Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mr. Green at City Hall - San Antonio TX

San Antonio, Texas has a Progressive minded mayor that wants everything "green" for his city. He pushes for "green" jobs and industry, while forgetting or ignoring the fact that Spain tried to invest in "green" jobs and lost big time. He plods along with his wide grin postulating the Obama Administration's credo. Not much of a leader..always following the BO's every word!

There are issues in S.A. that require more attention, such as streets and drainage. On the south side of town, Goliad Road has been under construction for at least a year and still no end in sight. When it rains, the street becomes a veritable Red River! Such is the case in other parts of town, yet the mayor loves to push for hike and bike trails as as well as parks with soccer fields galore. His whole theme reminds me of Marie Antoinette...let the citizens eat cake and be merry or why worry be happy!

Citizens of San Antonio, think about it...or just be happy!!

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