Friday, October 25, 2013

DOD Approves of Anti-Christian Document

You don't have to live in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Egypt to feel the
persecution many of us may go through in the United States. Persecution, not because we are infidels. Persecution, not because we do not approve of Sharia Law. Persecution, not because we might think many Muslims are terrorists. The persecution we may or have gone through is because many of us are Christians.

A perfect example of this oppression is the anti-Christian document the U.S. Department of Defense recently blessed to be used in its training material. The document listed Christian groups as dangerous “extremist” organizations and movements.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) labeled "Christian ministries, public-interest groups, and other conservative organizations as extremists." The document the center passed on to the DOD was well received and approved by military leaders as a trusted source to identify radicals.

DOD is now back-pedaling. Barack Obama wants to squelch the growing firestorm surrounding the SPLC and DOD document. Read more at... Obama hiding anti-Christian military views.

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