Sunday, March 22, 2015

Obamanet...Silencing His Critics

What is really behind Barack Obama's take over of the Internet via the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? What new regulations must Internet providers follow to appease Obama? Why are we using a law and process from the 1930s to regulate the Internet?

It's my opinion that Barack Obama needs to silence his critics. The Mainstream Media composed of ABC, CBS, NBS, CNN, and more have already bowed to their master Obama. Very little is said to criticize the Obama Gang. So, where else will real criticism come from if not from the major network and cable outfits?

Little by little the world is looking for real news using the Internet. There are a slew of Internet bloggers, social website posters, and conservative leaning websites that criticize Obama daily for his mishandling of our nation.

We don't like his disdain for our Constitution. We feel he is going way too far in his dictatorial governance. We are afraid of what the future brings under this despot.

So how's the best way to silence critics? Control the Internet!

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