Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hollyweird: Liberal, Rich, Gay, and Out of Touch - OPINION

Most people don't think much about the TV shows they are watching. They expect Hollyweird to offer them a myriad of entertainment choices without any social or political overtones. Unfortunately this is not what Hollyweird does.

The movie and television industries are saturated by like minded Liberals. They love to show us their versions of life. What they experience is the liberalism of both East and West coast, thrown in with a touch of Europe. Remember, according to them and their current messiah, Barack Obama, the "fly-over states" are filled with the unwashed, gun owning simpletons who vote conservative and cling to their bibles!

I watch a lot of cable TV each night. I choose to view reality programs. My diet includes the likes of Duck Dynasty  and Mysteries at the Museum. These and other like programs teach me things about history and real life. I also like to watch NCIS, a very conservative program that isn't afraid to portray the bad guys as really bad. This series is not tainted by making excuses for the evil done by these bad guys.

On the other hand, typical Liberals excuse all bad things by blaming childhood experiences, environment, or education as the underlying culprit. They never blame the individual who has the ability to decide what's best in their lives. Yes, we all have hard time and hard decisions, but God gave us a will to choose.

Liberal TV also loves to push programming to edge of civility. No subject is taboo. Liberal writers, producers, and executives tell us they are just showing people the way they are. No problem showing deviate sex or savage killings. We all do these thing...according to Liberal Hollyweird!

They say the audience has a choice to change channels. But what if they all toss out the same type of liberal programming? Yes...I have a choice on cable or on the Internet. That's how Liberal Hollyweird will loose their grip on the TV viewing public...CHANGE...away from network TV and classless movies! Turn off the tube. Boycott dumb movies. Read a book...what a novel idea!

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

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