Monday, April 9, 2012

What Did Obama Learn from the Palestinians

I am reading a 2003 book by Alan Dershowitz titled "The Case for Israel." In it, Dershowitz quotes the historian Benny Morris regarding a pattern in Palestinian party line. The quote says:

"One of the characteristics of the Palestinian national movement has been the Palestinians’ view of themselves as perpetual victims of others...and never to appreciate that they are, at least in large part, victims of their own mistakes and iniquities."

This quote reminded me of Barack Obama. The man appears to blame everyone and everything for what he’s failed to do.

Obama says he inherited a bad economy from George W. Bush. I’m sure this is true to some degree. But Obama has made it worse with trillions of dollars in debt. He blames capitalism for our sour economy. We are actually being threatened by his far left wing agenda of more government and less freedom.

Obama says that we are producing more oil than ever. But…not thanks to him. He blocked the Keystone pipeline from Canada sources to Texas processors. His administration has approved fewer new oil drilling permits. He’s blocked further exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Any increase in oil production has been done on private property that his administration has no control over.

On the job market, Obama blames automatic bank tellers and mall kiosks for the loss of jobs. He says the Republicans aren’t backing his job stimulation because they will not approve more money for the federal government to spend on job creation. Yet…shovel ready jobs weren’t there for his stimulus programs. He blames people and inanimate objects for his failings.

What else can Obama blame on someone or something? Who knows. In my opinion, Obama is taking lessons from the Palestinians and their propaganda.

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