Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Mystery of Obama

In 2008 when so many voters cast their vote for Barack Obama, they saw him as an outsider who was ready to "fundamentally change" the way government did things. Unfortunately those same voters (I'm not one of them) realize now that the change he had in mind is NOT for the better.

His idea of "change" included giving lobbyist more say in the government so long as they paid to do so. His "change" included payoffs to union leaders...not so much to the members, but to those who lead them and make them vote their way. His "change" included more power to the Executive Branch...to the point that Congress is just a government entity that comes up with funding and rules. The true power moved to the President.

Obama continues daily to show his cards in respect to "government by the people"...that is rule by certain chosen Obama people. It's sad to say that this regime has tried at all costs to ignore the U.S. Constitution. Obama and certain chosen have studied the Constitution and know how to get around it. Sadly, we may find ourselves caught in a pseudo-dictatorship...ruled by the Executive with a Congress watching from the stands.

But...if we fight back and throw this Little Stalin out of office in 2012, than and only then may we have a chance to correct history and move back to the path Our Founding Fathers meant for our country.

What do you think?

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