Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BLAST FROM THE PAST - Ken Salazar the Anti-Christian

Obama's choice for Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, seems to have an anti-Christian flavor about him. In 2005, he joined other liberals in their attack on Focus on the Family, a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive.

Salazar said "From my point of view, they (Focus on the Family) are the Anti-Christ of the world." This was due to Focus' support for a up-or-down vote on President George W. Bush's judicial nominees.

It's so odd that Salazar once attended St. Francis Seminary (a religious, family oriented school...maybe). I guess he lost the faith! But, he gained another faith...

With level headed thinking like that, no wonder Salazar bows to the Obama and does everything the Obama wants regarding gas, oil, and coal. Remember, the Department of the Interior oversees such agencies as the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Geological Survey, and the National Park Service. Anyone hear of anti-drilling? Hail, Obama!

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