Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obama Job Creation...Invest in Bankruptcy...Raid Guitar Maker

I guess that the Obama administration's job making strategy follows a very odd path. The environmentally friendly regime invests in their favorite global warming crusaders and then the sky falls. This year at least two highly touted green jobs companies have filed for bankruptcy.  One was hailed as as a jobs maker in Massachusetts; another was hailed as a federal loan sure thing.

Evergreen Solar Inc. entered bankruptcy protection in August of 2010 after closing a plant in Massachusetts. There's nothing like solar panels made in the USA...unless they're cheaper when the Chinese make them! China can sell everything cheaper; so why start a solar panel company and expect better sales results than others? What's worse...where's the jobs?

Next for the bankruptcy carousel was Solyndra, also a maker of solar panels. The Obama administration was so sure about the future of Solyndra that it gave the company a guaranteed $25 billion in loans. So we, the people, paid for another Obama decision. So much for "green" jobs!

Is there no end to Obama jobs making? Well, yes there is...

Just recently, the federal government raided the Gibson Guitar Corp. According to the Obama administration, Gibson had broken the Lacey Act of 1900 by importing certain woods for their guitars. The federal government read another country's laws one way and treated the importation of woods as illegal. That's weird...another department in that administration has no problem with illegals...but that's another story. The feds accuse Gibson of fraudulently importing Indian woods. The fed raids closed the Gibson plant and its production. So much for job creation or even job continuous.

Well, so much for job creation! It seems so logical, in my opinion, that Barack Obama wants to turn the U.S. into a Third World country because we are not exceptional. We are too American!

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