Friday, October 11, 2013

USPS Goofs...Again

No wonder the U.S. Postal Service is losing money! Recently the USPS ordered stamps to support Michelle Obama's call for healthy exercise. You know the lady with the over sized posterior! The USPS wanted a series of stamps that  featured cartoon images of children engaged in a variety of activities such as doing a headstand, skateboarding, and diving into a pool. Sounds good on paper...BUT...

The problem the USPS found is that the images showed kids without helmets or safety gear. This was a no-no! So what to do? Destroy the stamps! You can't go against the progressive cause that government must run everything, including health care and all!

Once again, no wonder the USPS is going out of business. This postal service is a good example of a lot of waste under Barack Obama. The guy has never run a business. He is a "community organizer." His life experience is spending money...not making money.

Read more at...USPS destroys stamps to be politically correct.

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