Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Liberal Hearst Newspaper San Antonio Express-News Takes Shots at Rick Perry

The liberal Hearst newspaper San Antonio Express-News featured two front page and two editorial jabs at Rick Perry in the Sunday 4 Sept. 2011 edition. Front page - about Perry's campaign aide Dave Carney "He's the driving force of the Perry machine" The "machine" comment makes you think of bad politicians! Front page - about Perry "Cowboy rides into unfamiliar terrain." It's funny how liberals used that term for Reagan! Editorial - "Did late infusion of cash to Perry pass ethical test?" The writer questions 2006 donations...a little late? Editorial - "A tale of two Rick Perrys - 'Fed Up!' Rick Perry can't win a general election, even in 2012." I wonder if the writer even read the book? The Bottom-Line...the liberal legacy of William Randolph Hearst lives on in his Left-wing media organization...Rosebud!

Get Over It!

The Lame-Stream Media needs to get over it! A "shithole" country is one with little or no sanitation. Sewage systems are alm...