Monday, October 7, 2013

Obama's Wants to Circumvent Our Constitution

Mark Levin says this:

"Default, default, default…why is he saying that? Just to scare people? Well, that’s part of it, obviously. But, it’s more than that, ladies
and gentlemen. Barack Obama is plotting, that if he can’t get what he wants out of the House Republicans, that if he can’t get his Plan A, and get Boehner and the Republicans to buckle - not just on the Continuing Resolution – but on the debt ceiling, then he’s got his Plan B."

And what is "Plan B?"

Levin says that the Obama plan is to just raising the debt ceiling by citing the 14th Amendment. This amendment does not give him any power to circumvent Congress, but he'll use it anyway.

Levin said, Barack Obama plans to "seize from Congress the power of the purse" in what he called "the most egregious attack on our Constitution by a President" in American history.

Conspiracy theory? Read and decide...
Obama plan to take over and kill our Constitution.

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