Thursday, May 28, 2015

Another Liberal Loser

The city of San Antonio, TX is in the middle of a mayoral runoff. The candidate Ivy Taylor, the current interim mayor, and Leticia Van de Putte, a career politician.

The NY Times reported that Van de Putte accepted the endorsement of both the police and firemen unions right in the middle of contract negotiations. What is Van de Putte getting out of this? What is she promising the unions?

Van de Putte was in the Texas Legislature for 24 years, backed mainly by the Hispanic voting majority (approx. 75%) of her district. Van de Putte has more than shown her Liberal ways through her voting record:

  • She voted against restrictions on abortions (HB-2, SB-5, SB-16, and CSSB-785)
  • She voted against ultrasound requirements before abortions (CSSB-920 and HB-15)
  • She voted against voter ID requirements (SB-14 and SB-362)
  • She voted against property tax reduction (CSHB-2)
  • She sponsored and voted for a drug needle exchange program (SB-188)
  • She voted for drug syringe exchange program (CSSB-308)
Van de Putte is genuinely Pro-Abortion and Pro-Drug!

In 2003, Van de Putte fled Texas for Albuquerque, New Mexico for 46 days to avoid a vote on redistricting.  She was part of what was called the Texas 11, a group of Texas Senate Democrats. Van de Putte abandoned her duties in the Texas Legislature for political reasons. She fled Texas on a crucial vote abandoning her constituents.

Van de Putte is and will always be a career politician. In the past three years, she has run for three political offices. In 2014, she ran for Texas Lieutenant Governor. She FAILED! Texans knew she was inept and not good enough for this position. Van de Putte also backed Wendy Davis in her failed bid for Governor in Texas. This was a sure sign that Texans couldn’t trust Davis nor Van de Putte.

Now Van de Putte is running for mayor in San Antonio, Texas. This career politician just keeps on sticking her nose into offices that will keep her from getting a real job!

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