Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obama Boys Fire ObamaCare Operator

The following comes from Hannity's Headlines...

Fired For A Phone Call
 Earlier this week I called Erling Davis, the ObamaCare operator who we quizzed on how the new law was being received by those calling in. She was kind enough to tell us the truth, namely nobody likes it! It turns out that the call I made caused a huge stir in the Obama Administration and, as a result of my call, Davis was fired. Fired! For speaking the truth! That’s not okay, it’s just not. Ms. Davis was bullied by an administration that is used to doing things “The Chicago Way” but I’m confident that Americans are starting to see exactly what they’ve signed up for. Erling Davis is a kind woman with a big heart and that’s why I’m excited to have been able to make good on Ms. Davis’ lost salary for a year! Nobody should suffer because of something I’ve done, people are suffering enough under ObamaCare.

If you hadn't seen or heard this, Sean Hannity called into the ObamaCare phone line regarding his inability to register for ObamaCare. He was told that he had to be registered in order for the phone operator to help him. This was impossible since he couldn't register on-line!

Hannity call...