Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama: See You at Wally World

Ever wonder where Barack Obama and Family travel on vacation? Not to Wally World!

See how they spend your tax money. Gee, I hope they had a good time while I went to my backyard to enjoy a few rays and a dip in our kiddie pool.
  1. President's Day 2012: Aspen, CO to ski
  2. Christmas 2011: Hawaii
  3. Summer 2011: Martha's Vineyard
  4. June 2011South Africa, Botswana
  5. President's Day 2011: Vail to ski
  6. Christmas 2010: Hawaii
  7. August 2010: Panama City Beach, FL
  8. August 2010: Chicago (Obama alone)
  9. August 2010: Spain (1st lady and Sasha)
  10. August 2010: Martha's Vineyard
  11. July 2010: Mount Desert Island, Maine
  12. May 2010: Chicago
  13. March 2010: New York City
  14. Christmas 2009: Hawaii
  15. August 2009: Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon
  16. August 2009: Martha's Vineyard

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