Monday, October 28, 2013

Far Left Soros and Liberals Push Amnesty

I'm sure that many folks out there on the WWW have no problem with granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens here in the United States. It doesn't matter what country they came from...some people say they (illegals) have paid their dues by being in this country illegally.

The chant comes from various politicians, Hollyweird and corporate types, and church leaders "Social Justice" (not found in the Bible...never uttered by Jesus Christ). Fair is fair. Give them a break. Let them vote Democrat as pay-back for sure! OK...I get it...they were here illegally and took jobs that American citizens didn't want...that's if you believe all the Liberal rhetoric.

Now, if I stayed in Mexico illegally, the government would throw me in jail. No health care benefits, no food stamps, no WIC, no Section 8 housing allowance, but maybe the privilege of voting for one party over another. Sounds familiar??

Too bad if you came from Mexico legally, studied the English language, paid money to take a citizenship test, passed the citizenship test, took an oath to our country, and fulfilled your dream LEGALLY! You, my friend, get the same rights as the guy next to you who crossed the border, kept a job no one else wanted (?) and then received a "Get of Jail" card from Barack Obama and his cronies (Soros, Zuckerberg, Marriott, Murdoch, Bloomberg, Castro, and others). You, my friend, are a sucker for doing it all the right way!

So what's happening in this post? Rich guys are going to D.C. to sway Republicans their way. Will it take courage or money to make the GOP guys vote to let the whole world of illegals in free of charge? My bet's on MONEY! Read the article and see what the rich kids are doing for illegals and their voting block...
It ain't your country anymore!


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