Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch

Dick Durbin, like the other Democrat senators, act like IDIOTS during the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court hearing! They act like a sanctimonious jury over a man more than qualified for the Supreme Court.

Democrats are afraid of a Conservative judge giving Constitutional decisions on laws brought before him and his fellow judges. Democrats appear to hate our Constitution! Democrats in Congress have NEVER respected our Constitution. Democrats in Congress create and try to pass laws based on “feeling good.” Our Constitution was created to be a guide for free people…not for appeasing everyone.

Judge Gorsuch has a history of fairness in all his dealings whether in court or in the public. Yet, the Democrats bring up such pitiful examples of cases requiring a ruling. Democrats expect Judge Gorsuch to give them a definitive answer without him studying a case. When was the last time you took a test without allowing yourself some study time? I’m sure you either failed miserably or had a difficult time trying to get a passing grade!

It’s time for the Democrat senators to get over a lost election and give President Trump his Supreme Court pick. Democrats, stop acting like cry babies…stop obstructing our government…stop using tunnel vision and get with America. Otherwise, America will give you, Democrats, the BOOT!

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

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