Friday, August 1, 2014

Illegal Aliens Vacation in Texas

Unfortunately our family doesn't have the funds to take a vacation this year. wife and I have hit upon a radical plan. We will hire some kids for the summer to act like our children. The idea is to take those rented kids and travel over to Karnes City, Texas for a taxpayer funded vacation.

You see, illegal aliens are getting the 5-Star treatment in a renovated detention center in that Texas city. Here's what we are looking forward to with our stay: a flat-screen TV and telephone in our room, a basketball court for the tall kids, a field to play soccer for the rest of the kids, an area to play Ping-Pong for everyone, a big playground, money for six sets of clothes including socks and shoes, healthy food and drinks, and much more FREE stuff. (See two pictures of the Uncle Sam Taxpayer funded resort)

We'll just turn ourselves into the Feds as illegal aliens...stay for a nice two or three week vacation...and then pull out our Texas driver's license and rent-a-kid receipt. The Feds will then throw us out and we get a free vacation!

So, I'll let you know how our stay in the Karnes City resort goes. Hopefully the Feds won't ship us back to Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, or East LA!!

Read the story about the alien resort at...
The Karnes City Resort for Alien Illegal Dorks (KC-RAID).

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