Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Michael Savage Newsletter

Here's a short but mind opening opinion piece from Michael Savage. I readily agree, and I think you will too, with his statements. Please read on...

Michael Savage reacted to the death of North Korea's tyrannical Kim Jong Il, telling listeners:

    The interesting part is that one of the world's most brutal dictators has died, yet according to the vermin in the media, he was just another "world leader". Some called him a "rascal". According to NPR, Kim Jong Il was a "mercurial man".

    They didn't call him evil. They wouldn't call him a Stalinist dictator, because then you're liable to ask the question, "What is a Stalinist?" And then you'd find out that Stalinism means communism. And after that, you might wonder: "But isn't that like the Democrats? Don't they believe in state control of everything?

    Take a look at South Korea next door. You see a booming economy producing cars and other things the world really wants. You see booming cities full of fat and happy people.

    Then look back at the North, a country that has been under the yoke of a Stalinist mentality ever since it was created.

    What you see is what you'd get with the Obama administration if it was allowed to go on steroids: a state-controlled nightmare.

    Remember: The media never wants you to think this through, because if you do you're liable to come to the right conclusion –

    Which to them would be the "wrong one."

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