Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holder Should Play Old Maid and Not the Race Card

Eric Holder jumped on the race card band wagon...like his buddy and boss Barack "Berry" Obama. I'm tired of this racial baloney!

I'm Mexican-American and I think I'll play the race card every time I see a Taco Bell commercial and sue that company for imitation Mexican food! It's time to complain about salsa made in any state north of Oklahoma. I want Mexican-Americans to get credit for fighting at the Alamo just like Jim Bowie and company. Furthermore, I want reparations for all those Anglo actors like Marlon Brando and Spencer Tracey  who played Mexicans in all those old movies. And then I want Frito-Lay to apologize and give us money for using the Frito Bandito to make fun of Mexicans. And by the way, stop using the words "taco" and "tortilla" when describing Mexican food...we also eat burgers and fries.

Well folks so much for the ridiculous and the racial card. Eric Holder and company need to get a life and take responsibility for their actions. Don't blame race for you shortcomings. Man up, Obama Gang!

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