Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Stupid Americans in Ferguson

I don't get it. Yes, a young life was brought to an abrupt end, Yes, parents lost a son. Yes, people get upset.

BUT...remember folks that this kid Michael Brown was no angel! He was a gang member. He stole from innocent people. He charged the policeman as the fourth witness testified to the grand jury. The kid was corrupt...

Outside "protesters" turned the whole peaceful thing into a sight of looting, pillaging, and burning. This in memory of a gangster? Give me a break.

Barack Obama and Al Sharpton played on their own blackness to incite future violence. Did they forget that on 21 March 2013, 13-month-old Antonio Santiago, a white child, was shot in the head by a black teen during a robbery? Did they forget the white couple Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian in Knoxville, Tenn., who were attacked and killed by a black gang? There is more crime and violence on both sides of the race spectrum.

Crime happens to blacks as it does to whites, but Obama, Sharpton, and the press ONLY look at white killing black. WHY?

I am of Mexican heritage. I know that whites kill Mexicans and visa versa. So, should Hispanics protest and riot every time there's a killing that does NOT meet some preconceived race-ethic standard? If color is an issue...then wait for the Martians to land!

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