Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Obama Cabinet Towing the "Sky is Falling" Line

A president's cabinet gets its spending money from Congress. Cabinet officials have the money available to spend as needed. Many times the spending money is not set in stone. The various departments have options to move funds around and pay bills on necessary programs.

The current Obama Cabinet is staying true to the sequester lingo Obama put out to the voting public. You know the "sky is falling" rhetoric. His Cabinet officials aren't trying to make sound judgments on where their spending goes. They are making sure that what Obama said of the sequestration comes true. He said "pain" so they deal out the "pain."

This is how Obama's cronies work. This is their standard operating procedure. What the Boss says...goes. Sad to say we the voting public bear the fruits of their indecision. These Cabinet officials would all be fired if they were working for a corporation. In their case, the Boss wants more spending so they cry about a 2% reduction in projected spending! Then they turn around and beat their collective chests but do nothing to improve on spending cuts.

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