Saturday, December 21, 2013

A&E the Big Loser?

In an effort to placate a gay minority, A&E may have lost a "cash cow" in the program Duck Dynasty. A&E not only silenced a Christian for speaking his beliefs, but it also struck a blow to free speech and even free enterprise.

A&E tells the world "don't think and speak what you believe or you will be made to suffer." Hollywood can be unmerciful to critics of the gay community and A&E with its fellow channels cater to that gay community.

So, who will the big loser? Will Phil Robertson be silenced forever? Will Phil Robertson suffer deep financial losses? My money is with Phil! A&E will eventually be the Big Loser for its Christian bashing!!

Read the financial story at... A&E financial bestiality?

George Soros and His Dangerous Visions

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