Sunday, September 10, 2017

Call Me on Your Semi-Intelligent Phone!

Do you remember when TV shows were only in black and white? Did you ever ask your mom to buy you a jar of Bosco? When was the last time you tied a towel around your neck and thought you could fly? Anyone who remembers these things lived during a wonderful time!

No one needed a cell phone to text someone…you just called and spoke to the person. Voice communication was a boon to public speaking and personal interaction. Hearing someone’s voice was like being there. Now sending and reading (with abbreviations) text makes you wonder how a person reacts to the words you type. Much like what I’m doing here!

People didn’t pull out a cell phone if they got bored while waiting in line…we just looked around and people watched. Now the smart phone is a baby sitter. The so-called intelligent communication device has games, websites, and more to keep us entertained while standing in line. Note – I have an old fashion flip phone…the best way to communicate when the landline goes down or when traveling.

I love to watch people nowadays walking along looking at the screen of their smart phones. These are people of all ages…kids, teens, middle age, and, yes, seniors like me. Too many relatively normal people become mesmerized by an instrument they appear to worship! They hold their little god boxes and appear lost in a world of their own.

I have no problem with computers and the like. I started using them back in the 80s. The U.S. Air Force brought in desktop computers to do our work. We started with something called a Z100 and graduated to various Dell systems. I used Microsoft software to maintain a multi-million dollar budget. Spreadsheets were my go to software after a stretch using a product know as dBase. Software of all kinds, including email, made work and life easier. So, I’m not anti-progress…just anti-impersonal!

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