goes to the ridiculous. Here's some of the defensive statement from the Far-Out Left...
  • These right-wingers are just upset that the IRS is doing its job.
  • These right-wingers are just rehashing Whitewater.
  • These right-wingers are working against public opinion.
  • These right-wingers are trying to blame the president for the IRS’s actions.
  • These right-wingers are engaged in a witch hunt.
  • These right-wingers are trying to destroy civil society.
I think they forgot one...
  • The American People want truth and honesty in our government
Progressive just don't get it! Read more about their defense of Obama and the IRS at...

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