Saturday, May 11, 2013

Benghazi: The MSNBC Blame Game

Putting on a new spin to the Benghazi Massacre, MSNBC host Karen Finney blames Republicans in the House of Representatives for the terror attacks in Benghazi. 

This is part of what she said:
"But I believe that is what the GOP is most terrified of having to talk about. Because they know they screwed up. Their austerity measures may have endangered this man’s life and they don’t want to talk about that...Nobody is interested in the fact fiscal year 2012 Republicans voted to remove $331 billion from security budgets at international consulates and embassies. Nobody is interested in discussing that. That was the year when Ambassador Stevens was murdered."

Liberal logic makes as much sense as drinking a case of beer to get your daily allowance of iron! The Obama News Network continues to cover for the Dictator-in-Charge.

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