Monday, August 15, 2011

Is It Legal

Is it legal for Obama to use Air Force One on his campaign? After all, we taxpayers foot the bill for presidential use of AF-1. So is he using taxpayer money to campaign for re-election? Can he? Should he? What about that Canadian made bus he's driving up the mid-west? Who pays for it and gas? or not we must remember that this is the Emperor Obama pushing for re-election with a 39% approval rating. The poor guy is in heat for votes and he may need help from us Independents (not me...Perry 2012). Maybe he can get flying money from George Soros. Old Gorgeous George never met a puppet he didn't like to manipulate!

Get Over It!

The Lame-Stream Media needs to get over it! A "shithole" country is one with little or no sanitation. Sewage systems are alm...